3M Crystalline Window Tint - What is it and How is it Used?

June 20, 2020
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The new 3M Crystalline Window Tint presents a breakthrough in vehicular solar protection. It is easily maintainable and durable because it is free of metals. This film will not interfere with the electronics of your vehicle. The manufacturers of this crystalline tint use a multilayer technology that is unmatched, combining over two hundred layers to make a thin film. 3M Window Films is a trusted brand that has been protecting vehicles from the harmful solar rays for over four decades. The films they produce offer a superior protection while adding style to your car at the same time.

The superior features of the new 3M Crystalline Films are:

· Multilayer technology· Decreased reflectivity in comparison to other traditional films· Additional safety to both the drivers and passengers· Protection from UV rays· More heat reflection in comparison to other darker tints· Heat rejection capability

Once installed, your car windows will reflect up to 97 percent of the sun’s infrared rays. Reduced reflection leads to reduced window glare and the dangers associated with it. The new films offer a reflectivity that is lower in comparison to glass thus protecting your vehicle’s original beauty.Because he films are metal free, cell phone reception is not impeded. This in turn minimizes the nuisance associated with lost connectivity, often experienced when the film is metallic. Incidences of corrosion will also reduced.The UV blockage offered by 3M Crystalline Films is an amazing 99.9%. Even on the hottest of days, the risk of exposure to dangerous UV rays while inside your vehicle is dramatically reduced. The 3M Crystalline tint not only protects the car’s passengers but also the interior of the car.Safety is also assured when you use this film on your car because in case of an accident the film prevents the glass from flying, thereby reducing the number of injuries. You should invest in this high technology film because in the long run it will save you from incurring repair loss. The 3M Crystalline tint has indeed set a high standard in the automotive industry.


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