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3 Surprising Benefits of Tinting Car Windows

Sunshine is one of the big draws of living in the3 Surprising Benefits of Tinting Car Windows state of Florida. Although the sun feels good sometimes, it has a dark side, too. The sun causes damage to eyes and skin – and sometimes makes it difficult to see while driving. One way many
people protect against the rays is by tinting their car windows.

The most obvious answer to “Why tint windows?” is that it reduces the amount of glare that drivers and passengers are exposed to, and reduces fading inside the vehicle. Too much glare, especially for the driver, can reduce visibility and increase the chance of an accident.

If you’re having any doubts or asking, should I tint my windows, the answer is, yes. Other reasons to consider window tinting exist that may be not so obvious.

1. Tinted Windows Reduce the Chance of Health Problems

When most people think of sun damage, they think of damage to the skin, however, ultraviolet rays can cause health problems that are more than skin deep. Even inside a vehicle, a person is exposed to damaging rays that can contribute to skin cancer, and premature aging.

This is most common with fair skinned people, but those with darker skin are also at risk. In fact, when someone with darker skin is diagnosed with cancer, it is often after the disease has progressed to the later stages, making it more dangerous.

Eye problems are another health concern. According to the World Health Organization, up to 15 million people lose their vision to cataracts each year. In an estimated 20% of cases sun exposure plays a strong role. A less severe, but more common and still painful condition is eye inflammation.

Perhaps the most surprising effect is the damage that UV rays can bring to the immune system. Cells can be damaged in a number of ways, and there have been numerous studies that show an increased risk of infectious diseases. When there is an excess of UV radiation in the environment, vaccines are less effective. Viral, parasitic, fungal, and bacteria infections can all become prevalent.

2. Window Tint Saves By Reducing Internal Temperature

Running a car air conditioner is almost a given in Florida, but it takes power from the engine and overworks the A/C when its used. When less sun and UV rays enter inside a car because of window tinting, the car’s interior absorbs less heat.

This means that stepping into a car that has been in a sunny parking lot is more comfortable, even before the A/C goes on. When it does go on, it doesn’t have to work as hard. This means less fuel is needed to run the car, and less wear and tear for the air conditioning.

3. Provide Additional Security

There are a number of ways that tinted car windows make your vehicle and belongings safer and more more secure. The potential to protect against theft is one major reason why many people make the investment.

In many cases, would-be thieves prefer to break into vehicles where they can easily see its worth their time and risk. It is much more obvious when someone tries to look inside a car with tinted windows. In many cases, a flashlight is required and suspicion is easily aroused. Of course, with or without a tint, it is still smart to keep valuables tucked away out of sight
Another way window tints add to the security of a vehicle is in the event of an accident. Since a window film is used to tint the glass, there is an extra layer to the inside of the car. If a clear-glassed car and a tinted window car are involved in similar accidents, the car without film might release numerous shards of glass and make any injuries that the occupants suffer, worse. Window tint film will often catch this glass before it can add to the damage.

For the Looks

While saving energy, money, and your health are all great reasons to consider tinting your car windows, it is still worth looking into the idea because you like the way it looks. Tints are available in various hues, and levels of shading. Higher shading levels provide more protection, but even a light shade can help and may be just the look you’re going for.

Before having the film installed, it is important to consider there are laws that regulate how much tinting is permitted and whether a vehicle owner needs to identify it as one that has tinted glass.

In Florida, front-side windows in sedans, vans, and SUVs cannot have tint that is more than 25% reflective. The back-side windows cannot be more than 35% reflective. In addition to these rules, those who have a back window tint are required to have dual side mirrors (not usually too much of a problem, since they’re standard on most cars and trucks).

In some cases, these limits may be exceeded, but require a medical exemption. The inside of the driver’s door jamb also needs to display a sticker saying that the tinting has been installed legally. Other states have additional regulations, which may limit the color of a tint, or require a special certification in order to install the film.

So the dark layer of tint not only looks amazing and adds an air of mystery but it provides health benefits. Surprise. Find out more about different types of window tint at this blog and in the window tinting section of the website.


Car Color Trends – Past and Future [Infographic]

The entire look and feel of a car, its attitude and its demeanor, can change with a new paintjob. People have long studied the psychological properties of color. In the automotive world the psychology of color has helped form opinions like red cars are faster or black cars are more luxurious, based on nothing more than the way different colors affect the brain.

That’s one of the interesting things about looking back at the most popular vehicle colors throughout time—it reveals something about people, what they thought and how they felt. It’s also just fun to look back and think about the dominant color palettes on America’s roads at different periods of time. That’s what this infographic does, but it also looks ahead at emerging automotive color trends that are expected to dominate the landscape in a few years’ time.

From this colorful infographic you’ll be able to see how automotive color trends have changed over time and how car colors go in and out of style. More importantly, at least if you’re thinking about changing the appearance of your ride with a color change wrap, this infographic will help you visualize the car color trends of the future so you can pick a new color for your vehicle that will be ahead of its time. Just imagine cruising around Miami in a shade of blue previously unseen, years before it takes hold. That’s called being a trendsetter. And the best part about a color change wrap: you can try out new colors as often as you’d like since wrapping isn’t nearly as expensive (or permanent) as painting.

Car Color Trends – Past and Future

The Best Automotive Window Tint Brand

The Best Automotive Window Tint BrandEveryone has seen a really bad window tint job: peeling edges, scratches in the film, annoying bubbles, and hazy purple discoloring. It is enough to make you not want to get your windows tinted at all, right?

While a few bad apples can spoil the bunch, there are actually a lot of really great window tints available today that will give your vehicle the style you want. How can you figure out the best car window tint brand and how do you choose the right one? When choosing, consider these factors to determine the best window tint brand for your needs:

  • Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER) – a higher number means less heat is transmitted.
  • Ultraviolet Light (UV) rejection that can protect against sunburn, skin damage, and interior fading.
  • Visible Light Transmitted (VLT) with a higher number equaling a lighter color for improved visibility.
  • When metals are used in tints that can cause signal interference. That disrupts GPS, radio, keyless entry, remote starters, and cell phone transmissions when metals are used in tints.
  • Lifetime warranties against bubbling, cracking, peeling, fading or defects.

3M Automotive Window Tints

3M is arguably one of the best automotive window tint brand on the market today with multiple high-performance options that block the damaging effects of the Florida sun, insulate the interior from heat, and enhance the look of your car with non-fading colors.

3M’s Crystalline Tint is high-quality window film that provides excellent solar protection.

  • Crystalline Window Tint uses a highly advanced, multilayer optical film technology made up of 200 layers of film that are thinner than Post-it Notes.
  • If you want a clear window tint that still provides the most advanced heat and light protection possible, then Crystalline is for you.
  • This non-metalized film was designed to reject up to 97% of infrared rays, provide SPF protection of 1,000+, and still allow the most light through for crystal clear visibility.
  • This product offers a TSER up to 60%, UV blocking up to 99.9%, and VLT of 40% to 90%.

Prestige Film Technologies

For high style looks that also provide high-quality results in sun protection, Prestige Film Technologies is one of the best automotive window tint brands available. With a highly advanced six-layer process that checks off all the qualities you should expect from a window tint, their Spectra PhotoSync is the most advanced adaptive automotive window film that also looks great.

  • Spectra PhotoSync uses a proprietary nano-coating called Solar Adaptive Coating that is self-adjusting after specific solar wavelengths are exposed to the film.
  • It is the only window tint product in the world that uses this self-adjusting technology which will protect your interior surfaces and the occupants inside with such superior results.
  • Spectra PhotoSync is considered one of the best car window tint brands for its overall solar protection that also provides darker, stylish shading options.
  • This product offers a TSER up to 79%, UV blocking up to 99.5%, and VLT of 30% to 70%.

SunTek Window Tints

For drivers who want a high-end window tint without the high price tag, then SunTek is the best window tint brand alternative for those on a budget or those just trying it out.

SunTek is also one of best automotive window tint brands for anyone who wants a black finish and some of the darkest window tints allowable by law (depending on the state). While this film is more affordable, it is still a top-of-the-line window tint that provides excellent solar protection.

  • CarbonXP Window Tint uses a non-metal, nano-hybrid, carbon technology that provides superior heat, ultraviolet, and infrared rejection for advanced interior comfort.
  • Their signal enabling technology assures that navigation, satellite radio, and cell phone transmissions will not be interfered with, even with the darkest tint levels.
  • The use of carbon technology helps to reduce Visible Light Reflection (VLR) which results in the darkest auto interior levels available at a competitive price.
  • This product offers a TSER up to 59%, UV blocking up to 99%, and VLT of 6% to 80% with a lifetime warranty that includes fading.

Huper Optik Ceramic Window Tints

According to popular auto window tint reviews, Huper Optik is one of the best window tint brands using ceramic technologies. This German company specializes in high-quality window tinting for auto, marine, commercial, and residential purposes.

  • Their Nano-Ceramic technology was the first and only patented window film available, producing the highest quality ceramic tint available today.
  • Ceramic film is less shiny than traditional window tint, provides clearer visibility at darker levels, and does not interfere with electronic transmissions.
  • While this is one of the best window tints due to advanced heat rejection levels, it is one of the most expensive.
  • This product offers a TSER up to 70%, UV blocking up to 99.9%, and VLT of 6% to 85% with zero discoloration risks.

LLumar ATR Metallic Window Tints

If you do not mind the potential for electronic interference, but desire advanced protection from the sun, then you may want to consider a metallic window tinting. This is a low-cost, high-performing option that looks good and protects well.

LLumar is regarded as one of the best car window tint brands that uses a metalized tint, though these are becoming less popular because of what they do to electronic signals.

  • ATR Series is a high-performance metallized window tint, long lasting, and offers a high level of heat rejection and UV protection.
  • The ATR Series uses a multi-layered method that combines a dyed layer with a metal layer that allows for darker shades, but without the fading that can often happen with dyed films.
  • The metallic tint will decrease electronic signal quality, including FM radio, cell phone reception, and GPS functionality, but if this is not a concern, then it is a top choice.
  • This product offers a TSER up to 63%, UV blocking up to 99%, and VLT of 5% to 55%.

Talk to us about what you want. If it’s done right you only have to to do it once. Call us at 561-367-0101 and look over our window Tint Section for further window tint knowledge.


Car Chrome Wraps: The Next Big Trend

Are-Chrome-Wrapped-Cars-the-Next-Popular-TrendFor automobile enthusiasts or luxury car owners having the perfect look is not a choice, it’s mandatory. Chrome-wrapped cars have caught on in a big way – they’re out there getting envious looks. If you feel your best when your car also looks its best then it’s money well spent.

This is an affordable way to reinvent your vehicle but what makes them popular? Two main things – total customization and car protection. It’s rare that something is both eye-popping and useful.

Wrapping your vehicle with the latest and most trendy wrap helps maintain the resale value with the advantage of preserving the original details beneath. Chrome wrapped cars can be customized giving your vehicle an elusive one-of-a-kind finish that will keep other enthusiasts glued. They preserve all original detailing underneath, as well.

Comparison of Painting and Chrome Car Wrap

If you are just thinking of customizing your luxury vehicle, one question that could be killing you is, should I paint or wrap? Many people believe that paint is more durable. However, a well done chrome wrap lasts just as long plus, it preserves the color detail below – so you can unwrap without losing any of the original color, if you need to.

There are a number of reasons car wraps are so popular including:

  • Cost: This is the main advantage given that the cost of wrapping can be as low as $500-5000 while the paint job will cost $2000 all the way up to $10,000. Given wrapping can be maintained for 5-8 years it makes a lot more sense to wrap the vehicle.
  • Resale: Some people prefer bright colors and exotic design while others prefer the original details. With a wrap you can get to enjoy both and remove the wrap without damaging the original color and detail. A properly installed car wrap will ensure you can protect what lies beneath.
  • Greater variety: The main reason Chrome car wraps are becoming popular the inexhaustible options. These wraps open the doors to various customizations that you would not ordinarily have using paint, including digitally made designs and hundreds of custom colors.
  • Easy to maintain: While paint jobs can look great they are tedious and often require waxing to bring out their luster. This can be a bit of a hassle and many people are turning to car wraps as these do not require waxing – simple hand washes with soap and water. Removing dirt and smudges is also very easy – just use a microfiber rug and 70% alcohol. A word of caution: make sure the shop that installs the chrome wrap layers a protective film on top of the chrome to prevent scratches.
  • Better in weather: For vehicle owners in Florida avoiding the effects of the weather is especially ideal given it reflects a lot of sunlight. The reflective nature of the wrap will be useful in keeping internal temperatures down. Deflecting the sun also ensures the paint beneath the wrap remains in good condition for longer.

Performing Car Wrap Installation Correctly

There’s a right way to wrap a car and many wrong ways. People who try to install it on their own often do an incomplete job. When it’s done wrongly, bubbles and unevenness are frequent. As well, paint often shows when you open the doors or trunk or beneath bumpers. It takes time but it’s worth the effort.

You want to ensure you get your wrapping done by a certified installer. Whichever location you pick should take great pride in its team of certified technicians who ensure each job is done to the highest standard. They shop should value their relationship with you and know that a person with a great car usually knows a lot of other people with similar cars who may want customization work done.

Your vehicle is an investment and a passion. For the best in customization and creating car styling trends that make you and your car look good, give us a call or visit us for a conversation.

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