Precision and Quality

Based on the exact specifications of your vehicle, our computers will precisely score and cut the most advanced protective and graphic films known to man. Once cut, an Auto SuperShield technician will apply it to your vehicle’s surface with care and expertise only found at our quality installation centers.

When it comes to clear paint protection films, vinyl wrap films and window films, we keep our promise of seamless, precision-cut enhancement and protection. Our technicians install these items to your car without leaving any seams or signs of instillation. The way the films are cut will protect the vehicle from wear and will look new for years to come.

Cutting the Film for the Exact Dimension of Your Car

When driving a luxury sports car you want the best protection that money can buy. Cutting and installing film needs to be done accurately, the very first time. No other company in the industry cuts the films to fit the exact dimension of each and every car. The fact that we install them by hand using the skills of highly trained technicians is an added bonus. When owing a luxury car, it is important to take good care of it. Our protective films will provide the very best care possible.

In addition to our standard 3M paint protection film, we also offer satin, matte and XPEL ultimate film, our premium self-healing option.

Looking for an opinion on the best luxury film for your car? We can design something totally custom and great looking. Our design experts are standing by to talk with you.