9 Reasons to Change the Color of Your Car

June 20, 2020

Did you know that today’s technology makes changing the color of your car so simple, that you could easily change your vehicle’s color several times during its lifetime? Plus, there are benefits beyond how beautiful your car will look – like protecting the surface, reducing the time and money you spend keeping your car looking good and increasing its value.


Why Changing the Color of Your Car is a Good Idea

1. Maintain your car’s beauty

Your car’s color plays a big part in its appearance, which reflects your personal taste and style. Because tastes can change with the passage of time, changing the color of your car can be an affordable way to keep up with your evolving tastes and automotive color trends.

2. Transform it into a new looking vehicle

If you’re itching to get a new vehicle consider a color change instead of taking out a new car loan. A new color – especially one that’s completely different – can make your current vehicle feel like a different car and save you a whole lot of money.

3. Reduce the cost without sacrificing appearance

A premium paint job can transform your vehicle’s look and can last for many years. It can cost you from $4,000 to $10,000, depending on your vehicle and the quality of paint that you choose. With advancements of vinyl wrap, you can install the highest quality starting at $2,500 and completely change the color of a car.

4. Preserve the value of your investment

Your car is an important investment. Keeping up the appearance of your car is a smart way to maintain its resale and trade-in value. That includes making sure that the surface of the car looks good, is free from scratches and dings, and is in an updated color.

5. Change a dull factory color

If you have a vehicle color preference that isn’t available from the manufacturer – no problem! There are a wide variety of colors in vinyl wraps, as well as treatments such as sparkles, chrome or matte finish, or silky pearlescence, so you can express your individuality through your car color.

6. Add protection to your car’s surface

If you’re already changing the color of your car, why not do all you can to protect your car, too? Applying a vinyl wrap can change the color of your car while adding superior protection, which isn’t available with new paint.

7. Wraps add color and subtract the wax

With a new paint job, you’ll have a great color, but you’ll have to wax regularly to protect the paint. With a vinyl wrap, wax isn’t necessary, so not only will you have a beautiful new-looking car, a soap wash and towel dry is all you must do to maintain its gorgeous look.

8. New color doesn’t have to be permanent

The beauty of today’s vinyl wrap is that when you decide to change your vehicle’s color, you don’t have to live with the decision for the life of your car. Vinyl wrap can be removed safely any time by a trained auto care professional, and with the lower price point, you can afford to change color every year.

9. New technology means a color change won’t take long

Paint jobs may mean that you’re without your car for two weeks or more. Fortunately, wraps can cut the time to change the color of a car at least in half. When you choose to wrap your car, expect to be without it for just three to five days. Painting is a good option to change color, but vinyl wraps present an even greater option. Its lower cost, increased protective quality, easy installation and less time in the shop, make premium wraps a better option, giving you more reasons to change the color of your car over the life of a vehicle. A wrap can be safely removed and another added in less time than it takes to complete a new paint job.

Next Steps

Your auto’s beauty contributes to its overall value. Help protect it, so you can feel the pride of ownership every time you slide behind the wheel. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of changing the color of your car, and which option would work for you, ask a trusted auto protection professional.Contact Auto SuperShield, or call 506-367-0101 today to discuss how to maximize the color, protection and value of your vehicle.


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