The 8 Greatest, Coolest, Chrome Cars

June 20, 2020

Quick, name one of the hottest trends in auto customization in the world today. No, that’s not it, try again. What? Say who? Bingo! You got it. Chrome wrapped cars are all the rage right now among celebrities and the super rich. Seems like everybody who is somebody has at least one chrome-pimped vehicle. That’s because chrome cars stand out on the street unlike any other.

Of course, you don’t have to be famous or wealthy to own a chrome wrapped car; the process is affordable and available. Yes, you too can look like a million bucks – in platinum.Almost from the day cars were invented, chrome has been used to beauty-blind the competition. For most of that time, of course, the focus was on grill work, wheels, and engine parts. But these days you can have the whole car wrapped in chrome for a super-unique and luxurious look.There are actually a lot of reasons to opt for a chrome wrap beyond the pure aesthetics of it. Wraps are more durable and long-lasting than a traditional paint job, resistant to scratches, scrapes, and fading, and even keep the temperatures down inside because the chrome finish reflects the sunlight. Plus, chrome cars stand out on the highway even better than reflectors, making for a safer ride.It may be anecdotal, but it has been rumored that one reason the rich and famous like their chrome cars so much is because the shiny finish makes it hard to take pictures, thus foiling the photo hounds and paparazzi-proofing their cars! See, still blinding the competition.If you’re thinking about upgrading your own ride with a chrome wrap, here are a few of the greatest chrome cars on the planet to give you inspiration. Some of them belong to people you’ve heard of, others to more reticent connoisseurs. They’re all incredible eye candy.Mercedes SLR McLarenAlready one of the badassedest cars in existence, this McLaren Mercedes not only has a full chrome wrap, it goes all the way with 20-inch chrome wheels and chrome-tinted windows all around. This one was spotted on the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, one of the richest cities in the world.Fisker Karma - So Justin Bieber received a 2012 hybrid electric Fisker Karma as a gift from his manager on his 18th birthday. On the Ellen Degeneres Show no less. Well, who hasn’t? And if a gorgeous car like that wasn’t enough to turn heads, he made sure he’d get noticed by having a full chrome wrap done on it. Whatever you might think of the The Bieb, you have to admit this car is unique, and one of the coolest celebrity cars.Audi R8 Spyder – Two of these magnificent beasts were created to be auctioned off for Sir Elton John’s AIDS Foundation in 2011. This one fetched an impressive $400,000 to benefit the charity. It features a complete carbon fiber interior with Nappa leather upholstery and many other cool extras. Talk about bringing the bling for a good cause!Lamborghini MurcielagoRapper 50 Cent had this scintillating ship created because, well, because he could, and he is 50 Cent, after all. With a chrome paint job rather than a wrap, custom-made black rims, and of course an interstellar sound system, the self-proclaimed King of Bling showed some real class and style with this one. He wound up selling it on Ebay for $310,000 because he’s all broke and bankrupt now. He’s even had to rent out his $8.5 million mansion.Hummer H2 – And now for something completely different. Only Germany’s Tuner CFC would have the cajones to turn out this massive Hummer in chrome and carbon. With huge 28-inch light alloy rims and Kumho tires, this behemoth is cranking out 480 HP due to a Wimmer mod. Not something you’d want to take into combat or into the wilderness, this ride is equipped for comfort and entertainment with a gaming console, state-of-the-art movie and sound systems, and of course a mini-bar. Ready, able, and willing to brave the urban wilds.Audi R8 GT – Adding another Audi to the list may be a little redundant, but this one is worth seeing. Rapper Tyga, in the news as the on again/off again love interest of Kylie, the next to youngest Kardashian (sorry for bringing up the name), is also the proud owner of an eye-catching, custom-made, gold chrome Audi R8. Created by L.A.’s Roadstarr Motorsports, it features a V10 engine, Bang & Olufsen tunes player, and believe it or not Bluetooth enabled seatbelts. It cost Tyga, $200,000.Lotus Evora GTE – Celebrated NYC rap producer Swizz Beatz calls his Lotus the first chrome-finished car the world has ever seen. Well, no, he’s clearly, wildly exaggerating. But it’s no lie that his Evora GTE, produced in collaboration with Lotus CEO Dany Bahar, is one mean machine, with a beautiful red-chrome finish, producing an impressive 420 HP from its special V6 engine. It also sports official Swizz Beatz Edition stickers.Mini Cooper – Just to prove that you don’t have to be a famous rapper, teen heartthrob, or Saudi prince to own cool chrome wrapped cars, here’s the little chrome Mini Cooper that Mr. Ian Grice of London, England bought his wife, Toni, as a Valentine’s Day gift.Unfortunately, the couple has been unable to find anyone to insure it. “I've been left with the world's most expensive mirror,” Mr. Grice told The Gentleman Racer. “No one will touch it with a barge pole.” Ah well, maybe money does have its privileges.Inspiration comes in many forms. If you want to ask the always intriguing question, “Can I do this?’ then call us up, 561-367-0101, or send us an online question, and let’s see what we can create.Auto Super Shield


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