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The Value of Paint Protection Film [Datagraphic]

Is paint protection film worth it? It is when you consider all of the hazards your vehicle is subjected to on a daily basis. In addition to providing a beautiful, glossy top coat (which in some cases justifies the cost itself) paint protection film creates a nearly impenetrable “force field” around your vehicle that protects against road debris, environmental elements, and other hazards. If you drive a luxury vehicle, cosmetic damage can be very expensive to repair, in some cases a lot more than the cost of having your car wrapped in paint protection film. This amazing film can also put extra money in your wallet when the time comes to sell or trade-in your ride by maintaining the beautiful factory finish underneath.

This datagraphic showcases some of the benefits of wrapping your car in paint protection film. If you have any questions, contact the protective film and custom vinyl wrap experts at Auto Super Shield. 

Driving on any road subjects your car to debris, rocks, and other hazards that seem to be magnetically attracted to your vehicle. Over time, the resulting chips, scratches, and stains can lower the resale value of your car and make you feel self-conscious about the looks your vehicle is getting. Fortunately, there’s a solution: Consider paint protection film to preserve the value and showroom quality paint job on your vehicle.

Cool car wrap ideas

Unique Car Wrap Ideas to Transform Your Ride

Custom car wrapping has moved beyond simple graphics and advertising. A new breed of wraps has opened the door and made it possible to make the ultimate sports cars even cooler while protecting their original factory paint. The choices for unique car wraps are endless, ranging from carbon fiber wraps to options that allow you to turn your vehicle into a rolling piece of art!

If you want your car to stand out beneath the bright lights of downtown Miami or wherever you cruise, this article on the most interesting and unique car wrap ideas will help you transform your vehicle into a one-of-a-kind head turner.

While classic colors never go out of style, cool car wraps can help your high-end luxury vehicle or sports car stand out from the crowd. In terms of attention-grabbing style, the three most visually compelling types of car wraps are:

  • Chrome Wraps –  Luxury chrome wraps reflect the sun while giving your car an eye-catching finish that cannot be missed! Chrome wraps will also “paparazzi proof” your vehicle, making it virtually impossible for flash photographers to get a picture of you cruising around town.
  • Carbon Fiber Wraps – A classic finish commonly known as an interior option, cool carbon fiber wraps are now offered in black, white, and silver. Carbon fiber has a high-performance look and feel, which is why this option works great on luxury performance cars.
  • Matte Vehicle Wraps – The “flat black” look is one of the most popular trends in cosmetic car customization. Luxury vehicles decked out with a matte wrap stand out by not standing out, at least not because of a glossy, reflective paint job.

Cool Car Wrap Ideas

Don’t limit your car wrap options to solid colors or finishes. A combination of unique finishes can be used to achieve the exact look that you are after, allowing factory colors to shine through while adding unique finishes in certain areas or sections of your vehicle. Custom wraps come in a variety of finishes, prints, and colors, ensuring that your car will stand out from the crowd.

There’s no limit to what you can achieve with a custom car wrap, especially when you work with an installer that specializes in designing and bringing to life one-of-a-kind car wraps. To help get the creative juices flowing, here are some cool car wrap ideas to consider for your ride:

  • Wrap Your Car in Velvet – That’s right, the Velvet Elite Wrap allows you to wrap your vehicle in one of the most luxurious materials found in the world. From top to bottom, your vehicle can have the supple look and feel of velvet.
  • Shine Bright at Night – Looking to stand out after the sun goes down? Show off your beautiful car at night with unique wraps such as mirrored chrome, brushed steel metallic, or even a glow-in-the-dark wrap.
  • Pick a Theme – With a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can turn any hobby, passion, or interest into a unique car wrap that reflects your personality. For example, if you love the ocean work with a car wrap provider to design an underwater-themed pattern that will make waves on the road.
  • Unleash Your Inner Animal – Snakeskin boots and alligator skin belts are par for the course for the rich and famous, but what about a snakeskin Lamborghini or an alligator skin Bentley? 3D animal skin wraps can transform your luxury ride into a sleek four-wheeled predator fit to rule the animal kingdom and the concrete jungle.
  • Cover Your Car in Tattoos – If you’re a tattoo enthusiast, consider “inking” your ride with a custom vinyl wrap. You can even have your favorite tattoo artist design a full-body sleeve for your vehicle that can be transferred to the vinyl wrap and seamlessly installed on your car.
  • Support Your Cause – Caring is cool, and there’s no better way to show how much you care about a particular cause or movement then with a custom vehicle wrap. Show your dedication to breast cancer research and awareness with a design inspired by pink ribbons, or wrap your electric car in cloud graphics to show your support for the green movement.

Other Reasons to Wrap Your Luxury Vehicle

Unique Car Wraps

You’ve waited a long time to drive the car of your dreams, why should it look the same as everyone else’s? Luxury car wraps make it possible to transform your vehicle into a rolling, roaring, purring work of art like no one has ever seen. In addition to helping you and your ride stand out, car wrapping offers a host of other benefits that make it a good investment for any luxury car owner:

  • Protects original paint job from chips, scrapes, and scratches
  • Prevents fading with UV protection
  • Luxury car wraps are easy to remove, which means drivers can change the look of their ride as often as they’d like without the cost or hassle of painting

Selecting the best custom car wrapping design isn’t difficult. Auto Super Shield has a gallery of custom and unique luxury vehicle wraps that showcase everything from bold animal prints to canvas image graphics, mirrored chrome finishes, and more. Call us at (561) 367-0101 and let’s design something great together!

Mobile Billboards vs. Auto Wrap Advertising

Research from Red Crow Marketing, Inc. Mobile Billboards vs. Auto Wrap Advertising
estimates that each day, the average person is bombarded with 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements. Whether an online, billboard, magazine, social media, radio, or mobile ad, everywhere that the average American turns, they see advertising.

Of course, there’s a difference between seeing and really seeing. When you encounter that much media all the time, a lot of it becomes white noise. It takes a truly memorable advertisement to permeate through the static and make an impact. Even then, the ad has to really resonate to appeal to the potential customer and get them to buy

Marketers spend countless hours crafting ads to see which approaches work and which don’t. If you want to stand out from the competition right away, choose fleet graphics on a mobile billboard or a vinyl wrap?

What Is a Mobile Billboard?

Every day, when you get in your car on your commute to work, you expect to see a series of billboards along stretches of highway. That’s not the only way to advertise to drivers and passengers though.

Mobile billboards are advertisements on the sides of the vehicles themselves or special vehicles with large upright displays that drive around a city all day. These type of ads are good because driving often means waiting at lights and looking around. Drivers are a captive audience, in the mode of needing to see what’s around them.

What Are the Benefits of Mobile Billboards?

One major benefit of mobile billboards is that they’re unexpected, and they’re large enough to be eye-catching. You can’t ignore them. Specialty Truck Rental, a company based out of Santa Monica, California, lists several other reasons that make these ads such a compelling choice:

  • They’re always recent — Billboards take manpower to erect, and sometimes these are still up while the sale they’re advertising has long since expired. With a mobile billboard, you can update it regularly to prevent such an issue. Some are digital and can change instantly.
  • They’re affordable — These billboards cost less money compared to major media advertising like radio and television.
  • Better audience reach — If you know that your biggest audience lives in Boca Raton, you can put more vehicles on the road in that city. If your audience is smaller but still sizeable in Miami, you can launch a smaller fleet of cars there.

What is a Vinyl Wrap?

Vinyl wrapped cars stand out even more; often because they’re closer. Your company can design the wrap for your fleet graphics or you can enlist the help of a professional. By including your company’s logo, its website, a social media web address, a phone number, and an address, people know just how to contact you to start doing business.

What Are the Benefits of Using Vinyl Wraps?

Marketing Tango explains the multitude of benefits that come from advertising with vinyl wraps:

  • Stronger branding — You hear it again and again from marketing professionals: having a consistent brand image is the key to making your company logo as recognizable as major brands like Nike and Coca-Cola. If your logo is front and center on your vinyl wrap and you have a similar design on your website, social media presence, and physical store, you increase your trustworthiness to customers.
  • Better audience reach — Just like with mobile billboards above, you can choose to drive a vinyl wrapped-car more in cities where you have a loyal audience.
  • Customization options — Vinyl wraps can cover a whole vehicle or just parts of it. It can be very specific. You can design several wraps for several cars that appeal to different portions of your audience. These wraps can also be removed so they can be changed out for a new sale or event.

Which Means of Advertising Should You Choose?

Only you can choose which of these advertising options works best for your company. Both are cost-effective and involve customizing a vehicle. If you want to double your chances of an effective marketing campaign, you can consider trying both advertising options together.

Where Can You Get Mobile Billboards and Vinyl Wrapping?

Whether you just want a mobile billboard, vinyl wrapping, or both, those in Florida should contact us, Auto Super Shield for high-quality beautiful vehicle alterations. We specialize in wraps of all kind, including:

  • 3D designs
  • Color-changing
  • Satin
  • Carbon fiber
  • Matte
  • Chrome
  • Velvet elite

When it comes to spreading awareness about your company and its products, an eye-popping design will always capture attention, but different textures and finishes can also appeal to a potential customer. Healthcare companies and technology firms could try a simple yet effective chrome finish, clothing stores could allude to the luxury of their products with a satin finish, and a restaurant could win customers with a color-changing vinyl wrap.
Next time your company decides to create an advertisement, consider a mobile billboard or auto wrap advertising.

Paint Protection Film vs Paint Protection Spray

What is paint protection film?Up until the late 1960’s, car owners endured the shortcomings of automobile paint such as easy chipping from road debris and fading and dulling from sunlight. In the late 1970’s, the basecoat (also known as clear coat) was invented, offering car owners protection against chips, scrapes, fading, and other cosmetic paint damage. By the late 1980’s, clear coat technology had been refined and perfected, and most automobiles left the manufacturer with a clear coat finish.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and luxury car buyers and auto enthusiasts have access to the best paint protection for cars. To protect their beloved rides from scraping, chipping, fading, and other cosmetic damage, car owners no longer have to rely solely on manufacturer options or those odd black “car bras” that only protect (and really just obscure) the front bumper.

These new after-market paint protection options are divided into two main categories—paint protection film (PPF) and paint protection spray. What’s the difference between paint protection film and spray? How do these products work? And which one is best for your vehicle? Continue reading to find out.

What is Paint Protection Film?

Automotive protection films are made of a clear, durable, conforming thermo-plastic material that adheres with a high performance adhesive system. Most high-quality films last between 3-5 years when applied by a professional paint protection film installer.

Not only does paint protection film work as a finish enhancer, but its also designed to prevent fading from the sun, paint oxidation, and damage from rocks, tree sap, bird droppings, and other hazards. A transparent film is used to cover the paint on your entire car, or on frequently damaged surfaces such as the hood, front bumper, wheel arches, and side mirrors. Paint Protection film will keep a car protected from the environment and debris without obscuring the paint job.

What is Paint Protection Spray?

Paint protection spray is a transparent spray that is sprayed over the paint. As the spray dries, it hardens into a protective cover to allow protection from the environment. The spray can be applied with a DIY method or by an auto body shop. Most paint protection sprays last approximately one year. Paint protection spray is mainly used on large painted sections of a car body and is not recommended on textured trimming or headlights.

Pros and Cons of Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film has several advantages over other protective methods, such as:

  • Longevity –  Protective films can last up to 5 times longer than paint protection sprays.
  • Professional Appearance – Since most films are precisely scored and cut prior to installation, the film goes on smoothly without error.
  • Removable – In the event that you sell your vehicle, decide to have it painted, or want to get rid of the paint protection film for any reason, the film itself is easy to remove.

The cons of paint protection films are few, but the most common issues are:

  • Cost – Protective films cost more than other protective options (the cost to wrap your vehicle with PPF depends on a number of factors, including the make and model of your vehicle).
  • Time – Full-body paint protection film installations can be time intensive considering all of the surface area that needs to be covered. However, if you are only having a front-end PPF kit installed, it only takes about 4 hours to complete the application and the car can be immediately driven after installation.

Pros and Cons of Paint Protection Spray

Paint protection spray also has its share of advantages, including:

  • Affordable – Paint protection spray is available in a can, and kits for the application process range between $50-$100.
  • DIY – Protective auto body spray kits make installation easy for do-it-yourselfers.
  • Time – While sprays usually take 1-4 days to fully cure, the car can be driven as soon as the spray is dry to the touch.

The cons of paint protection sprays often include:

  • Longevity – As noted above, protective sprays usually wear off three to five times faster than professionally-installed paint protection films.
  • Application – Because protective film applications are usually DIY, the finished application may have some issues and not look as clean as professionally-installed PPF
  • Limited Finishes – Paint protection sprays are typically only available in transparent finishes; matte and satin finishes are rare or unavailable.

How to Determine Which Option is Right for You

When you own a sports car or other high-end luxury vehicle, taking extra effort to preserve the paint against scratches, scrapes, chips, and environmental damage is well worth the effort and cost. Paying for paint protection now is a much more affordable option than a new paint job in the future. And maintaining your car’s aesthetic appeal can also put extra cash in your pocket later on if you ever decide to trade up or sell your ride.

According to Car Connection, exterior condition is one of the top factors that affect a car’s resale value. Especially if your car is a classic or a rare find, a top-notch exterior can impact the amount of money you receive for your vehicle. When considering the best paint protection option for your vehicle, be sure to consider the level of protection provided and ensure the method will not detract from the car’s overall appearance. Protective paint products should not only protect your vehicle, but should keep it looking brand new for years to come.

The right paint protection film depends on the sections that need protection, the level of protection, and budget. If you want the ultimate protection for your vehicle, contact the paint protection film

Flat Black Cars in Style

Flat Black Cars in StyleAlthough flat black cars have become increasingly popular because of how they look, the flat black trend ironically started out as a cheap option to cover hot rods with as little paint as possible so more money could be spent on engine upgrades.

In other words, the car enthusiasts of the ’50s and ’60s weren’t considering style or the “cool factor” when they murdered out their hot rods with matte or flat black primer; it was merely a more affordable way to put a flat layer of paint down that prevented cars from rusting up.

You could think of the rise of flat black cars as something similar to the trend of worn-look jeans. In the past, worn jeans got their look from actually being worn for a long time. Today, though, some new jeans are pre-worn to capture that look. And if these pre-worn jeans come with holes in them when you buy them, which many of them do, so much the better to capture that worn look, right?

So where worn jeans with holes in them were a sign of being too poor to buy a new pair of jeans in the past, they are now a fashion item that even the wealthy want to sport. The same is true when it comes to the matte black car trend.

A Counter-Culture Option

One of the reasons flat black cars have gained popularity is because this type of finish is a unique option that basically thumbs its nose at the shiny paint jobs car owners have become accustomed to. We often get sick of the same old thing, and flat black paint is the alternative. Put simply, the flat black finish offers a look that’s different than your typical paint job.

A Nod to the Past

People love their nostalgia, which is another reason why flat black has come back. The color and texture of this finish often reminds people of the glory days of hot rods and muscle cars. The non-shiny paint offers a rugged, powerful singular look, which is what these earlier vehicles are known for. In terms of color, it really doesn’t get any tougher or more intimidating than black.

Better-Looking Than Ever

Aside from the tough look and the counter-culture appeal, another reason the look for flat black cars has become more popular is because the finish is now better-looking than ever. Lacquer primer used to be your only option for flat back painting, and this primer wasn’t good for covering sanding scratches and the color also faded quickly after application.

Today, though, there are better options such as flat black car wraps, flat black protective enamel, and traditional clear-coat paints with specialized “flattening agents.”

Our Love: The Flat Black Car Wrap

Flat, or matte black car wraps especially are growing in popularity because they offer a number of additional benefits besides looking great:

  • Perhaps the most important for many – Vehicle wraps, of any color, act as an extra shield of protection for the paint underneath.
  • A flat black car wrap costs less than a high-quality paint job. While a paint job ranges from about $2,000 to $10,000, a car wrap costs from about $1,500 to $5,000.
  • It takes less time to apply a car wrap than it does to paint a car. Wrapping typically only takes 2 to 5 days, while a paint may require up to 2 weeks.
  • A flat black vinyl car wrap not only looks great but can last 3-5 years, sometimes more. It can also be removed safely without damaging paint underneath.
  • Car wraps never need to be waxed, which will save time, effort, and money.

Because of all these benefits, many customization shops have seen business grow primarily from customers that want these matte car wraps.

If the garage specializes in these wraps, all the better. A recent Boston Globe article pointed out that an auto shop in the Northeast has seen business triple in each of its 5 years in existence, and he says it’s mostly due to people looking for matte finishes (3).

Take the Flat Black Style Beyond the Car Body

If you are ready to ride inside a flat black wagon, there has never been a better time than now. There are affordable options if you choose to DIY, but you should strongly consider getting a flat black vinyl car wrap professionally installed. if you want the best, most enduring look.

When you have that stealth-bomber looking finish, you can murder out your car further by tinting the windows, buying or painting your rims black, and blacking out all your accents if desired. This is a unique look that has an impact rolling hard down the boulevard.

Answering Your Questions About Window Tinting

So you’re thinking about tinting your car’s FAQs about Window Tintingwindows, but there are so many questions! The benefits of tinted windows are obvious—added privacy, UVA/UVB protection, heat reduction, et cetera—but there are plenty of other aspects of automotive window tinting that aren’t so clear. To help set the record straight and give you the information you need to make an informed decision for your vehicle, here are answers to some of the most common questions about car window tinting.

How Much Does Window Tinting Cost?

Finding the best window tint available at the right price is important, but you should only consider pricing for today’s top brands such as 3M, SunTek, and Prestige Film-Tec. There are plenty of “economy” window tint brands to choose from, but the difference in quality between these window films and those offered by the likes of 3M and SunTek is worth the extra cost alone. There are other factors that affect the total cost of tinting your car’s windows, including:

  • The number of windows being tinted
  • The size of your vehicle (coupe, sedan, SUV, etc.)
  • Additional labor costs (i.e., remove existing window tint)

How Long Does It Take to Tint Car Windows?

When scheduled in advance, most reputable tint shops can complete a job in a few hours. However, an exact estimate should be obtained for larger vehicles or cars with old tint that needs to be removed prior to installation.

How Dark Can Window Tint Be?

Window tint laws vary from state to state. According to the Florida Statutes, there are different specifications for side windows, windows located behind the driver, and window sunscreening exclusions for medical reasons, law enforcement, and private investigators. Some states have banned “black out” window tinting, and many states have statutes for window tint installers as well. A reputable window tint installer will know your local statutes and can give you the choices available within those guidelines.

Can Car Window Tint Be Removed?

Car window tint can typically be removed without causing harm to the windows or automobile. The removal of window tint by a professional is recommended to prevent issues with leftover adhesive or damage to the glass. In rare instances when old, low quality window tint is “baked” onto the glass, it may be necessary to replace the windows prior to installing new film. A window tint installer will be able to assess your existing tint and discuss removal options in more detail.

Can I Tint Windows on a Leased Car?

The short answer is yes. You will need to check the terms of your lease, as you may be required to remove the tint prior to turning in the car upon expiration. Be sure to use the services of a professional car window tint installer to avoid damage during the application or removal process.

Will Window Tint Add Value to My Automobile?

Although tinted windows are not included in most car value estimates, they certainly make a vehicle more attractive to potential buyers. This is especially true here in sunny Southern Florida, where tinted windows are as much a necessity as they are a luxury.

Do Tinted Windows Require Special Cleaning?

Although tinted windows do not require any special cleaning products or techniques, there are things you should avoid to protect the tint film on your car’s windows. For example, avoid ammonia-based cleaners and do not wipe down tinted windows with rough cotton towels. Your installer will also provide you with car wash restrictions following application.

How Long Will Car Window Tint Last?

The longevity of car window tint varies. Generally, the higher quality the film the longer it will last. Check with your installer to learn about the performance warranty offered by each top brand. There are also a few factors that can affect the lifespan of your tinted windows, including the climate where you live and the quality of the installation.

Will Window Tint Affect Night Visibility?

Most window tint manufacturers are dedicated to providing tint that reduces heat while providing outstanding clarity. Many films are designed to filter out harmful light and rays without giving a vehicle the “black out” look. They use special technology to deliver a clear film with powerful heat rejecting films. An experienced car window tint installer can recommend the right product to ensure that night vision is not adversely affected.

Will Window Tint Interfere with Technology?

Quality window tint is usually non-metallized so that you will not experience interference with keyless entry systems, satellite radio, GPS, or other wireless devices. SunTek CarbonXP Window Tint, for example, uses Signal Enabling Technology to prevent any interference with wireless signal devices. Your installer can recommend the best window tint films that are proven not to interfere with technology.

Tinted windows provide many benefits, especially in the Florida sunshine. Proper care and planning should be taken before installation to ensure that the film you select matches the quality and prestige of your ride. If you have additional questions or are looking for the best window tint installer in South Florida, contact the experts at Auto Super Shield. Contact us online or call us at 561-367-0101.

How Much Does Window Tinting Cost?

Window tinting film is a natural evolution from tinted glass. And it’s much less expensive. Since cars have been mass produced, car window film technology has existed. But it really only started to be a known customization in the 1960s. It’s become more popular every decade since.

One would hope they’ve evolved and they have. Though cheap, the earliest film was prone to scratches which ultimately made the vehicle look tacky. The other main issue was that most of the early window tint film was too dark, which made it difficult to see, especially at night, and more accidents resulted.

Why Tint?

Before considering car window tint prices you should ask yourself why you want it done.

Window tinting improves driving during the day owing to improved visibility. It also gives the passengers privacy from prying eyes – the main reason celebs, company executives and many others never drive without it.

The glare of the sun is the initial reason many people start considering window tint – it’s just so annoying. But window tint does more to block out sun.

Proper tint plays a major role in keeping your vehicle upholstery in great shape and away from the damaging effects of the sun. Tinted windows, especially those with advanced UV and Infrared capabilities will also reduce exposure to the skin damaging effects of sun rays. This is an important consideration for long distance drivers and even people who spend some time daily on the commute to and from work.

Two other benefits people don’t often think of right away are:

  1. That window tint keeps the interior much cooler.
  2. It provides a layer that holds together window glass in the case of accidents. The window will still break, but pieces of sharp glass won’t fly everywhere.

In many places vehicle window tinting is illegal or requires some type of certification. In this case, just having the window tint installed can lead to a ticket. Make enquiries about what’s legal in your state before having the job done.

Window Tinting Options Affects Prices

Several options are at your disposal and many affect car window tint prices. This is largely due to improved technology that has introduced better products; the percentage of tint you want is clearly big price factor (the higher the percentage, the higher the cost).

Two other considerations are labor costs and warranties. There are window tint installers who inflate how long the jobs take. Do some comparison shopping to find out what seems best to you. It differs depending on type of tint and on how many windows it’s being added to.

Warranties differ depending on the shop and the type of film. You should be offered one, however; pay attention to that as it’s a good sign of a company’s confidence in its own work.

For these reasons, when investigating prices and services in Florida you can find great disparity; some places just haven’t caught up.

  • 2-ply metalized hybrid film is an option that comes with a long warranty. The scratch resistance is higher and shade variation is limited. This is considered a budget choice, however and it’s better to upgrade to carbon films.
  • Multi-ply carbon film is even more scratch resistant, has 1-piece seamless rear window coverage, durability (no fading or purple coloring after prolonged exposure), increased solar rejection and UV ray filtering, plus a great variation in shading, 18 to 70%.
  • The above option is only surpassed by multi-ply nano-carbon film. This has the best scratch resistance, exceptional UV ray filtering and solar energy rejections, a lifetime warranty, and a high level of shatter resistance.

Carbon and nano-carbon tints are used by car owners who want the best results, without worrying about future maintenance.

How Much Does Window Tinting Cost?

DIY Kits are available but if you go that route, hopefully you work at a junkyard and have a lot of trashed cars lying around to practice on. The kits can cost less than $100 but they are designed to only cover a limited window area.

While they can be fun to try there is no guarantee you will get a great finish. Often these are the type of tints you see on the highway with tears, from bubbles or creases during installation. Affordable but best avoided – unless you are in college on a tight budget. Often this has a limited warranty and a very large variation the shade they offer making them unsuitable for a large number of vehicle owners.

Adding window tint to your car is one of those things that you don’t have to do often. You should be able to have faith in the company that does it – and then forget about it as you enjoy its comfort and style benefits. If you have any questions about window tinting and what will perform best on your car, give us a call or visit us for a conversation.

Can You Paint a Leased Car?

Thinking about painting a leased car?The short answer to this question is…it depends. Although dealerships generally don’t accept a different paint color as falling under the definition of normal “wear and tear,” that doesn’t mean you’re stuck driving your dream car in the wrong color. Many sources list “no customizing” as one of the drawbacks of leasing a vehicle, but it doesn’t mean you can’t change the appearance of the car you’re leasing to express your personality.

You have three options when it comes changing the color of a leased car: You can either paint the car to match your dream color and pay a penalty at the time you return the vehicle to the dealership, pay to have the car painted twice (the second time being to restore the car back to its original color), or you can install a color change wrap and remove it prior to the end of the lease.

Take some time to consider each option before changing the color of your leased vehicle. You’ve waited this long to lease your dream car, so it makes sense to weigh all of the options before driving over to the auto body shop for that new paint job.

Pay the Penalty

Every lease is different, but all leases have an excessive wear and tear clause. Don’t rely solely on what the salesperson says at the time of signing; verbal agreements have no legal standing in a lease contract. If the agreement doesn’t specifically mention painting a leased car, ask the salesperson to highlight the section of the contract that identifies the penalty or cost of turning in a vehicle with a custom paint job.

If the contract doesn’t identify the penalty or cost involved in painting, look at other sections of the lease agreement that deal with the security deposit, disposition/disposal fee, or other sections that outline penalties. This guide of lease terms identifies all major sections of the lease which can help you calculate the risk involved in turning in the car with a paint job different from the factory color.

Paint the Car Twice

Researching paint job costs will allow you to do a cost comparison with the other leased car painting options. While the cost of custom paint jobs can vary, high-end specialty paint jobs can cost between $1,000 and $5,000. In order to get an accurate estimate, you should give the body shop the exact name or brand of paint, along with the make/model of the vehicle, and get the estimate in writing. Now, keep in mind that you’ll need to pay this amount twice to restore the car’s original paint job prior to returning the vehicle to avoid dealership penalties and fees.

Install a Vehicle Wrap

No longer used solely for placing graphics or advertisements on vehicles, vehicle wraps are now available in a wide range of colors and finishes for entire vehicles. Advancements in paint wrapping materials and technologies have enabled luxury car enthusiasts to wrap their vehicles in amazing chrome, stealth matte black, or a truly unique finish or color that isn’t available through an automotive paint manufacturer, such as 3D animal skin prints and even glow-in-the-dark wraps.

The best part about changing the color of the vehicle back to factory color after a vehicle wrap has been applied? Vinyl wraps are designed to be removed easily and without causing damage to the original paint job. Even better? The vehicle wrap is made of materials that will protect the original paint job from scratches and stains that dealerships will charge for at the end of the lease.

To recap, here are some of the biggest advantages of changing the color of your leased car with a vehicle wrap as opposed to springing for a new paint job (or two):

  • A vinyl car wrap costs less than a high-quality paint job and in some cases even less than the penalties and costs added on at the end of the lease agreement for turning in a vehicle with a new paint job
  • There are more cosmetic enhancement options available with luxury vehicle wraps than are possible through an auto body paint shop, including many options that will give your leased vehicle a totally custom and one-of-a-kind look
  • In addition to changing the color and appearance of your vehicle, a car wrap will also protect the original paint job underneath from chips, scratches, fading, stains, and other cosmetic damage that dealerships charge for at the end of a lease agreement

The Final Verdict

If a lease offers you the best option of driving the car of your dreams but you want to imprint some of your own personality on the car, wrapping is the easiest and most affordable way to change the look of a leased vehicle. Thanks to the latest technology in full vehicle car wraps, transforming a leased car into an extension of your personality is now a possibility.

The luxury vehicle wrap experts here at Auto Super Shield can help you take the next step toward building the perfect luxury or sports car experience. Contact us online or call us at (561) 367-0101 to learn more about our custom vinyl car wrap solutions.

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