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Good news. After a couple of days in the sun, whatever moisture was left behind is completely gone, and all of the windows are perfect. Please tell George that I apologize for questioning his work. It's PERFECT, and I love it. He's a great guy; absolutely the BEST customer service we've received anywhere in a LONG time. Great job. You guys are the best. George showed us samples of other film similar to what you have installed on the Yaris, and I'm thinking hard about some very conservative "custom" work on the Golf. It's kind of a plain vehicle, (especially after a very cool convertible Vette) and I think that a little bit of pizazz will help it a lot. Thanks again, BJ & Trish
BJ & Trish

My name is David. My best friend Barry Smith recommended you to install 3M protective film on my black CLK63 AMG Black Series approximately 10 days ago. I am also in the customer service business whereby I am always reminding customers to send me a letter of positive feedback. For some reason a disgruntled customer never seems to need much of a reminder. Acting on my own advice, I am sending you this email to let you know how thrilled and impressed I am with the 3M and window tint work you did on my new black "Beast". I had plans to send you an email in the next few days... until today when I was polishing away a couple of water drop marks in the center rear of the car, ON the rear bumper, immediately below the license plate, where the trunk lid meets the bumper. I was wet polishing a couple of water marks, being very careful not to scratch the paint, when I suddenly realized that it wasn't the paint that I was polishing... it was a secret piece of protective film you had installed. At that moment, I knew I had to email you today. When it comes to the exotic car business, customization, et al, I trust my friend Barry like a world renown expert. He recommended you and I said OK not knowing what to expect, but confident that the job would be excellent. YOU and your installation team have done a job on my vehicle that has exceeded all my expectations. Not believing it could be possible, if I loved my new 2008 AMG Beast before your services, I most certainly love it more now. With hands like the best surgeon, thank you for a job well done. Keep up the good work. Best regards from up North, David Alwadish
David Alwadish

As a long time customer I can only say that you have ruined me for life. There is no way anyone else is ever touching my car(s). We are on our second E46M3, and have been through the X-5; Mercedes C230; BMW MCoupe and a variety of my other close friends cars, and I have yet to see anything but top quality every time. Now, with the association of Blue and White Autohaus in Miami, we are finally building our racecar. It will never be completed until you put the finishing touches on it. The car colors/graphics, the clear paint protection, the Nascar style window tear-offs, plus window tints. You should have been a surgeon. With the skills you demonstrate you missed your calling. No one is complaining though as your shop/work is the best available anywhere, at any price! Thanks again for all the effort. Ralph Sheppard SCCA # 421 Instructor NASA,CHIN MOTORSPORTS,BMWCCA
Ralph Sheppard, Florida

Well we drove home last night (250+ miles and Alligator Alley), got home about 11:30, and the bugs washed right off today. I washed the car and it looks super! Of course, I re-treated all the plastic with Plexus, per your advice. What a great job you do! The window tinting also looks unbelievable!!!! Pepi, the work you did on my 2001 Z3 (a few months ago) and now on my wife's 2004 Mini Cooper S is beyond professional! It's GREAT!!!! Thanks again and I will definitely recommend you to anyone. We drove 200 miles the first time and noa almost 600 miles, to come over and have you do the work, and we wouldn't hesitate to do it again! Great work. K.C & Carolann Haffey St. Petersburg, FL
K.C & Carolann Haffey, St. Petersburg, FL

I am the distributor for Radical Extreme Sports Cars. Over 1 year ago Auto SuperShield did a meticulous paint protection installation on my SR3 SuperSport. After 28 days of racing, the cars front nose looks great! This product is awesome and preserves the finish of my race cars. I recommend it to all of my clients. Barry Smith President Radical Motor sports of Florida 516-526-5614
Barry Smith, Palm Beach, FL

I barely have time to breathe. Two young kids. Both my wife and I in demanding jobs. This is not the recipe for whipping up leisure time. So why am I taking time to write this? In this day of eBay, Amazon, Yahoo and other Online Shopping venues, customer service (when available) has taken a back seat to instant sales. This is where Pepi and Wendy set themselves apart. They truly listen to the customer and provide recommendations based on what makes sense for the customer, rather than their pocket. They are professional, courteous and treat you like family. It seems to matter little to them whether you drive a Ferrari or a Hyundai, a customer is a customer and all cars are treated with kid gloves. I personally do not trust anyone other than Pepi to put blade to paint on any car that I own or will own in the future. Thank you, Rajeev Ravindran
Rajeev Ravindran, Florida

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for taking time out of your weekend to come do my new Porsche GT3RS. As you know by the previous 30 plus cars and motorcycles that you have done for me, will not drive anything unless it has been protected by your clear bra. Your Work has a been fantastic and is hardly noticeable. You and your wife always find a way to fit me in and get me on the road. Should you every require a reference, you may have that person call me anytime. You can also show them all the pictures of the cars that you have done for me. As always, I will keep spreading the work of your great service. Ross Bleustein
Ross Bleustein, Florida

Just a quick note to thank you, and your staff for the great service. Our Renntech Mercedes customers demand the best and you provide it. If anyone is looking for superior paint protection I will highly recommend Pepi @ Autosupershield for his professionalism and expert installation. Scott Strigl Renntech Inc.
Scott Strigl / Renntech Inc., Florida

We have applied Auto Super Shield on all our Lamborghini race cars and found that the material has protected the vehicle from paint damages, even under the extreme conditions of racing. We are using material in different thickness according to Pepi's specifications and it has held up tremendously. Also, the clear acrylic for the wind shield is highly recommended, it has prevented our windshield from cracking due to stone chips. I also use it on my private car, Mercedes SL 55, since it was delivered and I have not the smallest paint damage on the car even after almost one year. VICI Racing:
Vici Racing

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