Expert Wrap for an Artful Car: Color Change Wrap for a Ferrari 599

An Expert Wrap for an Artful Car: A Color Change Wrap for a Ferrari 599

The professionals at Auto Super Shield go above and beyond when they wrap a car, and we’re showing off our new 3M Scotchprint Wrap Film on a car that goes above and beyond – the Ferrari 599. This beautiful predecessor to the Ferrari Berlinetta gets the professional treatment that we give to every car that comes to us. The beautiful red paint on this treasured car is not only protected, but turned a glossy bright white with a Luxury Paint Wrap. And working on a Ferrari? A fun project for sure!

Ferrari 599 Color Change Wrap with 3M Scotchprint

Ferrari 599 Color Change Wrap – Before Photo

Regular wrap jobs leave painted surfaces exposed. The door jams, the nooks, the crannies, they get left unwrapped. Seams in the wrap take away from the sleek surfaces that give a car its glamor. At Auto Super Shield, we use top of the line 3M Scotchprint film on each and every surface to ensure that our work goes the distance. The expert Auto Super Shield wrap on this 599 creates a superior painted look that doesn’t just shine, it glows.

A bright white wrap on a deep red Ferrari would highlight any wrap that is less than perfection. Showing off the work we put into every single wrap, we went the distance. Other wrap companies won’t remove the headlights and badges to wrap around and beneath them, but we do, and the effect on the Ferrari is remarkable. You’d never know it originally rolled in red and was transformed to bright white with a luxury paint wrap.

We didn’t stop there. We accented this sparkling white wrap by completely smoking out the rear taillights with deep black paint, and put a smoke tinted film to the side markers, turn signals and rear reflectors. It’s these details that are often overlooked when a car is wrapped, but at Auto SuperShield, we show them off.


3M Color Stable Window Tint smokes out the rest of the 599’s windows, and there’s nothing like a nice, deep tint to make bright colors pop. We still weren’t done – remember, it’s the details that make the difference to us. Even the center console was removed so that we could thoroughly wrap it in 3M Carbon Fiber Film.

What we did to this incredible Ferrari 599 is better than any high end paintwork. Wrapping a Ferrari with new color is always a cool project! And rest assured, it looks like that paint, but it’s much more. While making this artfully designed car into a bright white masterpiece with glossy black trim, our new 3M Scotchprint Wrap Film is protecting the original Ferrari red paint underneath.  “Let the World Know What Drives You” at Auto SuperShield!

Ferrari 599 Color Change Wrap - Completed Installation Photo

Ferrari 599 Color Change Wrap – Completed Installation Photo
Wendy Feliu