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Choosing What Works in Chrome Car Wrap Colors


Chrome vehicle wraps are popular but choosing a color is personal. Resale value is a factor but truly a person has to feel comfortable riding around.

There are a couple of main reasons people choose to change the color of their vehicles:

  • The cool: This is probably the reason behind the huge success of matte black vinyl and satin vehicle car wraps. Both matte black and satin wraps have always been huge successes but there’s been a gradual shift to the chrome vehicle wraps. Whether you want a black, blue, or gold chrome car wrap – or any other crazier color – one thing you want is for it to look good and last.
  • The refresh: The second biggest reason to redo a vehicle color is to revive a car’s previous glory. This is often the option selected by people who own luxury cars and classics. This gets you and others excited about your vehicle again. It’s also quite useful for maintaining resale value.

Other than personal preferences, these factors go into picking new colors or styles for your car.

To select the best chrome wrap colors begin by considering:

Color Choices
Improved production processes today means people have a greater range of colors from which to choose from and now even various textures, as well. The range of choices can be daunting. The wrong selection can have a negative effect – a pink Bentley Continental GT does not catch the fancy of many unless you’re Nicki Minaj. Of course, the wrap can be removed to restore the vehicle’s original paint job.

  • The type of vehicle. Generally speaking, large sedans such as Bentley, Maybach and Mercedes often look better with classic colors such as Black, Silver, and White. Experts in the automobile industry have found that sticking with these conventions when coloring is ideal. However, there are 1,000s of examples of these types of cars in a light spectrum of colors. Certainly you can ask chrome wrap experts what they would recommend, as well.
  • Age: For younger vehicle owners the more detailed designs with extreme colors are often the way to go. If this is what gets you jonesing for your next car or car modification then go for it – enjoy your vehicle to the maximum. A quality customization shop will take you through the options, textures, and colors and clever little details that can really make the car, Custom with a capital C.
  • Local climate: Depending on where you live, some colors will work better. For instance, lighter colors for chrome vehicle wraps reflect light very well and help keep the interior much cooler. This is suitable for limos and similar vehicles that may end up spending hours in a parking lot under the sun. Winds, rain, dust storms are other factors to consider when thinking about a chrome car wrap; can it weather these extreme conditions? The answer is usually, yes, but there might be more touch-up maintenance along the way. When you’re searching for a shop to do the work, ask these questions, too, and see what they say.

Celebrities Who Caught the Bug

Change is often difficult to embrace and it does help to know that even celebrities have taken to chrome car wrap colors and texture – your fears of standing out of the crowd are a figment of your imagination.

  • Justin Bieber owns a silver Fisker Karma (a gift from his manager)
  • Renowned rapper Flo-rida owns a chrome wrapped Bugatti Veyron
  • Tyga is also a chrome wrap enthusiast sporting a gold wrapped Audi A8.

Matte finish wraps are also widely accepted with celebrities such as Travis Barker, Blink 182’s drummer sporting an army green Cadillac Escalade, or the Game’s leather-look $200,000 Ferrari. Needless to say, both are a unique choice for a car wrap.

Installation Pointers
While you may be eager to get the color of your vehicle changed, be sure to avoid these pitfalls:

  • Do not have the installation done by shops or technicians that are not certified. This is especially a concern for solid colors where a bubble, crease or similar flaw will be much more visible than would be the case on a vehicle with insignias or other graphics.

How your car looks and what color it will be is definitely a personal decision and inspiration can come from almost any source. Talk to those who install chrome car wraps, or those who drive cars that have been upgraded this way.

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Car Paint Protection Film Reviews

Car-Paint-Protection-Film-Reviews (1)It’s a sad but unavoidable fact of life that nothing lasts forever. Anything put upon this earth must eventually deteriorate and return to the dust from which it came. And nowhere is this truism more noticeable than your car’s paint job.

It starts almost as soon as you drive off the showroom floor, or just after you get it out of the shop with brand spanking new paint. All the hostile elements conspire to nick, scratch, scrape, and fade that beautiful design.

And there’s really not a whole lot you can do about it besides sit back and despair, and enjoy it while it lasts. Or is there?

Truth is, modern technology has provided a way to beat Mother Nature’s relentless onslaught in the form of paint protection films. Now it’s possible with just a small investment to extend the life of your car’s gorgeous paint job for many years. New products on the market fulfill a variety of different protection roles, and with a little research you can decide on the best paint protection film for your particular needs.

To help you get a better feel for what’s available, here are a few car paint protection film reviews, to provide a closer look at some of the more popular products on the market.

3M Paint Protection Film – From one of the most innovative and technologically-advanced companies on the planet comes a well-formed basic paint protection film. Originally designed for the military, 3M PPF is an overall protective film, able to be used anywhere on your vehicle. It resists scratches, scuffs and stains.

It’s also easy to maintain, just a regular wash and wax with high-quality cleaning products keeps your paint job looking like new. It resists fading and yellowing, and works to cover up any existing scratches and blemishes. It’s the only PPF to be officially recognized by NASCAR, so you know it does something right.

Xpel Ultimate Premium PPF – Billed as the world’s only “self-healing” clear PPF, it actually repairs itself over time, causing swirl marks and small scratches to disappear. It’s unique layered design of space-age elastomeric polymers provides a highly durable and scratch-resistant coating. An excellent choice for all-around care.

SunTek Premium PPF – Another solid choice, SunTek Premium incorporates self-healing properties, resetting the surface of the film to eliminate minor-damage blemishes. It’s highly elastic and easily stretched, simplifying installation and allowing for less cuts and therefore less edges in the overall coverage.

It’s almost invisible on the car, and provides protection against all kinds of normal damage. For Florida residents, sunlight is one of their car’s worst enemies, and SunTek PPF resists the fading, yellowing, and bubbling associated with extreme weather conditions.

Prestige Satin Guard PPF – For something a little different with a unique look, Prestige Satin Guard is the way to go. Not only does it provide the best paint protection possible, protecting your car from all the nasty things on the road just dying to mess up your paint job, it also provides a gorgeous satin finish.

It does this by using what the company calls Dual Tone Technology, which combines elements within the film to give the effect of a dual-tone satiny paint job. It is also oleophobic, a big word meaning it resists oily substances, like unsightly fingerprints. It also comes with a 7-year warranty covering bubbling, warping, and cracking and always scores high in paint protection film reviews.

Matte Paint PPF – Matte paint jobs are menacingly hot these days, and if your car is “murdered out” or has another matte look, you’ll naturally want a matte paint protection film to keep it looking new. Just as durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain as other high-quality PPFs, it’s the only choice that makes sense for matte colors.

Opti-Coat Professional – For those who want adequate protection from road debris, sunlight, and other hazards, but don’t want to spend more money, Opti-Coat Professional from PDI Solutions, Inc. is the best option. Opti-Coat is different from other PPFs in that it uses a ceramic clear coat rather than a urethane film. It bonds with the paint on a car to provide a finish that won’t wash away, turn dull, or oxidize.

Although this product offers pretty good paint protection, it’s at its best when it is paired with another type of PPF, like 3M or Suntek.

A great paint job isn’t cheap, and it deserves to be protected. These top products will all provide the best protection money can buy. If you want to make an appointment or have any questions about PPFs, contact us.

The 8 Greatest, Coolest, Chrome Cars

white-lamborghini-aventador-with-chrome-wrapQuick, name one of the hottest trends in auto customization in the world today. No, that’s not it, try again. What? Say who? Bingo! You got it. Chrome wrapped cars are all the rage right now among celebrities and the super rich. Seems like everybody who is somebody has at least one chrome-pimped vehicle. That’s because chrome cars stand out on the street unlike any other.

Of course, you don’t have to be famous or wealthy to own a chrome wrapped car; the process is affordable and available. Yes, you too can look like a million bucks – in platinum.

Almost from the day cars were invented, chrome has been used to beauty-blind the competition. For most of that time, of course, the focus was on grill work, wheels, and engine parts. But these days you can have the whole car wrapped in chrome for a super-unique and luxurious look.

There are actually a lot of reasons to opt for a chrome wrap beyond the pure aesthetics of it. Wraps are more durable and long-lasting than a traditional paint job, resistant to scratches, scrapes, and fading, and even keep the temperatures down inside because the chrome finish reflects the sunlight. Plus, chrome cars stand out on the highway even better than reflectors, making for a safer ride.

It may be anecdotal, but it has been rumored that one reason the rich and famous like their chrome cars so much is because the shiny finish makes it hard to take pictures, thus foiling the photo hounds and paparazzi-proofing their cars! See, still blinding the competition.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your own ride with a chrome wrap, here are a few of the greatest chrome cars on the planet to give you inspiration. Some of them belong to people you’ve heard of, others to more reticent connoisseurs. They’re all incredible eye candy.

Mercedes SLR McLarenAlready one of the badassedest cars in existence, this McLaren Mercedes not only has a full chrome wrap, it goes all the way with 20-inch chrome wheels and chrome-tinted windows all around. This one was spotted on the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, one of the richest cities in the world.

Fisker Karma – So Justin Bieber received a 2012 hybrid electric Fisker Karma as a gift from his manager on his 18th birthday. On the Ellen Degeneres Show no less. Well, who hasn’t? And if a gorgeous car like that wasn’t enough to turn heads, he made sure he’d get noticed by having a full chrome wrap done on it. Whatever you might think of the The Bieb, you have to admit this car is unique, and one of the coolest celebrity cars.

Audi R8 Spyder – Two of these magnificent beasts were created to be auctioned off for Sir Elton John’s AIDS Foundation in 2011. This one fetched an impressive $400,000 to benefit the charity. It features a complete carbon fiber interior with Nappa leather upholstery and many other cool extras. Talk about bringing the bling for a good cause!

Lamborghini MurcielagoRapper 50 Cent had this scintillating ship created because, well, because he could, and he is 50 Cent, after all. With a chrome paint job rather than a wrap, custom-made black rims, and of course an interstellar sound system, the self-proclaimed King of Bling showed some real class and style with this one. He wound up selling it on Ebay for $310,000 because he’s all broke and bankrupt now. He’s even had to rent out his $8.5 million mansion.

Hummer H2 – And now for something completely different. Only Germany’s Tuner CFC would have the cajones to turn out this massive Hummer in chrome and carbon. With huge 28-inch light alloy rims and Kumho tires, this behemoth is cranking out 480 HP due to a Wimmer mod. Not something you’d want to take into combat or into the wilderness, this ride is equipped for comfort and entertainment with a gaming console, state-of-the-art movie and sound systems, and of course a mini-bar. Ready, able, and willing to brave the urban wilds.

Audi R8 GT – Adding another Audi to the list may be a little redundant, but this one is worth seeing. Rapper Tyga, in the news as the on again/off again love interest of Kylie, the next to youngest Kardashian (sorry for bringing up the name), is also the proud owner of an eye-catching, custom-made, gold chrome Audi R8. Created by L.A.’s Roadstarr Motorsports, it features a V10 engine, Bang & Olufsen tunes player, and believe it or not Bluetooth enabled seatbelts. It cost Tyga, $200,000.

Lotus Evora GTE – Celebrated NYC rap producer Swizz Beatz calls his Lotus the first chrome-finished car the world has ever seen. Well, no, he’s clearly, wildly exaggerating. But it’s no lie that his Evora GTE, produced in collaboration with Lotus CEO Dany Bahar, is one mean machine, with a beautiful red-chrome finish, producing an impressive 420 HP from its special V6 engine. It also sports official Swizz Beatz Edition stickers.

Mini Cooper – Just to prove that you don’t have to be a famous rapper, teen heartthrob, or Saudi prince to own cool chrome wrapped cars, here’s the little chrome Mini Cooper that Mr. Ian Grice of London, England bought his wife, Toni, as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Unfortunately, the couple has been unable to find anyone to insure it. “I’ve been left with the world’s most expensive mirror,” Mr. Grice told The Gentleman Racer. “No one will touch it with a barge pole.” Ah well, maybe money does have its privileges.

Inspiration comes in many forms. If you want to ask the always intriguing question, “Can I do this?’ then call us up, 561-367-0101, or send us an online question, and let’s see what we can create.

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What Affects Your Car’s Resale Value?

Just over 6o% of all vehicles on the resale market are white, silver or black. This shows that even something basic like paint color can dramatically affect how much you’ll get for your car when you try to sell it.

The issues that influence resale value sometimes seems random. But there are a few critical areas that are big factors toward better prices – Brand, Mileage, Age, Exterior and Interior, Mechanical Condition and Paint Color.

As people start looking, even casually, for a replacement ride, they give their vehicle a more critical eye. The infographic below helps people know where to pay attention. Some things, like mileage or age can’t be controlled. But even before you decide to sell your car you can decide to look after it. In other words, care for your car and you won’t have to play catch up.

What-Affects-My-Cars-Resale-Value (2)

Items you can maintain or consider that will preserve resale value include: choosing a brand that keeps a high value, mechanical condition (and keeping your records), and paint color. Depending on your choices, the value can drop rapidly or remain stable.

Protecting your car’s exterior is one factor within your control. If you have easily reversible changes to your car, such as a protective vinyl wrap then that takes some of the worry away.

Paint Protection Film Care and Maintenance Tips

red-metallic-ferrari-f12-berlinetta-with-paint-protection-film-smallThere’s no doubt that it’s true – the clothes make the man. Regardless of what’s going on “under the hood” as it were, whether the man’s a cold stone true gentleman or has a reputation as black as night, if he looks good, he looks good.

The same can be said for cars. A great exterior makes the car. No matter what kind of engine is under the hood, regardless of all the accessories a car might have, if you can see rust or paint scratches it’s all for nothing.

Unfortunately, maintaining that paint job is one of the hardest things ever. It seems like no matter how carefully you drive, in spite of the great pains you take to keep it pristine, the world conspires to tear it up. Rocks bounce up off the road, that dump truck in front of you with a leaky soil load, the doofus in the parking lot who can’t even drive a grocery cart- the whole world is out to ruin your vehicle.

Then there’s sun fade and the corrosive effects of smashed bug guts. But, as Yoda might say, protect it you must. And there’s a way.

Paint Protection Films
Traditional auto bras can help, but they don’t really look all that attractive and can actually damage the paint. Instead, many people these days opt to protect their ride comprehensively with paint protection film.

It can be applied only to the front of the vehicle as a clear car bra and serve the same purpose as an old-fashioned leather car bra. Except, the great thing about modern paint protection films is that they can be used everywhere on the vehicle, providing overall protection. The thermoplastic urethane film used is tough as nails and provides years of protection, keeping paint looking like new even through all kinds of abuse.

The newer products, from familiar companies like 3M, contain chemicals that inhibit fading caused by ultraviolet sun rays. They also do a good job of hiding any existing scratches until they can be smoothed out.

Paint protection film can easily be applied to the hood, bumpers, the backs of mirrors, door handles, the trunk lid and roof – everywhere your car is most vulnerable. You can invest as much as $10,000 for a head-turning paint job so it just makes good sense to invest a little more in a paint protection film to safeguard that look you’ve invested in.

Paint Protection Film Care and Maintenance
Of course, like anything else your new paint protection film needs to be cared for to get the maximum benefit from it. Clear bra cleaning and overall maintenance is quite easy, a lot more so than an unprotected paint job.

Let’s break up maintenance into two parts, what you should do immediately after you’ve had your clear paint protection film installed, and what you need to do to maintain it long term.

After Installation
It’s this time, right after installation, when you’re most proud and aware of what needs to be done to preserve your car. Now’s the time to act, pay attention and compete the protection of your car’s look.

  • Depending on things like humidity and temperature, it can take several days for your film to fully cure. It’s a good idea to avoid touching the film as much as possible during this time. You may notice some bubbling right after installation, but this should go away as the curing process proceeds.
  • Don’t wash or wax your ride for the first few days after installation. It’s best not to even drive it, but you might have to. Any unnecessary touching or pressure can mess up the curing process.
  • If there are any noticeable flaws after the film has completely cured, take it back to the shop to see what they say and if they can adjust it.

Things To Do
After you’ve successfully made it through the post-installation time, you can learn how to clean a clear bra, and begin a maintenance schedule. Here are the important tips:

  • Clean and dust the film on a regular basis, paying special attention to the edges where dirt can build up.
  • Use the highest quality bodywork cleaning soaps or shampoos you can find, preferably those with lubrication additives included. And buy a good quality cleaning mitt, too. Don’t skimp on these things, quality in these areas pays off in the long run.
  • Use a microfiber cloth made especially for auto detailing on the critical edges of the film.
  • Though it’s best to have all-over car paint protection film, it isn’t always possible. So, wax any unprotected areas at least every three months for maximum gloss and protection. Again, only use the best products you can find. When applying wax, spread it at a 90-degree angle across edges to prevent wax buildup.
  • Be sure to remove any smashed bugs or tree sap or other materials as soon as possible to prevent corrosive effects.
  • A light spray on wax should be applied to the pain protection film at least once a month to keep the film conditioned and make cleaning the film easier.

Things You Shouldn’t Do
Some of these are obvious, but you would be surprised at what we’ve seen. So, here’s how to clean a clear bra:

  • Avoid like the plague anything abrasive like powder and clay-type cleaners and degreasers, or rough sponges and paper towels. Clear bra cleaning should be approached just as you would an unprotected paint job.
  • Don’t use a power buffer on your film coat, muscle power only.
  • Do not use high-pressure water hoses
  • Don’t use a lot of pressure on the film when cleaning, just enough to get the job done. You’ll quickly get a feel for it.
  • Resist the urge to pick at the edges of the film, or to scratch off dirt from the edges with your fingernail. You’ll just wind up peeling it back.

With a little common sense and a lot of tender loving care, your clear paint protection film will keep your car looking great for many years. Let us know if that helps or if you have other questions.

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How to Get the ‘Flat Black’ Look for Cars

How-to-Get-the-Flat-Black-LookHave you ever given serious thought to “murdering out” your car? That’s not a reference to the rage that possesses you when your car breaks down, or you run out of gas on the way to pick up a date. No, that’s known as “raging on the machine,” which psychologists have defined as a form of temporary insanity characterized by an overwhelming urge to take a rocket launcher and convert your vehicle into a smoking pile of twisted metal.

Ahem, where were we?

No, murdering out simply means using a completely flat black color scheme on your vehicle. And that means everything, inside and out, and nothing weak.

The origin of the term is veiled in mystery. Some say it was first coined on MTV’s short-lived Rob & Big Show, which followed the antics of a professional skateboarder and his bodyguard as they found novel ways to fill up time. Others say it’s a reference to a group of black crows, which as a group noun is known as a murder of crows.

Still, others say it has something to do with a Satanic ritual involving the rock group The Black Crowes, but the evidence for that is pretty weak, and they weren’t good enough to push people that far.

A Long History of Black
In the beginning of vehicular varnish, most cars were silver and black. Henry Ford, who introduced the first mass-produced car to the world, famously quipped that his customers could choose any color they wanted for the Model T “as long as it’s black.”

The reason for this color spectrum limitation, according to Gundula Tutt with the Society of Automotive Historians, was that early autos were painted with the same oil-based paints that were used on horse drawn carriages. These paints could produce brilliant colors, but they didn’t hold up well, and faded quickly.

Henry Ford, genius that he was, developed an asphalt-based paint that was easier to apply, dried more quickly, and worked like a charm on his 1908 assembly line. And he found that darker colors like black were easier to produce and lasted much longer.

Flat Black: Mood Cars?
Interestingly, some observers have pointed out that auto color preferences change with the mood of the general public, with darker, more subdued colors becoming more prevalent during dark times, as they did during the Great Depression and after the recession that began in 2007 and continues today.

But what about flat black cars, specifically? There’s no doubt that matte black, murdered out cars are a trend today. How did it get started? Some say it started with hillbillies and rednecks performing homemade paint jobs using flat black primer and leaving it at that. This has the ring of truth, for sure. Who hasn’t seen a heap of a once-proud muscle car decked out in a lousy primer job, usually with some red fenders for an accent?

You could also make a reasonable argument that the Batmobile of the 1960s TV show, and the popularity of the menacing SR-71 Blackbird spy plane (it’s gorgeous) provided the original inspiration.

Airplane technology is probably the mostly likely culprit, fueled further by the Lockheed Martin F-117A Nighthawk stealth ground attack aircraft and the Northrop Grumman B2 Stealth Bomber, and others that continue to spur imaginations today.

The Influence of Vinyl Wrapping
There’s also no question that the growing popularity of vinyl car wraps has propelled the craze. A flawless matte black car wrap is accessible to everyone these days, and it’s an excellent choice in more ways than one.

Car wraps are popular because in many ways they’re superior to the traditional paint job. OK, in just about every way. A flat black vinyl car wrap can be applied in just a couple of days at most. A good paint job might keep your ride in the shop for a week or more.

Yes, wraps can be more expensive than applying paint, but often they can actually be cheaper. It all depends on how complicated the job is, the quality of the work, and how many colors are used. A high-quality paint job can set you back as much as $10,000, while a top-quality wrap could be half that.

If you’re murdering out a car, you’re just using one color, which greatly simplifies the job. And a vinyl wrap will have a life expectancy of 5-8 years and it’s more resistant to scratching, scuffing and fading.

Wraps are easier to take care of as there’s no need to spend time and effort waxing your car. Instead, with a little soap and water the wrap looks like new again. If you ever decide you’re tired of the matte black look, because, you know, trends come and go, a vinyl wrap can be easily and safely removed to allow for a whole ’nother scheme. Today it’s matte black, tomorrow it’s rhinoceros skin!

Murdered Means Totally Matte
It should be emphasized that murdered out cars have to go all the way to truly deserve the designation. That means some wicked window tint, matte-black wheels, a black interior (preferably leather), and absolutely no chrome or other colors whatsoever. If you really want to break up the monochrome effect a little bit, then go with carbon fiber accents, maybe on the hood or fenders, and also in the cabin. But then it might only be considered “manslaughtered out” which just doesn’t sound as good.

The matte black trend shows no sign of fading out anytime soon. If you have any questions about getting the murdered out look for your car, go ahead and call us, 561-367-0101 or contact us through the website.

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