Are car storages worth the cost?

June 30, 2023

Are Car Storages Worth the Cost?

Car storage is an emotive subject. Whether you’ve got a vintage car, prestige vehicle, sexy little 4x4, muscle car, or have just had a bespoke car wrap or respray, then you might be considering erecting car storage on your property.

But is the cost of a new garage or carport worth the cost? Unless you’re lucky enough to have a spare barn hanging around or a friendly neighbor lets you park your wheels undercover at their house, then putting up adequate car storage is going to cost a pretty penny.

So…. Is there an alternative? The answer may well surprise you.

Are Car Storages Worth the Cost and Viable Alternatives

  • The pros and cons of building car storage
  • Is paint protection film a viable alternative?

The pros and cons of building car storage

Having a garage or carport on your property has many advantages. However, there’s always the flip side… Only by taking a balanced look at both can you decide whether building one is the right solution for you. 

The pros:

  • Protect your vehicle from UV rays.
  • Protects your vehicle from chemical attacks, such as tree sap, oil, acid rain, etc.
  • Protects your vehicle from physical damage, including scratches and damage caused by debris or other road users.
  • In the case of a lockable garage, it provides a secure unit away from prying eyes. It also helps guard against theft.

Can add value to your home (although see cons for more info).

The cons:

  • You may need planning permission to construct one.
  • Depending on the level of luxury, a garage or carport can be expensive to build.
  • Many of us tend to use such an area as an expensive storage unit, rather than storing a vehicle.
  • The build cost might be higher than any increase in property value.
  • Many people don’t have an appropriate plot to construct such a building.

Is paint protection film a viable alternative?

When it comes to providing a barrier between the elements and your vehicle’s precious good looks, paint protection film (PPF) is a great alternative to building at-home car storage. While it can’t, obviously, create a private safe haven for your ride, it’s extremely effective at preventing damage from UV rays, chemical attacks, and physical scrapes and knocks.

Plus, the hydrophobic properties of PPF make your car far easier to keep clean!

Another benefit is that it keeps the paintwork in pristine condition. This is whether it’s parked up or you’re out cruising. This helps the vehicle keep its value over time.

The key takeaway is that there’s no definitive answer to whether or not expensive car storage is worth the cost. It can be the right call in some situations, but not in others. The ultimate solution would be to combine both PPF and an inside space to store your car. That way, you’ll be sure to protect the exterior of the vehicle from every kind of threat. Plus, you might even upgrade the value of your property along the way.

However, for those who aren’t in a situation to create such a home addition, then PPF is certainly a viable alternative. 

Decided Car Storages Aren’t Worth the Cost? Call Auto SuperShield for the PPF Alternative

If you’ve decided that the high-value and far lower costing alternative of PPF is the way forward, then you need the services of Auto SuperShield. As a leading installer of paint protection products for Florida vehicle owners who demand the ultimate service and quality paint protection, we’re the go-to provider of PPF, ceramic coating, car wraps, and glass protection products in the Sunshine State.

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