3M Color Stable Window Tint - What is it and How is it Used?

June 20, 2020

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3m Window Tint

3m Window Tint Installation Services by Auto Super Shield[/caption]Nothing completes a well-maintained, polished vehicle more than the perfect window tint. Glossy, dark-tinted windows can take your car from ordinary to show-stopping. And why go with anything but the best? 3M Color Stable Window Tint is a black nano-carbon polyester film that lines the inside of your car windows, reducing glare, rejecting heat, and offering privacy. 3M is the top of the line in window tint, and will last you a lifetime. 

For over 40 years, 3M has been working to bring you the most advanced and long-lasting window tint. During this time, they have developed their own process in creating a nano-carbon polyester. This allows 3M to make their product themselves without relying on an outside manufacturer, therefore keeping costs lower. Many other window tints contain metal, which interferes with radio and satellite signals. 3M's unique manufacturing process keeps the window tint metal-free, allowing you to use GPS, cell phones, and other electronic devices without interference.3M also offers a lifetime guarantee. While other window tints turn a purple hue with age, 3M's revolutionary design will retain its color for years to come. Without compromising clarity of vision, 3M Color Stable Window Tint will reject up to 57% of heat, keeping you cool even when the sun beats down. It even protects you and your family from 99% of UV rays. 3M Color Stable Window Tint is not only highly functional, but will resistthout fading, bubbling, or cracking, thereby enhancing the look of your vehicle for years. 

3M currently carries four different Color Stable Window Tints. They vary in the amount of visible light transmitted, total solar energy rejected, infrared rejected, visible light reflected, glare reduction, and solar heat reduction. All reject 99% of UV rays. As the sun shines through your windows, the visible light produces solar heat. 3M Color Stable Window Tint boasts a multi-layer design that blocks this heat more than previously engineered window tints. The CS-5 film rejects 58% of total solar energy and 72% of infrared rays. It also reduced glare by 92% and solar heat by 49%. The CS-50 transmits 51% of visible light, and the CS-35 transmits 38%. The CS-50 also reflects 8% of visible light. Check out all the facts here.Dark tinted windows are not just for limousines and movie stars anymore. Check out 3M Color Stable Window Tint to give you the luxury look you deserve.


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