5 Things To Consider When Picking A Detail Company

October 25, 2021

Car detailing is a skilled process. Sure, anyone can buy a few products and set themselves up as a ‘professional’ detailing service. However, carrying out an A1 service involves far more than this. From insurance to utilizing the right products, selecting a company that’s going to return your precious wheels in the gleaming fashion you desire means your selection of detailer should be carried out with care.

The following looks at the 5 crucial aspects you should ask any car detailing company.

All About Car Detailing: 5 points to clarify

  • 1: Detailing experience & longevity in the business
  • 2: Where does the detailing take place?
  • 3: What car detailing products do they use?
  • 4: What insurance do they have in place?
  • 5: Reviews, recommendations, & satisfied customers

1: Detailing experience & longevity in the business

How long has your potential provider been offering a car detailing service? While a new service doesn’t necessarily mean a bad one, it can be comforting to know that they’ve got plenty of experience in this field. 

However, many great detailers have set up on their own after many years in the business, so don’t simply dismiss a new company because they’ve not been trading very long. This is where speaking to them in person can reveal far more than simply looking at a website or flyer.

2: Where does the detailing take place?

A quality car detailing outfit will have premises where they can treat each car in as sterile an environment as possible. Sure, home detailers can also do a good job. However, the best preparation involves cleaning the car to remove every trace of microscopic dirt—something that can’t easily be done with the car parked at the side of the street. 

3. What car detailing products do they use?

Don’t be afraid to ask about the products they use to detail vehicles. A good detailer will be happy to explain what they use and why. They’ll also be keen to explain their complete process and why they consider it to be the best for your vehicle. 

4: What insurance do they have in place?

No matter how careful and experienced a detailer might be, accidents can and do happen. This means it’s essential that they have robust insurance in place, should the worst happen. In fact, it’s a legal requirement!

No good car detailer will be offended by you asking about their insurance policy and questioning what would happen if the car was damaged while in their care. 

5: Reviews, recommendations, & satisfied customers

The internet has made checking out a company simple and quick. However, you should also be aware that it’s very easy for unscrupulous people to manipulate aspects, such as reviews and recommendations. Sure, check out what’s been said on various review sites—Google, Yahoo, etc.—but take overly positive or negative scribing with a pinch of salt. 

Far better is to get word-of-mouth reports from people you know. Once you’ve narrowed down a couple of options then visit them in person to see where they operate. A full diary with plenty of returning customers is always a good sign. 

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