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When Your Ferrari Needs to Look its Best

Hire-Packages-FerrariIf you are a part of the privileged group of vehicle owners who enjoys the luxury of driving a Ferrari, you know that it is important to keep your vehicle looking great. There are certain times, however, when your Ferrari needs to look its best. Be sure that you follow all of the most important steps for Ferrari maintenance so that you can keep your car looking great and performing properly.

Get Your Car Serviced Regularly

Besides the benefit that it provides for the performance of your vehicle, when you get your Ferrari serviced you will often get a complimentary car wash from the company that you use for service. When your Ferrari needs to look its best, a car wash will be extremely helpful. Regular service can also help improve the ride of your Ferrari, making it less likely that you will have an incident on the road that negatively impacts the way your Ferrari looks.

Obtain The Right Cleaning Equipment

A Ferrari is made with superior parts; therefore, it must be taken care of with superior cleaning equipment. There are many different kinds of car washing and detailing tools and cleaning solutions on the market today, but when your Ferrari needs to look its best only the top quality products will do. Make sure that you have cleaning products that are made to be used on luxury vehicles, whether you are cleaning the inside or outside.

Store Your Ferrari Properly

Properly storing any vehicle is important if you want to keep it in the best possible condition, but it is especially crucial when you drive a luxury vehicle like a Ferrari. Ideally, you will have a carport or garage that you can use to protect your vehicle from weather like rain, sleet, snow, and excessive heat. If you have no way of keeping your Ferrari in a garage or storage structure, you should invest in a good quality car cover. Car covers come in a variety of colors and materials. Smart About Cars suggests that car owners looking to get the best protection from their cover invest in a custom-manufactured cover, because it provides the best fit and can incorporate extra reinforcement where it is necessary.

Owning a Ferrari is something that many people dream about but few people are actually able to do. If you are a Ferrari owner, be sure to abide by these car care tips when your Ferrari needs to look its best. Properly caring for your Ferrari will help you ensure that it continues to be a unique attention-getter that makes you feel great when you are behind the wheel.

Ways to Keep a Black Car Clean

sporty-car-sleek-classyAlthough black is one of the most popular car colors in the world, it can also be extremely difficult to keep a black car clean. Dirt, dust, and pollen accumulate on a black car just like they do on other cars, but these contaminants are often easier to see on black paint. Luckily, there are some ways to keep a black car clean no matter where you live or what kind of car you drive.

Keep Your Car Covered

As is the case with any kind of car, covering a vehicle is one of the best ways to keep a black car clean. Car covers will not only protect your vehicle from dirt, they will also safeguard it from scratches and dings. The kind of car cover that you choose will depend on the style of vehicle that you drive as well as the climate of the place in which you live: certain covers are built to resist extreme sunlight, while others are created to stop precipitation from getting your car dirty.

Wash Your Car Frequently

Frequent car washing could be the most important step in keeping your black car clean. Washing your car is the best way to get rid of dirt and dust that often builds up on black cars. If you are going to be washing your car, make sure you dry it using a chamois or other type of soft cloth. Drying your car will prevent unsightly water spots from building up on the vehicle. If you prefer to get your vehicle washed professionally, eHow suggests that you take your car to a touchless car wash because they provide a gentler wash that will not leave as much dirty residue on your vehicle.

Wax Your Car

When you wax your car, you give it a protective layer that helps prolong the lifespan of your vehicle’s paint job. This is especially important for a black car. Waxing your vehicle is definitely a good idea, but there is some debate about how often a car should be waxed. According to Popular Mechanics, you should wax your car at least twice a year. Thanks to improvements in wax formulas, car wax is easier to apply and lasts longer.

Keeping a black car clean can be a challenge. Much to the chagrin of proud car owners, dirt tends to show up much more clearly on black vehicles. Fortunately for vehicle owners, with some effort and attention to detail there are ways to keep a black car clean. Following these tips will go a long way in making sure that your automobile looks great whenever you take it out on the road.

Celebrities and Their Car Collections

ralph-lauren-642Just like ordinary people, some celebrities are very passionate about cars. Celebrities and their car collections have been a topic of interest for years. Many celebrities own multiple cars, but these three celebrities and their car collections are on a level that exceeds enthusiasm and borders on obsession.

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld is well-known for his hit television show Seinfeld. What some people don’t know is that Seinfeld is also a car fanatic, especially when it comes to Porsches. According to a Complex article from last year, Jerry Seinfeld has 46 different Porsche vehicles and had a 3-story garage custom-built in Manhattan to store them. For a time, he rented out a hangar at the Santa Monica airport in California for vehicle storage.

Notable vehicles that Jerry Seinfeld owns include the Porsche 959, of which there are only 337 in the entire world. He also owns several historic vehicles including a 1952 Volkswagen Beetle, a 1964 Porsche 911, and a 1962 Volkswagen Bus. The Richest reports that Seinfeld’s car collection is worth around $15 million.

Jay Leno

Jay Leno was the host of NBC’s The Tonight Show from 1992 to 2014. He also has one of the most impressive car collections in the world. His collection is the subject of an Internet show entitled Jay Leno’s Garage that won an Emmy Award in 2011.

It is estimated that Jay Leno owns close to 900 different vehicles. Some of his most notable cars include a 1937 Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic, a 1986 Lamborghini Countach, and a 1909 Stanley Steamer, which is powered solely by steam. Leno’s vintage car collection is so extensive that he works with video game developers that produce games with historical vehicles.

Ralph Lauren

American fashion designer Ralph Lauren may be as passionate about cars as he is about clothes. Lauren owns a garage in Westchester County known as the D.A.D garage, which stores his most valuable cars. The garage includes a lobby and a conference room and has four dedicated staff members.

Highlights of Ralph Lauren’s collection include a 1958 Ferrari Testa Rossa, a 1930 Mercedes-Benz SSK roadster, and a 1996 McLaren F1 LM. Road and Track stated in 2011 that only six F1 LM automobiles were ever made, making it an extremely rare vehicle. Lauren also believes in driving his vehicles: every car in his collection is registered and legal to drive.

Many celebrities have cars that ordinary consumers can only dream about. From high-performance sports cars to vintage classics, these collections represent some of the high points in the history of automobile production. Whichever types of vehicles you prefer, celebrities and their car collections are great fun to learn about.

What Your Car Color Says About You

Official Opening  Of The Geneva Motor ShowCars today come in many different colors. Each manufacturer has their own variant of the most popular automobile colors as well as unique colors that they use to distinguish their vehicles from others on the road. If you have ever wondered what your car color says about you, here are some of the most common colors for cars and what each one says about the personality of the vehicle’s owner.


According to a Forbes report from 2012, black is one of the top five most popular car colors. The color black represents quality, power, and elegance. It is often chosen for luxury cars and vehicles that are used to transport politicians and celebrities.


White is a color that represents youth and modernity. People who drive white cars want to put out a vibe of freshness and vigor. A white car can also be challenging to keep clean, which means people who choose a white car often have the discipline needed to frequently wash their vehicle.


The color silver is closely associated with sophisticated technology. Bankrate says that silver is a color that indicates a high status. As a neutral color, many people are drawn to silver because it strikes a good balance between black and white: a silver car is easier to clean than a white one but does not get as hot as a black vehicle.


Red cars project an air of confidence. A person with a red car is often a go-getter that takes action. The color red is also closely associated with sportiness, which makes it a popular color for high-performance vehicles.


Blue is a color of stability and honesty. People who choose a blue car want to project a calm and dependable personality. Blue is not as popular a color as black or white, but Nancy Lockhart at Axalta Coating Systems suggests that blue will see a resurgence in popularity soon.


Drivers who choose a yellow car are not afraid of risk. Yellow is a bold, flashy color. It is a color often associated with happiness and joy.


The color green is popular with nature lovers. Drivers of green cars often buck popular trends so that they can pick a car color that feels closer to nature. Today, green is one of the least popular car colors available.

While it is true that what your car color says about you might be accurate, this is not always the case. Every person has different tastes in both cars and colors. You should pick a car color that suits your style, regardless of what your car color says about you according to the experts.

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