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Are fake sound generators needed in sports cars?

Are fake sound generators needed in sports cars?

Are fake sound generators needed in sports cars?

Once upon a time, cars made noisy engine sounds, which car owners grew to associate with certain performance levels. In recent years, high-end luxury cars have adopted quiet interiors due to increasingly insulated cabins, muffling turbochargers, and government noise regulations. Learn More >

Car manufacturers use noise-cancelling technology to block noise that they can’t muffle. Despite the new regulations, many sports car enthusiasts long for loud engine revs that equal excitement and the thrill of being on the road.

This phenomenon has led top car manufacturers to ask themselves: are fake sound generators needed in sports cars? Different companies have different takes on the matter. BMW links a digital signal processor to the engine computer to pump V8 twin-turbo engine noise through the stereo system. The system imitates the activity of the engine, based on the engine load and rpm,and can even tweak its output for the varying driving modes. Learn More >

The result is more closely linked with the current car performance than any actual engine noise. Learn More >

Lexus collaborated with Yamaha’s musical instrument division. Yamaha used their Center for Advanced Sound technologies to tune the cabin for the driver. They treated the engine as the sound generator and created components to send the noise of the V-10 right to the driver. Learn More >

While most of the fake generator focus has been on six-figure vehicles, there have been a few developments for less expensive vehicles as well. Ford installed a resonator pipe in between the V8 and its fire wall on the Mustang GT. They also added a second pair of exhaust pipes directly behind the rocker panels for the Boss 302 Mustang. Car owners can opt to take off the restrictor plates just above the side exits in order to open the exhaust and let out a staggering level of noise. Learn More >

Finally, Porsche designed a Sound Symposer for their 991 and Panamera GTS. As Porsche worked to get rid of the 80 mph rubber noises, they also hushed the engine sounds, which Porsche aficionados did not appreciate. Their amplifier is a tube that holds a diaphragm and a valve to serve as an acoustic channel. The driver can push a sport button on the center console to open up the valve and put the diaphragm to work broadcasting the mechanical sounds. Learn More >

So the question is: are generated fake sounds needed in sports cars? Most sports car enthusiasts say no. While the quieter modern engine sounds are a little disappointing, people feel that it’s cheating to fake the sound. At some point the general opinion may change, but for purists in 2014, generated sound is a far cry from the performance that comes with the genuine sound. Learn More >

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Color combinations for your car

Color combinations for your car

Color combinations for your car

Are you considering color combinations for your 2014 vehicle purchase? When it comes to their cars, people continue to stick with neutrals, particularly black and white, year after year. There are several prominent factors that have an influence on color popularity, most notably electronics and home decor. In the early to mid-2000s, silver became quite popular for cars, computers, and home entertainment systems because it was the dominant cell phone color. There is no denying that from the mid-2000s until present day, Apple has redefined the status of the color white. With widespread use of beige and brown in home decor, it is not surprising that earth tones have risen in the ranks for popular color combinations for your car, too.


White accounts for nearly a quarter of both the North American and global vehicle markets. Again, this is largely thanks to Apple who has given white the connotation of quality and luxury. Many electric auto manufacturers offer white models. For example, the Tesla Model S, a plug-in luxury sedan, is offered in both regular and “Pearl White,” which has a slightly higher price because it requires multiple coats to produce such a rich finish. Learn More >


Black makes up approximately one fifth of both the North American and global vehicle markets. Much like white, it is also associated with quality and luxury and is available in multiple finishes. Many luxury car owners are more than happy to pay an extra $1000 for a unique paint finish, knowing full well that there will only be a small handful of them on the road. For example, the Cadillac XTS has a wide range of sleek finishes available, including the Black Diamond Tricoat. Learn More >


While silver is not quite as popular in 2014 as it was in the early- to mid-2000s, it still remains in the top five car color choices with 16 percent of the North American market and 18 percent of the global market. One notable 2014 model available in silver is the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sport Sedan, which, among other colors, comes in Iridium Silver Metallic and Diamond Silver Metallic. Learn More >

Ford has also made a flashy Ingot Silver available for a number of their 2014 models including the Focus, Titanium, and Electric. Do you like silver but want something a little more subtle? Gray is also widely available. Learn More >


Red makes up 10 percent of the North American market and 8 percent of the global market. Throughout North American automobile history, red has been an integral color. Lotus released a 2013 Sports Racer edition of the Evora that sets itself apart from similar models with color palette and options, including Ardent Red. Learn More >

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The Hottest New Sports Car that you Absolutely Have to Check Out!

The Hottest New Sports Car that you Absolutely Have to Check Out!

The Hottest New Sports Car that you Absolutely Have to Check Out!

There are many auto shows that expose the hottest new sports car that you absolutely have to check out and these are the shows where dreams are born and realities strike hard. That reality tells you that you will probably never afford some of the cars you are seeing, but you say to yourself, “Let me just look!”

One of the most unique and sleek cars that you may only see in your dreams just happens to be Porsche’s 2015 Targa. But it isn’t something just off the showroom floor. In fact, the first time this little revved up gem entered our world was in 1965 and was actually dubbed, the ‘safety Cabriolet’. It was a hard top. It was a convertible. This was made possible by its removable hardtop. In 4.7 seconds, this machine can go from zero to sixty miles per hour, and while you’re racing down the road, stop by the bank because this baby will cost you south of one hundred thousand dollars.

Just to let you know, the Targa isn’t the only hot shot on the road. Has anyone gotten a glimpse of the 2015 Chevy Corvette Z06? This little number actually puts out a whopping 625 horsepower engine and is probably the fastest car on the planet, and one of the only cars that offers a choice of transmissions, such as a seven speed manual or an eight speed automatic shift. Stingray…meet your world.

Now for the creme de la creme. It’s in the air and sports car buffs are now getting wind of it. It’s Lamborghini’s Huracan LP610-4. When’s the last time you rode on the power of a bull? Actually, the car’s very name comes from a great fighting bull. However, this time, the bull doesn’t throw you to the ground. It rides low to the ground and the traction is phenomenal, and you can be assured, you’re in for the ride of your life. Learn More >

You might remember the exotic Gallardo way back when. The Huracan took over where the Gallardo left off. It is faster, smarter, lighter, and like the Gallardo, which few people know, it’s related to the Audi R8. This car is elegant in design and the stealth like cockpit is totally powerful and extreme. One thing though, unlike that bull, this powerful machine tops out at a speed of 202 miles per hour.

The hottest new sports cars can clearly be considered toys for the rich. But just once, the onlooker’s dream about getting behind one of those sleek play things and riding the wild winds of freedom should be yours, if even for a minute. Learn More >

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The benefits of an Automotive Clear Bra for your treasured car

The benefits of an Automotive Clear Bra for your treasured car

The benefits of an Automotive Clear Bra for your treasured car

An Automotive Clear Bra is essentially an invisible shield for your car. Also called paint protection film, the Clear Bra provides a valuable service to your treasured car that many people don’t consider. These undetectable protective films are designed to prevent damage to your vehicle’s paint finish. The sad truth is that various everyday items can cause damage to the paint finish. Gravel, road salt, stones, debris, insects and even the elements — such as rain, sun, wind, hail and sleet — can damage your vehicle’s paint. If, however, you have invested in a clear vehicle bra, any marks left behind will appear on the protective film and not on the paint. The protective film can be removed and replaced, which is much cheaper than trying to remove the chip, scratch or dent from the vehicle’s paint finish. Protection against the elements and flying objects that are kicked up and onto your car while driving is just one of the many benefits provided by an Automotive Clear Bra. Other benefits include:

Long Lasting

If applied properly, an Automotive Clear Bra will adhere to the paint surface of your vehicle without cracking, bubbling or peeling. Furthermore, Clear Bra is made from high quality materials that won’t discolor or yellow over time.


Automotive Clear Bra won’t harm your vehicle’s paint even if it needs to be removed or replaced. So if you decide you no longer want the automotive bra on your vehicle, it can be removed easily without any damage to the paint surface.

Nonintrusive and Low Maintenance

Even though the clear film protects your treasured car, it won’t alter the look of the vehicle.  Once installed, you won’t even know it is there. Automotive bras typically have a 30-day curing period, but once that is over, you are free to wash, wax and care for the exterior of your vehicle as you normally would.

Preserve Market Value

The market for high-end vehicles is completely different than the economy vehicle market. Treasured cars that had a limited amount of models made don’t automatically begin to decline in value like most other vehicles. Protecting the original paint finish can help preserve the market value of your car. An Automotive Clear Bra is just one of the ways you can help protect the market value of your treasured vehicle.


Some brands of automotive clear bras offer a warranty up to 5 years. This gives potential buyers peace of mind that they will get what they paid for, even if the clear bra doesn’t perform as expected.

If you want to ensure that your treasured car’s paint finish stays looking its best, consider investing in an Automotive Clear Bra. Learn More >

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The latest sports car accessories you must have for your car!

The latest sports car accessories you must have for your car!

The latest sports car accessories you must have for your car!

As a sports car owner, you’re always on the hunt for the latest sports car accessories. You browse websites, you attend the local car shows, and you talk to fellow sports car owners to learn everything that you can. In order to stand out from the crowd, you must have the most cutting edge accessories. Make 2014 a year to remember with one or more of the latest sports car accessories.

Auto lane-keeping

If you’re dreaming of the day when self-driving cars are a reality, you’ll be excited to learn that Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti are taking us one step closer this year with Mercedes Benz’s Intelligent Drive and Infiniti’s Safety Shield. View More>

Both companies have select models that use sensors and cameras to keep an electric eye on the road ahead and to make minor steering adjustments as needed. You never have to worry about the car staying right in between the lines on the road. View More >

Hidden door handles

Are you a big fan of streamlined car models? The newest Jaguar F-Type sports car has door handles that are flush with the bodywork. When you touch just the right spot on the bodywork or you unlock the car via the key fob, the handle deploys. View More>

Once you start to drive the car, the handle moves back into its original position, retaining the sleek aesthetic. It’s design purity at its finest.View More >

Automatic brake hold

The Acura RLX luxury sedan boosts Automatic Brake Hold, which can keep the brakes engaged for as long as ten minutes. View More>

This means that when you’re waiting for a train or even sitting at an incredibly long traffic light, you can keep the car running in drive without having to keep your foot on the brake pedal. This feature is also beneficial for driving in hilly country or other difficult conditions. The center console features an activate / deactivate button for Automatic Brake Hold. View More >

Hot stone massage

Why schedule a massage appointment when you have a redesigned Mercedes-Benz S-Class that has seats which can simulate a shiatsu hot stone massage? This massage technique involves covering the spine with hot stones. Both S-Class front seats have automated heating and cooling capability.  View More>

With 14 adjustable or separately actuated air bladders or cushions, you get back support and a massage that is tailored to your body. You can also order this feature for the rear seats. View More >


Are there multiple sports car drivers in your household? With the 2014 Infiniti Q50 luxury sedan, you can customize a wide range of settings for up to four different drivers. These settings include climate controls, radio presets, and mirror and seat adjustments. View More >

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