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Rare Ferrari 599 SA Aperta – Auto SuperShield Car of the Week

Today we had the opportunity to work on a very rare and exciting Ferrari, the brand new 599 SA Aperta. With only 80 built for the world and 3 for Canada this is a very special car indeed. With 670HP, this is definitely the ultimate convertible!

Our project is to cover the Ferrari completely with paint protection film.  The only thing not covered by the film is the rear tail lights.  Even the windshield is protected with a safety film to prevent pitting of the glass.  We are using the new “self healing” paint protection film created by Xpel Technologies.  If anything scratches this film, not only will it protect the beautiful painted finish, it will actually self heal the scratch within a few hours of being in the sun.   The clarity and gloss of this film is so good that it is truly invisible after installed on the car.

This particular Ferrari 599 owner chose to have some special upgrades including: red carbon fiber throughout the car, a candy apple red paint color from Alpha Romeo, the engine cover was autographed by the Ferrari Chief and builders at the factory, optional roof was also in red carbon fiber, Ferrari factory sent carbon shields for the car.  Instead of having red piping in the seat which is the norm, this Aperta has red in-lays throughout the interior.  The brake caliber color was painted to match the car.


Paint Protection

Rare Ferrari 599 SA Aperta – Auto SuperShield Car of the Week

Ferrari says that the SA Aperta was built to celebrate the 80th birthday of the company’s long-time partner, the design firm Pininfarina. We suspect it’s also been developed because Ferrari flat-out said in the past that it wanted to sell a convertible version of the 599.


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