Aerokits, Ground Effects and other Cool Car Add Ons

June 20, 2020

Many drivers tend to avoid all aftermarket body modifications for their vehicles because they have seen too many cars covered in unattractive additions. But ground effects, aerodynamic panels and other add-ons can help your car stand out in the crowd without ruining its beauty. The key is moderation. Adding just a few extra modifications and blending them with the existing lines of the body will make minor adjustments have a big impact. Here are my favorite additions that work for both ultra-performance cars and vehicles for daily driving.[caption id="attachment_1641" align="alignleft" width="300"]

Ferrari F430 Novitec

Ferrari F430 Novitec[/caption]What Is An Aerokit?Aerokits are a range of aftermarket panels that are installed to increase the aerodynamics of a vehicle. They have not been accepted by all racing organizations yet, but many driving teams are big fans of their effects. Each kit includes a variety of parts, including canards, spoilers, hood and roof scoops and panels with molded vents. I have seen these parts used for aesthetics in addition to their boost to performance. Installing just a few pieces from Aerokits can make your car look more angular and muscular without the high cost of custom formed panels.What Are Ground Effects?Aerodynamics effect more than just the air pressure against the top of the vehicle. Ground effects are body modification panels that cause the air passing below the car to move faster. Air dams and specially shaped vents are used at the front of the car to control the flow. The downward force generated by this effect also helps cars maintain control through tight curves. Aprons and side skirts made from fiberglass run down to just an inch or so above the pavement, changing the handling and speed.What Are The Best Performance Additions?There is plenty of disagreement among drivers on the best performance parts for racing, but drivers who just want a slightly faster and more responsive car have plenty of great options. Start with a more efficient air filter. You can add a few horsepower without sacrificing much fuel efficiency. Don't forget to add extra intakes and vents to keep the engine cool. Most cars designed for fuel efficiency have very little airflow. I also recommend a basic exhaust system upgrade for everyone as well. A free-flowing system can improve performance dramatically without costing you too much. You don't have to choose a loud muffler if you don't want your vehicle to roar as it travels through the streets.[caption id="attachment_1642" align="alignleft" width="300"]

Nissan GTR with ground effects

Nissan GTR with ground effects[/caption]I recommend you add a few modifications at first and test drive your car after each change to find the perfect balance. Body kits and ground effects work best when covered by the protective shields offered by Auto SuperShield. We can make coatings that fit over and around any custom parts for a perfect fit every time.


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