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What Driving a Super Hot Sports Car Says About You


The evolution of the motor industry has seen the development of many different and classic cars. Recent studies have indicated the type of car one drives gives insight into behavior, character or attitude. What driving a super hot sports car says about you can be quite interesting.

Driving a super hot sports car can portray someone as being unique. First, it is a fact that these models of vehicles are quite expensive. The ability to have one simply shows that the individual is in a different class from most people. This leads us to believe this assertion because people are more likely to turn their heads and have a look at these autos when they pass-by. These vehicles are meant for a specific group of people in society.

Age is also a possible answer to what driving a super hot sports car says about you. A recent simple survey of auto type and age group was quite informative. Most young people seem to prefer super hot sports cars as compared to  older people who might be more conservative, this may be attributed to the fact that many younger people tend to be a bit more adventurous and fun loving.

The color of the vehicle could also say a lot about the owner. A super hot red car might portray a confident person. Different colors have different meanings and the color one chooses could define who they are. Most sports vehicles have very fancy colors, which might help reinforce the initial assertion of a free and fun loving individual.

It may be rare  to find someone purchasing a fancy sports car as his or her first vehicle. When someone  sets out to purchase a first vehicle, they often go for more traditional models. In contrast, a person may seek to actualize their dreams or desires at other stages in their life. Such vehicles, therefore, may indicate  a person who is seeking to satisfy a long time dream or ambition.

Finally, someone may choose  a super hot sports car for professional purposes. These cars can therefore be a reflection of the person’s love of the sport.

Sports Car Repairs You Can Do Yourself…and Those You Want to Leave to the Pros

shutterstock_54306037Driving a sports car is not all about performance. It is also about the sensation, the stir you cause when you cruise by in your machine. To keep competitive with your fellow sports car enthusiasts, you have to maintain your car in top condition in terms of both performance and looks. To economically achieve this, you have to know the sports car repairs you can do for yourself … and those you want to leave for the pros.

There is no comprehensive guide for this. Common sense and the general knowledge about cars might be all that you need to make the ultimate decisions. Simple corrections to the outward and inward appearances of the car such as replacing a broken light filter or treating a slight scratch on the bonnet does not warrant a visit to the garage.

Repairs that deal with the car’s looks like are less delicate; however, complications about the engine, the suspension and electronic systems should be left to experts. A simple replacement of a spark plug or air filter might be manageable if you have experience in dealing with cars, but this is the furthest you should go if you do not want to spend a fortune reversing repair errors you may make.

In identifying sports car repairs you can do yourself … and those you want to leave to the pros, you have to know the basics of sports car operation. Like any other performance cars, sports cars depend on accurate tuning of the engine, gearbox, suspension and electric systems.  You have to respect the need of expert correlation of all these components if top performance is to be achieved.

How embarrassing it can be to show up in a sleek sports car that breaks down in the middle of the road. All the fame and impression created at first sight will flow down the drain leaving the burning sensation of humiliation. The only way to avoid this is to ensure that your sports car works as well as it looks. Do not compromise simply because you are not willing to pay a mechanic to do a complicated procedure for you. Also, do not waste money on sports car repairs you can do yourself.

The Most Affordable Sports Car on Earth


The thrill that comes with driving a super sports car cannot be completely understood by those people who do not have a liking for them. It is mostly about class, speed and the prestige that comes with it all. The excitement that goes down your spine when you listen to the roaring of the engine is one of the things that make you just want to get one, not to mention the crowds that you are sure to pull as beautiful a sports cars is a head turner. The problem, however, comes when you are told the price.

As they say, good things don’t come cheap. This is the experience for most sports cars shoppers. To get the exact model and style of sports car that you want is not an inexpensive consideration. With budgetary constraints sometimes one is forced to cut down on the features that make the car stand out. It is thus crucial for these fast car lovers to have an idea of which sports cars have the characteristics that they want and that they come in reasonably fair prices. One such car is the Mazda Mx-5 Miata. This four cylinder engine sports car has obtained favorable world rankings as one of the most affordable cars in its classification. Additional to this advantage is its ability to absorb shocks on bumps unlike other sports cars. The Nissan 37Z is another sports car that is within an affordable range for many. Though smaller than most other sports cars, this does not stop it from being among the best in performance as seen through its great responsive steering.

You are also never likely to go wrong with the Scion FR-S. This  car comes with high recommendations for its great value for cash in comparison to its performance. Its affordability becomes further enhanced with its fuel efficiency. This is not very common with many sports cars and it is no wonder that most reviewers recommend the purchase of the FR-S if you are concerned with both speed and saving.

The Ford Mustang is the other good deal. It has a smaller price tag that belies its performance. It is a great pick for sports car lovers since it provides an alternative to the higher priced models without sacrificing performance.

“Handcrafted” Sports Car? You Bet…Here Are 3…


Not long ago, owning a handcrafted sports car was a luxury only the few very rich could afford. Today things have become a little more flexible with vehicles being fashioned to suit a range of personal tastes and preferences. Accessories are more personalized and unique touches here and there are included when manufacturing the car. This does not mean that the process has become any cheaper, but a handcrafted sports car is much more available now and at a more reasonable price.
Below are examples of three such cars whose features have been found to have great benefits and are now available on the market.
1.       FERRARI FX
This is a model that was specifically hand made for the sultan of Brunei in the 1980’s. He had a collection of sports cars in his collection with the FX Ferrari being the most eye-catching. This car has a similar internal code to the  Enzo. The FX, with its unique body made of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber and its electro-hydraulic/sequential gearbox place it in a category of  its own. This car has received ratings that are outstanding.

2.       The Fisker Latino CS
Fiske manufacturer is frequently congratulated for its high level of construction uniqueness. This is due to the fact that customers are able to enjoy the characteristics of a special, super hand built car. The company producing this car was formed in response to the need to develop high-end super sport cars since demand was on the rise. The new shape of the car’s body enhances its performance.

3.       Rolls-Royce Coupe
This is an Indian sports car whose manufacturers are also designers of other famous models such as the Cayenne Coupe Porsche. The Rolls-Royce Coupe has manufacturing based on the Silver Spar, which is a second hand idea. Its manufacturing and development took about one and a half years to complete. Most of the features from the original make are still retained. This affords a personal touch blended with modern innovation in the interior and exterior thus ensuring that it is both classy and unique. The only notable changed feature is its color, which is now red.
With the motor industry, old is gold. Unlike other fields where past innovations are discarded, the vehicle world is a built up from old technology. Consider this when you choose your own unique speed machine.

The Latest Big Name Brands and Companies That Are Using Paint Protection Film to Promote Their Products

Auto Super Shield by Jonathon Ziegelman

Paint protection films are products designed to protect the front edge of your car from color damage via abrasion from objects on the road or in the atmosphere. Before the idea of companies placing advertising on these protector films, manufacturers, like Clear Bra, used invisible urethane paint protection covers to keep the original look of the car. Other big names in the paint protection film products include Llumar, Hartz, Clear Shield, Avery and Premier Protective Films, among others.

A sports car is more than a means of transport. It is about the class it gives to the driver and the attention it draws. This, though easy to achieve, is not easy to maintain. Logically, your sports car will deteriorate as time and use haves their way. The most important thing is to know how to counter the effect and give the sports car some unique touch or flair that will still command the same attention as it did the day you drove it out of the show room.

The best way to do this is to “pimp” your car and get paid in the process. The easiest way is by displaying messages from companies using paint film on cars to promote their products. There are many options, so be sure you identify with the brands that have wide market acceptability. It is in effect a franchising deal; you bear the company’ colors in the hope that it won’t just make your car pretty but also call for positive attention to the brand.

Due to the versatility of the paint technology, different companies have partnered with film protection creators to have their names engraved on sports cars that use these protection films. Companies using paint film on cars to promote their products will let people who carry their banners on their cars get the job done for a reduced price or for other additional benefits.

Some of the top brand names venturing in the market include Pirelli- the car tire company, Shell BP- the car lubricant and fuel company, Lotto, Virgin Atlantic and others. However, some people argue that carrying logos and adverts from the top companies using paint film makes your sports car conform to the norm. Well, it might. However, if the design and name is good enough then no damage whatsoever will bubble down to your car’s reputation.

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