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So What is it About a Sportscar’s Engine That Really Makes it Go Fast and Purr like it Does? Here are the Answers..


Sports cars and high performance cars are distinct from most other vehicles, owing to their power, speed, and purring sound. They achieve these features because of their special engines – the V-Engines.

Why V-Engines are the Ideal Choice for Sportscars

The V-engine is an internal combustion engine configuration, whereby the piston alignment takes the shape of a “V” when viewed along the positioning of the crankshaft. The anatomy of a sportscars engine offers many benefits, which make the engines ideal for powering sports cars. Some of these benefits include:

1. Smaller Engine Size

V-engines are more compact than the conventional inline engine configurations, owing to their comparatively shorter crankshafts. The advantages of reduced engine length, weight, and height include:

  • The V-engines are smaller, but have similar or even higher engine capacity to equivalent inline engines.
  • The V-engines are able to fit in smaller engine bays.
  • The short length allows the V-engines to be mounted either on the front, or at the back. However, mounting the engine on the front of the car ensures that all the weight is distributed past the front axle, or towards the middle of the car, which improves the weight distribution and handling.
  • A shorter crankshaft means less flexing and in effect reduces wear and tear on the main bearing.
  • The shorter and separate cylinders heads, as well as shorter crankshaft decreases the distance and surface area through which pressurized oil from the oil pump has to travel. This results in improved engine cooling.

2. Smooth power deliver


V-engines offer a higher number of power strokes per revolution, as compared to other engine configurations. As a result, the engines’ power delivery is much smoother, especially at low RPM.

3. Reciprocating masses

The V-engine configuration offers an increased number of cylinders in a smaller package. An increase in the number of cylinders lowers the mass of reciprocating components in an engine, including pistons and valves, for a given displacement. Therefore, V-engines are able to produce more power for a given displacement, due to the higher RPM that results from the lowering of the reciprocating masses.

4. Improved Gas Flow

The higher number of cylinders in a V-engine for a given displacement creates additional room within the cylinder heads for valves. In effect, the gas flow in the intake manifold is improved, and there is low restriction for exhaust and intake gases.

The Anatomy of a Sportscars Engine – What produces the distinct Purr?

V-engines have an irregular firing order. Each time a cylinder fires, it creates an exhaust pulse. Having two cylinders firing on the same side, in a given sequence, creates two opposing exhaust pulses, which results in an unevenly high exhaust pressure and loud noise. The purr is created when this noise escapes through the tailpipe.

The Most Overvalued Sports Cars of 2013


What’s the most overvalued sportscars right now and which vehicles do the Top Gear guys consider not worthy? With Nissan announcing an electric sports car and Mexican sports companies all set to double with VUHL unveiling the ‘05’, the all new premium track-day car, a lot is happening in the sports car market right now.

Most sports cars shouted “fuel economy” even a few years back, however, 2013 is a different picture altogether with style and sportiness coming back with a bang. Here are some of the most hyped, yet the most overvalued sportscars right now that steal the show.

The Bugatti Veyron Super Sports at $2,400,000 remains the most luxurious street legal production car that will take the seats of your pants and toss you around for an exciting ride. Reaching 0-60 mph in just 2.5 seconds, it was tested to reach the top speed of 267 mph. However, the car is going to be limited to 258 mph, 10 mph short of its terminal velocity. Also, speculations reveal that the gas tank might empty in 30 seconds while traveling at top speed.

The Lamborghini Veneno, priced at a whopping $4,000,000 and unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2013 is based on Aventador supercar. With a 6.5 liter V12 engine, it boasts a top speed of 221 mph and chugs hydrocarbon. With its looks like the wingless fighter jet and scissor doors, it is priced a bit too high and if you are looking for some fresh air, you will have to roll down the windows.

The next in line to follow the bandwagon of the most overvalued sports cars is the celestial and effulgent Aston Martin Vanquish, priced at $279,995. The sleek carbon fiber VH and bonded aluminum mono-coque body, two-door coupe body, has a top speed of 220 mph in high speed testing, which makes it one of the most desirable cars for the sports car aficionados.

Classy interiors, a touch sensitive central console is all very nice, however, the latest breed of super sports cars are much faster than this beauty. Even with the perfect body and chassis of carbon fiber, this Bond car however lacks the dynamism that the other super sports cars of the same category have.

What Are the Most Undervalued Sports Cars Right Now (Collectible or Not)


Generally, sports cars are in demand due to their appealing look,  excellence of service and even how well they are marketed.  Still, some sports cars do not rate well in the market and are underestimated by car lovers. This does not generally mean that they are all together bad; they have their advantages and disadvantages.

Most undervalued sports cars are placed in that category because of their model or price. Maybe you will want to go along with the common saying that “cheap is expensive.”   Many avoid buying cheap sports cars or those that are on offer. However, you may wish to consider the Subaru BRZ or the Toyota GT 86 as they are examples of two of the most undervalued sports car models right now.

Older sports cars models are also often  undervalued because they do not fit in the category of the newest cars in the market today. Some of these are older models are still flashy, powerful and reliable. Old does not necessarily mean stale, and as they say, old is gold. Chevy and the Ford are exceptional for their outstanding durability.

You will maybe think that the Toyota specializes in designing other makes other than sports cars. This is not necessarily the case. Sports cars available from Toyota are still as flashy as other makes.

Another example of a car that falls in the class of the most undervalued sports car right now  is The Subaru BRZ model. It possesses a great engine that will still serve you well on the road. Add to this the exceptional facility of its classic music system in CD, MP3 and Bluetooth formats. It has a well-built brake system comprised of an Anti-lock that is electronically controlled. You will also want to think about its elaborate airbag safety system with sensors that will guarantee you enough security in case of an accident.

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