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How to Detail a Black Car

Tips to Keep Your Black Car Looking Great How-to-Detail-a-Black-Car

Black is arguably the sexiest car color, but it’s also considered to be one of the hardest to keep clean. Of course, black doesn’t necessarily get any dirtier or scratch more easily than any other color, but it does tend to show dirt, swirl marks, and scratches more than pewter and silver. One reason for this is that swirls and scratches in the clear coat contrast with the black paint underneath, creating a more noticeable blemish than similar markings on lighter-colored vehicles.

If you want to keep your black car looking sultry and seductive, keep these cleaning and detailing tips in mind the next time you reach for a bucket of suds. Note that these tips will help keep any car’s paint color free of dirt, scratches, and swirls.

Prep Your Car for Washing

The first step is to remove as much mud or dirt from your vehicle as possible before you go over it with a washcloth or sponge. If there’s dirt on the car, you will end up grinding it into the clear coat or paint. To protect against this, spray down your vehicle with a water hose or high-pressure car wash hose prior to scrubbing with soap and water. Remember, every scratch will show on a black car, so take every step you can to keep swirls and scratches to a minimum.

Use the Two-Bucket Method

Similar to the first tip about prepping your car prior to washing, the two-bucket method is intended to minimize unwanted paint swirls or scratches resulting from dirt, mud, and other debris. One bucket is for rinse water only and the other bucket is for the soap/water mixture. Before you dip your wash mitt into the wash bucket, place it in the rinse bucket to get rid of debris you lifted off the vehicle. This will prevent the soap/water mixture from being contaminated with debris that can end up scratching the car’s clear coat or paint job.

Stick to High-Quality, Soft-Touch Materials

Considering that even the lightest scratches can appear on a black exterior, you need to take extra precautions to prevent scratches in the first place. This means using the softest materials you can find for washing and drying your vehicle. A sheepskin, lamb’s wool, or microfiber wash mitt is highly recommended among professional detailers. As far as drying towels are concerned, experts recommend a waffle-weave microfiber towel since it can absorb up to seven times its weight in water without scratching the paint. And speaking of drying, move the towel slowly to avoid dragging it across the paint and potentially scratching the surface.

Don’t Forget the Wax

After washing and drying your vehicle, the last step is to apply car wax, specifically wax designed for black paint. The shine on these specialty car waxes is formulated to create a deeper, darker reflection. That dark, mirrorlike shine is the best part about having a black paintjob, and wax will keep it looking “wet” while also protecting it against light scratches and fading.

If you have a black car and want to keep the paint job looking like new, Auto Super Shield has the solution. Our premium paint protection films provide an invisible, near-impenetrable barrier that protects against road debris, environmental elements, bugs, and abrasions. Visit our shop in South Florida and let us give your ride a glossy, protective coat that will turn heads and keep your vehicle looking great.

To learn more about our paint protection films, contact us online or call 561-367-0101.


Who Makes the Best Car Window Tint?

Who Makes the Best Car Window Tint?

You don’t settle for second best on anything, so why would it be any different when it comes to your car’s window tint? High-grade automotive window tint film can add another dimension to your ride in terms of appearance and comfort. But with so many different brands and films to choose from, how do you know which one is truly the best?Best car window tint

The truth is, there isn’t a whole lot that separates the very best window tint films made by the very best window tint film companies. Unless you’re looking for something specific or within a certain price range, you can’t go wrong with any of these premium window tint brands.


3M is one of the oldest tint manufacturers in the United States. In fact, it was 3M that first patented the technology in 1966 that would later become window tint film. 3M’s automotive window films are durable, maintenance free, and designed to last, and films that are sold and installed by 3M authorized dealer installers are backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties you can get. Some of 3M’s premium window tint films include:

  • Crystalline Series
  • Ceramic Series
  • Color Stable Series

Prestige Film Technologies

Prestige Film Technologies (PFT) has specialized in mounting tapes, UV transparent thin film, multi-layer ceramic capacitors, and a host of other specialty products for over three decades. With its history as a specialty coatings and thin film manufacturer, PFT has the experience, infrastructure, and know-how to create some of the world’s finest automotive window tint coatings. PFT’s “best of the best” window tint films include:

  • Spectra PhotoSync
  • Ceraluxe Quantum Ceramic


SunTek is at the cutting-edge of window tint film technology. A technical team of engineers and chemists have developed a wide range of innovative and proprietary technology exclusively available to customers who purchase SunTek window tint film. SunTek also offers a wide range of automotive window films for customers with different budgets, needs, and preferences. Some of SunTek’s most popular and highest rated window tint films include:

  • CeramicIR (CIR)
  • CarbonXP (CXP)
  • Carbon


LLumar is the world’s largest window film manufacturer. LLumar’s automotive division manufactures a wide range of window tint films for drivers looking for aesthetics, heat rejection, UV protection, and even defense against window scratches. Professionally-installed LLumar film is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. LLumar’s high-performance automotive window tint films include:

  • CTX
  • ATR
  • FormulaOne Series

Huper Optik

Huper Optik’s automotive window films feature patented, state-of-the-art nanotechnology that offers
superior comfort and fade control. Huper Optik window tinting is also characterized by its classic European look, making it popular with owners of luxury European brands like BMW, Jaguar, and Porsche. Some of Huper Optik’s premium window tint films include:

  • Select Series
  • Ceramic Series

For the very best car window tint, come to Auto Super Shield. We are known as South Florida’s premier car wrap shop, but we also specialize in high-end, premium window tint installations. Visit us in Boca Raton or call 561-367-0101 to get a quote on window tint for your vehicle.

Pros and Cons of Vehicle Wraps

Matte paint vs matte wrapPros and Cons of Vehicle Wraps

We’ve written a lot about car wraps—how much vinyl wraps cost, how long they last, how to take care of them—but we thought it would be helpful for anyone considering wrapping their vehicle to write about the pros and cons of vinyl wraps. We hope you learn more about what makes vinyl wraps great, and even a few things that other car wrap dealers/installers won’t tell you about the “drawbacks” of vinyl wraps.

Vehicle Wrap Pros

  • Protect Your Car’s Exterior Finish - One of the most noteworthy benefits of a vinyl wrap is that it adds a protective layer around your vehicle that protects the factory paintjob from scratches, swirl marks, fading, corrosion, and other minor damage. Exterior condition is a major factor in a vehicle’s resale value, which means a vehicle wrap may very well pay for itself in the long run by helping your car maintain more of its value—and helping you get more when you sell it or trade it in.
  • Cheaper Than a New Paint Job – If you want to change the way your vehicle looks, going with a vinyl wrap is much cheaper than springing for a new paintjob. Not only is wrapping cheaper than painting in a straight up, side-by-side comparison, but it becomes much cheaper when you consider the additional costs of repainting your vehicle should you ever want to change it back to its original color or go with a different look. You can save thousands of dollars with a vinyl wrap compared to painting.
  • Change Your Car’s Appearance Often – Speaking of changing your car’s appearance, wrapping is the cheap and easy way to change the way your vehicle looks as often as you’d like. Vinyl wrapping only takes a few days to complete, and it comes off just as easily. With a car wrap, you’re not limited to the same paint job for the life of your car. Change the color every couple of years, try out cool new designs, experiment with different finishes like matte or chrome—whatever you can think of, you can do it whenever you’d like without a major investment of time or money thanks to vinyl car wraps

Vehicle Wrap Cons

  • Wraps Don’t Last as Long – If you’re looking to permanently change the way your vehicle looks, you might be more interested in a paintjob. Vinyl wraps last between five and seven years with proper care, but paintjobs can last the life of your vehicle. However, it’s important to note that because vinyl wraps are cheaper than paintjobs, you can get multiple wraps over the life of your vehicle and still end up paying less (or just about the same) as a single paintjob—and that means you can even change the color or design every couple of years instead of being stuck with the same appearance for as long as you own your vehicle.
  • Car Wraps are a “Luxury” – Admittedly, no one needs a car wrap, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to consider it a luxury aftermarket purchase. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves and say that this is more of a “con” than it really is, think of all the other things people buy for their cars just to make them sound louder or look cooler—rims, aftermarket exhausts, aero kits, etc. Can you really say vinyl wraps are so different?
  • Wrapped Vehicle Get a Lot of Attention – Vinyl-wrapped cars turn heads—a lot of heads. If you don’t like to be the center of attention, you have two options: 1) don’t wrap your car, or 2) go with a milder vinyl wrap. Not all cars need to be wrapped in chrome or snakeskin patterns; you can just as easily change the color of your car with a vinyl wrap. Of course, if you want to stand out and get noticed, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can do with a wrap.

Want to transform your ride? Auto Super Shield prides itself on being one of the premier car wrap shops in South Florida. Bring your vehicle to the wrap experts at Auto Super Shield and learn all about the possibilities for your ride. We specialize in color-change wraps, chrome wraps, matte wraps, satin wraps, and more. From mild to wild and everything in between, Auto Super Shield does it better than anyone else. Call 561-367-0101 or contact us online to get a free vinyl wrap estimate.

All About Motorhome Wraps

Vinyl Wraps for Motorhomes

Car wrapping is all the craze—but vinyl wraps aren’t just for sports cars and luxury imports. Any vehicle can be wrapped, including motorhomes. Whether you spend your life on the road or simply enjoy the freedom and pleasure of the occasional road trip, you’ll be intrigued to learn what wrapping can do for your motorhome.

4 Reasons to Wrap Your Motorhome

If you’re on the fence about wrapping your motorhome, knMotorhome wrapsow that there are some very good reasons to go through with it—and almost no downsides. Really. Sure, wrapping your RV might not be cheap, but it doesn’t change how your motorhome drives, it won’t lower its resale value, it doesn’t make it less safe, etc. At any point, you can have the wrap removed and restore your motorhome back to its original condition. Some other reasons to seriously consider wrapping your motorhome:

1. Make Your RV Stand Out

There are a lot of motorhomes on the road, and a lot of them look alike, especially the newer ones. Vinyl wrapping is a great way to customize your RV, give it a personality, and help it stand out on the road and at the RV park. You can give your motorhome a mild facelift with a color-

change wrap or go full-bore with custom graphics, animal print designs, and more. In any case, vinyl wrapping will make sure your RV looks anything but stock.

2. Keep Your RV Looking New

One of the great added benefits of vinyl wrapping is that it acts like a protective barrier around your motorhome. Driving across the country can expose your RV to bits of flying debris, inclement weather, and other hazards that can damage the paint job. A vinyl wrap, or even basic paint protection film, acts like a barrier against these hazards and helps to keep your motorhome looking like new, even after thousands of miles and years on the road.

3. Preserve Your RV’s Value

Similar to the point about keeping your RV looking new, vinyl wraps and paint protection films may in some cases even pay for themselves by preserving your motorhome’s resale value. Exterior condition is an important factor used to determine an RV’s resale value; wrapping helps keep the exterior in tiptop shape so you can get top dollar.

4. Cheaper Than Painting Your RV

So, you want to change the way your RV looks—why not just paint it? A couple of reasons. First, vinyl wrapping is much cheaper than painting, especially on a large vehicle like a Class A motorhome. Depending on the size of your RV, you could be looking at thousands of dollars in savings if you go with wrapping over painting. Vinyl wrap is also easy to remove and adds an extra layer of protection that paint doesn’t.

FAQs About Motorhome Wrap

Q: How much does it cost to wrap an RV?

A: It depends—on the size of your motorhome, the type of wrap, how much area is being wrapped, etc. The best way to find out for sure is to get a quote from a vinyl wrap installer.

Q: Where do I go to get my RV wrapped?

A: Wrapping a motorhome is a big task, and not one you want to leave in the hands of unskilled or inexperienced installers. For best results and a quick job, take your motorhome to a shop that specializes in vehicle wrapping—cars, motorcycles, boats, and (obviously) RVs.

Q: How long do RV wraps last?

A: Well cared for vinyl wraps usually have a lifespan of five to seven years. Of course, this also depends on how much “wear and tear” the wrap is subjected to on the road. If you spend a lot of time driving your motorhome around the country, it could be slightly less.

Do you want to customize your motorhome? Want to change its color or drape it in custom graphics? Want to protect the factory finish against chips, scrapes, and scratches? If you do, and if you live in Southern Florida, visit Auto Super Shield to learn what our professional wrap installers can do for you.

If you would like to get a quote on vinyl wrapping your motorhome, contact us online or call us at 561-367-0101. We are Boca Raton’s premier vinyl wrap and paint protection film specialists. No vehicle is too big (or too small) for our wrap gurus. Call or visit us today!

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