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Reason #1 Why Auto Enthusiasts get their Dream Car

BMW i8 Concept Car
So you dream of owning an exotic car? Do you ever drive up the highway, see a great car and speed up just to see the driver? Do you ever wonder what they do for a living? We see a lot of amazing cars come into our shop & every owner has a great story behind how and why they got their “dream cars.” Just for kicks, we came up with a few validating reasons to own an Exotic Car. Let’s take a (playful) look at the reasons why car enthusiasts drive these incredible Dream Cars and enjoy the video!

1. The Ultimate Chick Magnet
“Let’s see what kind of .com whiz is driving that hot BMW i8 Concept car!” OMG… that guy is totally a geek! Bet his latest acquisition enables him to pick up some pretty, hot chicks. And for the tech savvy guy, it’s a “no brainer.”

The BMW i3 and BMW i8 are electrically powered cars that are meant for Urban driving. These vehicles will be produced from renewable raw materials and will go into production in 2013. The i3 is a mini car concept and the i8 is the sportier model. The i8 is geared for top performance and will go into production in 2014.

These cars are both Sporty and Futuristic at the same time. For visionaries and techies, these cars will rock your world. We look forward to seeing these cars come into Auto SuperShield, 3M Paint Protection Film in the near future.

Hope you Enjoyed this YouTube video and stay tuned for Reason #2 in Tomorrow’s post:

Reason #2 – Why Auto Enthusiasts Get their Dream Car

Sharpie Lambo Auto SuperShield Paint Protection Film

Yesterday, we spoke about the latest cars being the Ultimate Chick Magnet. Today’s reason why Auto Enthusiasts go out and get their dream car, might be a bit of a no-brainer.

2. You Own the Road

(And or the Dealership!) Look at that slick, new Lambo a few car lengths up. Wow! That driver is sooooooo YOUNG! His Daddy must be Bill Gates… or maybe he owns the Lambo dealership?

Brett David, the owner of Miami Lamborghini is no exception to the rule. He always seems to be the first one “in on” the latest Lambo’s and when we see the new cars come into our shop, Auto SuperShield, we feel privileged to work on these fine machines.

After the loss of his father, Irv David, Brett assumed the position of CEO at the early age of 19. His vision and appreciation of the cars is unparalleled. One of our first experiences with Brett David was to provide the 3M Paint Protection Services for what would come to be known as the Sharpie Lamborghini.

Prior to the initial artwork, our skilled technicians installed a 3M clear film over the original finish of the $240,000 Lamborghini.  Then the Miami graffiti artist, Jona Cerwinske, spent a few weeks and many Sharpies, turning the luxurious automobile into a mobile work of art. This Lamborghini became a huge sensation and graced the covers of magazines as well as became the star of many YouTube videos.

Recently, the owner removed the Sharpie artwork from the car.  What was amazing was the level of perfection that was maintained in the original paint finish.  While the Sharpie Lambo “Owned” the road for many years, the car today has been restored to it’s original glory.

We look forward to many more visionary and creative ventures with Brett David… you won’t believe what is up his sleeve now.  (So Stay Tuned… The BEST is Yet to come!)

Tomorrow, we will reveal Reason #3 Why Auto Enthusiasts Get their Dream Car… any guesses?  In the meantime, check out one of the many videos of the Sharpie Lambo:

AutoSuperShield, 3M Paint Protection

Reason #3 – Why Auto Enthusiasts Get their Dream Car

Scott Rothstein Bugatti Veyron Auto SuperShield
So if you thought Auto Enthusiasts get their cars as Chick Magnets and To Own The Road, maybe the biggest reason to get the car of your dreams is simply, because you Deserve it.

So Reason #3 is…

Justifies all those late nights at the office
You spent years in Law School and then had to work your way up to be a partner in the firm. Now you’ve made a name for yourself and it is time to shift gears and make all of those long hours worth your while. Just make sure you don’t get caught crafting up a Ponzi scheme, or your dream car might end up on the auction block faster than Scott Rothstein’s Bugatti Veyron.

Basically, the truth of the matter is… you’ve worked hard, put in late hours, and climbed up that ladder rung by rung. Now that you’re at the top, it’s time to enjoy life a little. What good boy or girl doesn’t deserve a nice reward for the years of blood, sweat and tears.

The Dream Car is one of the most sought after rewards for a job done well. Celebrate your success!

AutoSuperShield.com, 3M Paint Protection

Reason #4 – Why Auto Enthusiasts get their Dream Car

Cavallino The Breakers Auto SuperShield
Time is money and also prestige. Cars can save us time and are clearly status symbols for some. There are certain perks that go along with having a luxurious car and Convenience is a major perk.
If you ever got frustrated with Hotel parking or ogled the cars parked right in front, then Reason #4 is just for you…

For Reason #4

The Valet Always parks your car in Front
We pull up for Cavallino at the Breakers in Palm Beach. Amazing! There are hundreds of Ferrari’s parked on the front lawn! And for the rest of the year, each owner gets front row parking at every location she pulls up to. Now that’s riding like a Queen!

Just being able to pull up to the front door and hand over the keys to the valet, and then know that the car would be right there for you when you get back is part of the Dream Car experience. The only thing you have to worry about now… is if the Valets are out cruisin’ the town!

AutoSuperShield.com, 3M Paint Protection, clear bras and Paint Protection Packages

Check out the Cars in the Valet Parking at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai… What A Hot Collection!

Reason #5 – Why Auto Enthusiasts Get their Dream Car

Lil Wayne Rockstar Car

For days, we have been sharing the various reasons Why Auto Enthusiasts end up getting their dream cars – From Chick Magnets to White Glove Valet Treatment… Today, we bring you the most jammin’ reason to get your dream car:

5. Makes you feel like a Rock Sta’
Want to feel taller, younger or better than you actually are? Have a deep-seated desire to grow an extra 5 inches? Or maybe just need ego boost? These drivers love the added attention they get & finally feel like a Rock Star. From Diddy giving Justin Bieber a Lambo to Lil’ Wayne’s car collection, it’s easy to live vicariously through these rockin’ rollers.

At Auto SuperShield, we treat every car that comes into our shop like a rockstar! Whether it is protecting the original finish with 3M Paint Protection film or detailing with Matte wraps, we make sure that every car comes out shining.

Love the innocence of Justin Bieber in this YouTube video…

Futuristic Luxury Car Designs at the Frankfurt International Auto Show

Frankfurt International Autoshow Steinmeier gullwing stainless steelThe Frankfurt International Auto Show is held every other year and is definitely not your common car show. Kicking off on September 13th and running through September 25th, the Germans sure know how to showcase the latest sexy car designs.

From what we can see, this year’s trends are futuristic New Concept designs, precious metal finishes and fuel-efficient, “small-car” profiles designed to appeal to the younger car buyers.

If you are into luxury cars or the latest auto designs, the images from the show will surely get your engines purring! The various blogs and articles that we’ve been reading have gotten us at Auto SuperShield very excited about this Fall’s upcoming shows in Miami and Las Vegas.

In the meantime, here is a round-up of the media coverage of this week’s show:

BMW Concept Car Frankfurt International Auto Show 2011

BMW Concept Car

The Auto and Trends article, Frankfurt Motor Show 2011: Top 10 Hot Wheels (PHOTOS) in the International Business Times has an excellent Slideshow of the latest creations. Their hot picks include: the new BMW i8 Concept Car and the elegant, gull-winged Mercedes Benz F125.

Autoweek is a great site if you want a Virtual Tour of the show. Their pick for the Editor’s Choice award is the sleek Jaguar C-X16. This beautiful coupe oozes luxury and class with an elongated hood design reminiscent of a classic racing car.

One of our favorite articles this week is GearboxMagazine.com’s nostalgic trip down memory lane. In a series of quick smartphone images of brochures, he takes us back 20 years to the trip he took as a kid to the Frankfurt Auto Show. His look back was a fresh and creative approach to covering the event in the midst of the glamorous and glitzy media blitz.

Mini Car Frankfurt International Auto Show 2011 Metallic Silver Chrome Finish

Metallic Chrome Finish Mini Car

In keeping with today’s economic conditions, the Wall Street Journal highlights the various designs of mini cars that were introduced to appeal to the younger market. In today’s world, bigger is not better. The new small-car designs being showcased at the IAA are the Mercedes B-class, Volkswagon Up mini car, and Fiat’s Panda. Today’s car designers are clearly recognizing that there is an increasing need for fuel-efficiency without sacrificing the desire for great design. Hopefully, those savvy, little wheels will make it to the US!

AutoSupershield.com, 3M Paint Protection

Formula 1 Sizzles with Entertainment at the Singapore Grand Prix

Singapore Grand Prix 2011 RaceWowza!!! For Formula 1 race fans, like those of us at AutoSupershield who are lucky enough to be jetting over to Singapore for the race, you all are in for 3 days of sheer entertainment.

While we all love Monaco, Singapore is really taking racing and entertainment to a whole new level. The race will take place September 23rd – 25th of 2011 and is a circuit with challenging turns throughout the world-class city. There will be 9 grandstands situated in various locations and spectators will be watching from the rooftops and balconies of hotels and buildings with views of the race circuit. The night racing is sure to be a gorgeous event.

Entertainment Stage Singapore Grand PrixWhat is dazzling is the sheer number of global entertainment acts in the performance program. As if the race was not going to be exciting enough! From all continents of the globe, artists will showcase talents that will showcase the spectrum of world talent. On race day, September 25th, the US rock band, Linkin Park, will be the highlight of the day. Shakira, from Columbia, is sure to get the hips moving in the stands and spark the Latin passion on Saturday as well.

International Entertainment Singapore Grand Prix 2011And if that is not star-studded enough for you, Shaggy will be bringing on the Jamaican vibe on Saturday and Sunday. Charice from the Philippines shines with vocal talent. Boy George and Rick Astley cast us back into the carefree 80′s with their UK dance hits. There will be dance troupes and artists from Thailand, Italy, Africa, Australia, Brazil and France. Check out the Entertainment Program on the Singapore Grand Prix website for a full schedule of this weekend’s entertainment extravaganza.

Saint Julien Restaurant Singapore Grand PrixAs for me, I am daydreaming about enjoying the race sipping a glass of champagne from the rooftop of the French restaurant, Saint Julien. Sigh… maybe next year! For those of you attending, dress for tropical weather and enjoy the festivities. Shoot some great pictures to us with your phones and keep us updated via Twitter and Facebook. We’d love to be “in on” the fun, too!

Singapore Grand Prix RacecarsFor those of you who also can’t make it over for this race, the Singapore Grand Prix will be broadcast on the BBC and the SPEED channel on cable tv. I bet the Facebook page will also be abuzz with race chatter.

The big question is… Will Sebastian Vetter wrap up the driver’s title for 2011 by winning the Singapore Grand Prix? No matter the outcome, this race is sure to be a sizzling event!

Here’s a look at a map of the Circuit track for Singapore:
Singapore Grand Prix 2011 Race Map

AutoSupershield.com, 3M Paint Protection

Looking Forward to the South Florida International Auto Show

South Florida International Car Show 2011 Maserati
I know… I know… It’s still 2 months away, but what car fanatic can resist looking forward to the South Florida International Auto Show.

This year, the South Florida International Auto Show will be celebrating 40 years of exhibiting the latest and greatest of the upcoming car designs. Mark your Calendars for October 28th through November 6th, 2011 and join us at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Since 1971, Miami has hosted one of the largest annual car shows in the US. These auto shows highlight not only the latest technologies, but the evolution of the automobile through exhibiting classic and antique cars. This year will be no exception and you may want to stay tuned for more information about this year’s events by visiting here from time to time. We also love to receive tweets, comments and images from car fans that enjoy sharing on our sites. For updates, join us on our Auto SuperShield Facebook Page or tweet us at @AutoSuperShield. We also have a sleek new website: AutoSuperShield.com, 3M Paint Protection

So Stay Tunes… We hope to keep you informed and entertained!

AutoSuperShield.com, 3M Paint Protection

Dante’s Golden Ferrari

Dante Rubli Ferrari GTO Gold Sculpture Concours d'EleganceAs Classic Car afficionados start packing for the upcoming Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Swiss Artist Dante Rubli has unveiled his latest creation: a Ferrari 250 GTO sculpted in pure Gold! This sculpture will be showcased for the collectors who will be traveling to Northern California for the exquisite upcoming vintage car show held from August 17th – 22nd, 2011.

Classic Ferrari 250 GTOFor many collectors, the Ferrari 250 GTO is already the “gold standard” of vintage sports cars. With only 39 of that particular model created from 1962-64, the design has become a revered classic. The original body was designed by Sergio Scaglietti and was tested on the track and wind tunnel. The GTO was crafted as a high performance Grand Tour Auto for long distance races.

Enjoy this short video that showcases the beauty of this racing machine:

Heatwave Alert: Bikinis + Iyaz = the Hottest Beach Bash in Indianapolis at the Brickyard this weekend

Brickyard 400 NASCAR race Indianapolis Motor SpeedwaySo there is this great heatwave going on in America… what better excuse to have a Beach Bash in the middle of the US right now?!? Gotta make the best of these dog days of summer, right?

AJ Alexander Brickyard 400 This weekend, July 31st, Indianapolis Motor Speedway will be celebrating the heat of Summer with the hottest Beach Bash and the NASCAR Brickyard 400. The Brickyard 400 is a 400 mile NASCAR race that is being sponsored this year by a Big Machine Records, a record label that specializes in country music. This year, fans will enjoy the music of hottest hip hop artist Iyaz and as if that wasn’t Hot enough, the Beach Bash will be hosted by the May 2008 Playboy Playmate of the Month AJ Alexander.

In addition to the Beach Bash, there will be a display of Vintage Stock and Muscle Cars at the speedway for those of us who are into classic cars. There will also be a great deal of fun and games for the young at heart on Saturday, July 30th. The IMS Kids Club will be open to all kids under 12 and there will be activities as the racers gear up for Sunday’s race during practice runs and qualifications.

During the pre-race ceremonies, the Brickyard 400 will honor the US Military with a salute to the recent veterans of Desert Storm. There will be a US Navy jet flyover and veterans will be given 2 tickets to attend the race.

With all of the fun and entertainment, it’s no wonder the Brickyard 400 has become one of the most highly attended races of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. From the heartland of America, Indiana will be proudly welcoming race fans from all over the world.

For those of us still in South Florida, we at Auto SuperShield will be enjoying the races on ESPN. We raise a toast to you and send you sunny greeting from our Beaches to the Brickyard Beach Bash. Here’s wishing a great weekend to all!

For those of you who can’t wait til Sunday to get in-on the fun, here’s a sneak peek of Iyaz’s Hit single, Replay to get you into the Groove:

Iyaz “Replay” from Bobby Yan on Vimeo.

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