June 2012 - Car Chat with Auto SuperShield

At Auto Super Shield, we like to protect beautiful things. We like to improve the artistic mastery of every car with paint, and we like to improve the precious lives of every child with cancer. That’s why we teamed up with the “Ride2Revive” Children’s Cancer Foundation for children with terminal cancer. [caption id="attachment_1401" align="alignleft" width="300"]Lamborghini for Ride to Revive Childrens Charity Inspirational Lamborghini for Ride to Revive Children's Charity[/caption] Ride2Revive gives these sick children the opportunity of a lifetime – to ride with a celebrity in a red hot Lamborghini. What a great charity! For these kids, all of whom are going through medical treatments for diseases which could take their lives, the memory of their time spent with a celebrity is cemented by the adrenaline that always comes with a ride in a Lambo. They make those memories by treasure hunting their way through the day, solving clues on their maps which take them to a variety of exciting activities. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether they’re more excited to take part in the activities or take a ride in one of those cars, but we’re pretty sure they thoroughly enjoy both.