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Baby, Can You Wax My Hood?

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Waxing protects the paint finish from the elements by coating it with waxes, polymers, resins and silicones. In addition to protecting, waxing can also “lock-in” the gloss to create brilliance, deepen/enrich dark colors and offer other benefits, such as water beading and light swirl removal depending on the formulation.

Always wax in thin layers which bring out the best color and shine. Be certain you use wax with cleaners only prior to applying final waxes, glazes or sealants. Using a cleaner wax over any of these products will remove previous layers. Always follow directions and steps.

Note that every car and car owner is different, as are the environments in which they live and how they are cared for. All of the variables affect how long a wax lasts. Generally speaking, we recommend waxing your car at least 4 times per year, but more frequent waxing is great!

Here are some great wax choices:

Meguiar’s – Ultimate Wax, Ultimate Quick Wax, NXT Generation Tec Wax, Gold Class Carnauba Plus Premium Wax, Cleaner Wax

3M – Performance Finish, Quick Wax, One Step Cleaner Wax

Glare Professional Polish

Happy Motoring and Keep It Clean!
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