Auto Racing Update: who is in contention for the World Championship

Auto Racing Update: Who is in Contention for the World Championship Title?

Formula 1 race car drivers know that Fernando Alonso is the man to beat in 2012. The drivers are halfway through their challenging season and Alonso has won three big races. This has given him a 40-point lead that may be impossible to beat. The Spanish driver is winning big for Ferrari. If he goes the distance, he will answer the question — who will win the Auto racing World championship?

Fernando Alonso

Alonso is in position to claim his third auto racing world championship title. He finished first in Malaysia, the 2nd series 2012 race, on March 25. This put him in contention with Jensen Button, driving for McLaren, who won the first race of the year. Alonso had only placed fifth in Australia against Button. The Spanish driver had been firm that he needed an upgrade to his vehicle if he was going to be competitive.

After winning in Malaysia, he didn’t win again until June, but he kept busy with top ten results. He took his home course in Valencia, boosting his point spread and taking his second victory. A third win in Germany sealed his lead at 34 points, but he didn’t take it lightly. He had worked hard to grab the pole-sitting position during qualifying. Then he had to stay ahead of fierce competitors that could have surpassed him at many turns. McLaren’s Button and Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel both had a chance to stop Alonso but could not overtake him.

Alonso had hoped to win the Spanish Grand Prix as he did in 2006, but he had to be content with a second place finish. Alonso had to settle for second in the British Grand Prix as well. In Monaco, he claimed third. In other races, he has two fifth place finishes, one seventh and one ninth. Alonso himself says that he is more concerned with wins than with points, but if he keeps at this pace, he’s sure to remain the man to beat.

Alonso is not the only contender, of course. Lewis Hamilton won the Hungarian, giving him two victories in the 2012 season. The McLaren team driver credited his crew with the win but went on to say that the car would need an upgrade to stay competitive. Hamilton is the third driver to claim two wins. Mark Webber has him beat by only nine points.

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