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SCCA Time Trials

Amateur Sports Car Racing

If you are a sports car enthusiast, you may be looking to get into the fun world of amateur racing. This could be a great way to spend some free time while possibly making some money. If you are good enough you may be able to turn your amateur obsession into a professional career. You need to keep in mind amateur car racing 101 and learn the ways of getting into sports car racing to become a great racer.


SCCA Time Trials

SCCA Time Trials

When it comes to sports car racing, you first must learn all the basics as it pertains to racing your car. There are many rules that are enforced for amateur racing, but the single most important is the no passenger rule. This is incredibly important as sports car racing can become very dangerous. You do not want something as devastating as a crash compounded by the injury, or even death, of the person you stupidly decided to bring along. Do not make a risk like that as it will always come back to bite you. Another no brainer, but one that must be enforced, is the no hands outside of the car at anytime. This is important, because an accident can happen in the blink of an eye, and you do not want to lose a limb because you wanted to look cool while you raced. It is important to keep your priorities straight while you race not to make bone headed mistakes. They will always come back to haunt you. Lastly, another safety precaution to take while driving is to make sure your car is running correctly. Cars obviously go fast on the tracks and a deadly crash can take place if your car malfunctions and begins going slowly. If your car starts to malfunction, get off the track as soon as possible and tend to the problem. If you have learned anything from these rules, it is that safety is the name of the game while racing.

When it comes to ways to get into amateur racing, you first must get the proper permits. These can be costly but are important to make sure everyone is accountable for their racing. And, if you really do want to make a run towards a professional career in this, they are just a speed bump on your way to the fast track. Make sure to get that all taken car of before you decide to get on the track. It is very important.

When it comes to amateur sports car racing, the two most important things to take care of before getting on the road is knowing the rules and things you need to do to get on the road. Take care of them and you will be good to go.


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