2022 Vehicle Paint Protection

May 2, 2022

2022 Vehicle Paint Protection 

Vehicle paint protection has advanced dramatically over recent years. While the concept remains the same (to prevent environmental and physical damage to the factory paint), the methods of doing so are now truly cutting-edge.

Sadly, there are many now obsolete products being touted as being effective. While this might have been the case some years ago, some unscrupulous sellers will attempt to pass these off as the best you can get your hands on. 

To ensure that you don’t put your trust in anything but the latest technology, read on to understand the wonders of the latest 2022 vehicle paint protection products.

Advanced Tech for 2022 Vehicle Paint Protection

  • Paint protection film from Xpel, 3M, & Suntek
  • Ceramic coating: Xpel Fusion

Paint protection film from Xpel, 3M, & Suntek 

Vehicle paint protection in 2022 brings technology to a level that we’ve never seen before. Whether you choose paint protection film (PPF), ceramic coating, or even a combination of the two, there’s a product to suit every need and budget. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best on the market: 

  • Xpel Ultimate: Self-healing, durable, and offering incredible clarity, this is the choice for many sport and muscle car owners. 
  • Xpel Ultimate Plus: Want all the above with a satin finish? Then this is the PPF for you. Clear bra has evolved beyond your wildest dreams—and this is one of the best products on the market today.
  • 3M Pro Series: Scotchguard’s premium PPF brings self-healing properties and wonderful protection against environmental and physical damage. 
  • Suntek PPF: A firm favorite for years, the 2022 version has upped its game beyond all expectations. High-gloss, with exceptional crack and scratch resistance, this remains an all-time favorite for many fans of paint protection products.

Ceramic coating: Xpel Fusion

Ready for the ultimate in paint protection? Then prepare yourself for the wonders of ceramic coating. Without a doubt, the best on the market is Xpel fusion. Invisible to the eye, it brings outstanding advantages to the science of protecting factory paintwork: 

  • Helps prevent contaminants, such as tree sap and bird strikes, from sticking to the vehicle
  • Reduces the efforts needed to keep your car sparkly clean.
  • Adds incredible surface clarity, shine, and aesthetic appearance
  • Hydrophobic to an almost magical level! Not only to water but to oil or any other liquid contaminants that might come into contact with it.
  • Removes the need for intensive detailing. Thanks to the incredible visual enhancement, deep detailing becomes a thing of the past.

Another wonderful advantage of Xpel Fusion ceramic coating is that it can be used in conjunction with PPF. Yep, you read that right. Combine the power of both paint protection products for the ultimate 2022 upgrade. Long-term car care and incredible factory paintwork protection just got a whole lot easier…

Oh, and did we remember to tell you about longevity? Xpel Fusion has a minimum lifespan of 4 years, meaning miles of driving enjoyment that continues to turn heads with every pass…

Ready for Advanced 2022 Vehicle Paint Protection? Call Auto SuperShield Today

South Florida residents can head to leading paint protection product installers, Auto SuperShield, for the very best cutting-edge products. We take paint protection seriously, constantly watching the latest options that come to market. When they do, we put them through our own rigorous testing procedures to ensure that they hit the spot. Only those that make the grade end up being the ones we supply and fit. This intimate knowledge of our PPF and ceramic coating allows us to truly advise the best for your needs. 

When it comes to 2022 vehicle paint protection (and beyond) you can trust Auto SuperShield.

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