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Ferrari California Matte White Car Wraps

White is the new Black

Wrap your ride in an icy white that will practically make it glow. Available in either glossy or matte finishes, you don't need the price or the permanence of all new paint to achieve the luminescent look of a bright white finish. Use custom, translucent designs to subtly blend white accents or graphics into your existing finish for a truly unique look.

At Auto SuperShield, we have many white paint wrap options available including a white carbon fiber and pearl finish. Depending on your desire to be seen, whether on the track, at a show or in your neighborhood, going with the clean, pure look of white may be exactly what your car needs. Going with a red or black can be a bit boring, especially when so many other sportscars use these colors. Go with something distinctive and head turning…go with white!

Want to see how a white wrap would look on your car? Come see for yourself at our Boca Raton, Florida location. After all, our white paint wraps really have to be seen in the flesh to truly appreciate the great look they create.

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