Rothstein Bugatti Auto SuperShield Pepi Feliu

A Sexy Bugatti with a Sordid Past

Rothstein Bugatti Auto SuperShield Pepi FeliuIf you are into raw power and a whipping top speed of 258 mPH, then the Bugatti Veyron is the car for you.

Designed and made by the biggest car manufacturer on the planet, Volkswagon really made something unique with this car. With 1001 horsepower and 4 turbos, it’s no wonder this car needs 11 radiators just to cool it down. However, all the speed and power comes with a price. Along with its 1.5 million dollar price tag, other expenses include tire changes. You might say “pssht, big deal, every car needs tire changes,” but because of the Bugatti’s incredible top speed the car needs special Michelin PAX run flat tires costing up to $1,600 per set.

Also the Bugatti can either be driven manually or automatically, so if you decide to try something new and try to self teach your self manual shifting and happen to mess up on the less than 150 millisecond shift time you could be looking at a replacement transmission cost of about $170,772. This car is simply… not for amateurs!

This particular lean blue and black speeding machine was formerly owned by Scott Rothstein, a notorious Broward County lawyer. Scott was later busted for masterminding a 2 Billion dollar Ponzi scheme, sentenced to 50 years in prison and the beautiful car was repossessed by the federal court. It was then resold at an auction to a happy bidder for $900,000.

Check out this YouTube video that was shot prior to the Auction!

Wendy Feliu