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Self-healing paint protection film. Don’t worry about the scratches anymore!

If you’ve ever gotten a scratch on your car, you understand how expensive it can be to be repaired – not only to your wallet, but your pride. To most, a car is more than just a piece of metal to get from place A to B, and it being scratched is something that must be dealt with properly. Scratches are something professional auto body technicians can fix well and have your car back to normal, but what if you never had to worry about a scratch again? Not only this, but what if you could have the paint look as good as the day you bought it, years down the road?

Self-healing paint protection film. Don’t worry about the scratches anymore!

Self-healing paint protection film. Don’t worry about the scratches anymore!

Self-healing paint protection film is now available to protect your car’s painted surfaces from scratches and keep the paint on your car as beautiful as the day you bought it. These films use the same idea as putting a screen protector on your phone. This is better than the black leather auto bras because these films can be used almost anywhere on your vehicle: mirrors, door edges, rear bumper, rocker panels, and more. Yet another benefit to using this protection film is that it doesn’t alter the look of your car, a feature auto bras definitely lack, along with its other downfalls in comparison to paint protection film.

Your car can be protected from environmental elements, stone chips, bugs, and abrasions by self-healing paint protection film. Self-healing paint protection film also has ultra-violet inhibitors to prevent it from yellowing on your car’s paint. It is a tough thermo-plastic urethane that conforms to your car. To further help the film fit your car perfectly, it is custom cut by a computer.

Along with the possibility of being an eyesore and only covering a small portion of your vehicle, auto bras can actually damage your car’s painted surfaces. Without any kind of protection, it is hard to keep a car looking brand new. As hard as you try, unless you simply don’t drive it, you will risk getting your car damaged from the sun, bugs, chips and paint oxidation.

Repairing even a small scratch can be expensive and difficult, and repainting a vehicle to fix sun, bug or other damaging environmental hazards can be even more costly. Consider not only the initial cost, but the possibility of a new paint job being done incorrectly and decreasing the value of your vehicle. Also, if a new paint job is done incorrectly, it can prevent your vehicle from looking its best.

If the question is how to extensively protect your vehicle from damaging environmental circumstances and keep it looking brand new, self-healing paint protection film is the answer.

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