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The 5 Best Custom Sports Car Shops in the Country


If you are looking for a custom sports car shop to “pimp your ride,” there are a number of custom sports car shops that can fix you up. Fenders removed, seats covered, the latest technology installed, fish aquariums, kitchenettes, chandeliers, you name it, the following five best custom sports car shops in the country can get it done for you.

5 Best Custom Sports Car Shops in the Country

#1-Platinum Motorsport – Los Angeles, CA

People in show business or sports like actors, musician, or athletes, are regular customers at L.A. Platinum. Lindsay Lohan, Lil Wayne, and other high-flying celebrities drop off their rides at this place to get a custom makeover. Even though they are know for their quality, European style opulence and clients with super cars, they do work for everyone who needs it, just make sure you can pay.

#2-Galpin Auto Sports
 – Van Nuys, CA

Galpin Ford is a bespoke directed department of a Ford dealership and was introduced in 1946. Galpin Auto Sports handles all types of vehicles, but focuses on Ford models from lifted Raptors to Mustangs.

#3-West Coast Customs – Corona, CA

Anyone with a TV linked to cable or satellite viewing has more than likely heard of or watched West Coast Customs. Viewers enjoyed four seasons of West Coast Customs fever while the shows title “Pimp my Ride,” drew in celebrities, non-celebrities, and surprised individuals. West Coast Customs “pimped out rides” that appeared to be on their last leg, and made them into dynamic, one of a kind four-wheel road machines. These guys can do anything!

#4-CEC – 
Los Angeles, CA

For a more urbane look, CEC has the perfect touch. The artisans at CEC can take any leather, carbon fiber, wood trim, or aluminum and create the type of vehicle you have in mind. Even though CEC intensely endorses their own brand as well, CEC also allocates the best European trade names like Mansory, Novitec, Hamann, Carlsson, Speedart, and Rosso via their Miami and Los Angeles storefronts.

#5-Action Tire
 – Lodi, NJ
DuPont Registry has acknowledged this fantastic custom sports car shop as one of the best in the country. Integrated monitors, custom audio systems, exhaust suspension, are just a bit of what Action Tire has to offer. Action Tire has been highlighted in DUB Magazine and on the well-known hit TV show “Ice Loves Coco.”  


Gaining the title as “the best” of anything is hard enough. However, being one of the five best custom sports car shops in the country is simply awesome! If you have the opportunity to check-out any of the top five on this list, you wont be disappointed.

Chrome Wraps for cars – The 2013 Report


Heading into 2013, chrome wraps for cars are all the rage. Chrome wraps for cars are so popular because they catch the eye of other drivers on the road, they preserve the exterior of your car, and they are setting a new trend in automotive fashion. If you own a business and need to promote it with your cars, you can use a customized chrome wrap with your business’s logo for a very affordable price.

Chrome wraps for cars are not only in, they are now much more reasonably priced than ever, even with cars being wrapped in gold in places like China and other places. Because this is the new trend, you can get a reasonable, if un-flashy, chrome wrap for your car for relatively cheap. The time to secure your car’s exterior while turning heads is now.

In 2013, the options for chrome wrapping have grown. You can color your car now with any variety of new styles from mirror- like reflective to a solid candy paint style. Chrome wraps are appearing on all sorts of new cars from Lamborghinis and other sports cars to cross overs. Many custom chrome shops offer their chrome wraps for a fair price for any vehicle or any metal surface, for that matter. Custom chrome wraps for cars are coming up everywhere and for lower prices than ever before. Most shops offer to chrome wrap your car for between four dollars per square foot to six dollars per square foot.

Protect your car with a chrome wrap that makes your car look great and protects the exterior of your car. Most shops offer a great adhesive wrap in addition to a hard shell that protects the chrome and the paint underneath. Chrome wrap shops are popping up all over the country, offering full car services for competitive prices for any car. Most chrome shops do not need a base layer and offer a one layer adhesive that bonds with the surface of your car, and coated with a special chrome paint. Some shops also develop thicker and thinner adhesives to bond with all surfaces. Chrome wraps are the wave of the future for all cars to come.

Get your car chrome wrapped and stay in fashion for the new year. 2013 is the year for chrome wrap jobs – a great way to turn heads and protect the exterior of your car!

Why Car Wraps are so Hot in Florida

car wrap

Car wraps in Florida are an excellent way to get the most out of your advertising budget. The beauty of the details and colors that shine through on this unique car finish demand attention. Car wraps empower businesses to reach the throngs that routinely flock to the never-ending beaches and gorgeous weather of this tropical paradise.

The steady march of tourists and highly concentrated urban population assure constant traffic flows to admire your business’ colorful car wraps. Whether you have fleets of vehicles or just a lone pickup truck, it is hard to find a better value on the advertising dollar.

One can always change a channel to avoid a commercial. But when sunny Florida’s well traveled highways and scenic roads alike fill up with tourists and natives, those stuck in traffic will be grateful for the diversion of admiring the clever artwork on your company van.

Beautifully designed car wraps in Florida are available in most all of the cities and bergs of this preferred tourist and retirement haven. If your business has a limited amount of capital to pour into high end advertising campaigns consider the advantages of car wraps in Florida:

  • Great value for the advertising dollar
  • Durable
  • Guaranteed
  • Wealth of design options

One vehicle wrap can be seen by thousands of consumers in a single day of city or freeway commuting while it performs its day to day company tasks. The wrap will last for years and doesn’t damage the original finish.

Company’s small and large, as well as business professionals have voted thumbs up to using promotional car wraps. But you don’t have to be a business professional or even in business to jazz up your vehicle.

It has often been said that the car that one drives is a direct reflection on the driver. Car wraps are a special opportunity to create your own individual statement. Make your car a work of art that reflects your interests.

There is no reason why businesses should have all of the promoting fun. Get a wrap that illustrates your pet project or even pet peeve. Create a stir wherever you go. Show allegiance to your favorite sport team or rock group with a visually stunning car wrap.

What’s great is that the opportunities for personal and professional expression don’t stop with cars. Vans, trucks, trailers and even boats and buildings all can be spruced up to become unique showpieces.

It really is an exciting medium for advertising and artistic expression alike. A terrific icebreaker and outstanding attention grabber. Get a car wrap for your Florida vehicle today!

Carbon Fiber Wraps – The Latest and Greatest Car Concepts


Black Audi R8 with Carbon Fiber Wrap

Give your car the high-end, high-performance look of an exotic super car for much less than it would cost you if you went the exotic car route. Create a distinctive look for any vehicle: pick the texture, colors, and design.  Make your car look like an auto show stunner at a fraction of the cost with carbon fiber wraps.

Consider the advantages of this latest and greatest in car concepts:

It’s even more stunning . .

A carbon fiber wrap is elegant and beautiful; that’s why it’s used on exotics. Up close or from a distance, carbon fiber wraps certainly look exotic. But these wraps come in high-gloss colors, matte finishes, and brushed metal. And three-dimensional carbon fiber wraps with a textured finish look better then the real thing. Car styling and personalization with printed graphics make that stunning look your own.

Choose to wrap just part of your vehicle, such as the rear doors or side panels. Wrap the hood, the roof, the interior, or any other surface you want to give the look and feel of carbon fiber. It looks great on hoods, mirrors, spoilers or anywhere else you pick.

You can wrap any vehicle . .

You can wrap any car, truck, bus–or an entire fleet, making it easier to be seen and recognized. It’s available in 60-inch wide sheets for extra large surfaces. It’s flexible enough to be applied to moderate curves, giving you some stretch when heated for greater flexibility. You can even use it on motorcycles, boats, trailers, etc.

Easy to put on, easy to take off . .

Simple to install like any vinyl wrap, you use it right out of the box–no over-laminate needed. The wrapping is repositionable, with a bubble-free adhesive that permits dry application. And applying a carbon fiber wrap to your vehicle won’t damage your paintwork.

Vehicle wrapping can easily be removed so when you want to sell your vehicle you can restore it to its original appearance without much effort at all.  And you don’t have to pay someone to remove the wrap. The instructions are simple for removing the graphics yourself.

It’s cheaper than repainting . .

The cost depends on the size of vehicle, but for an average-size car, it’s less than a comparable re-spray. Especially when you consider the quality refinishing job you’re after–you can’t make paint do the things carbon fiber wraps do.

And it’s durable . .

Coated with a UV ray protective layer, the material is resistant to water, dirt, grease, salt, and oil. And it’s car-wash safe, easily cleaned with water in your driveway.

A stunning addition to the look of your vehicle, get the attention your car deserves. Wrap it with carbon fiber and make every ride an exhibition at a car show.

Buying your First Sportscar: Things to Consider

Aston Martin Sports Car

Buying a car is not always a simple process. A quick hand-me-down with a five hundred dollar deposit and a promise to mow the lawn for the rest of the summer is a rare occurrence, and more often than not, you’ll end up paying much more than five hundred dollars. Whether you’re sixteen and just got your license or older and eager to hit the market, there are numerous things to consider when buying your first sports car, not the least of which is value.

One of the first things that you should do, once you have the make and model of the car that you are interested in, is take a picture of the vehicle identification number. This is usually found on the driver’s side dashboard under the windshield wipers. Once you have the VIN, find a website that can give you a history of the car. Enter the VIN and wait a few seconds. The website will compile the history of the vehicle including citations, accidents, previous owners and the like. Compare the end book value to the price that your dealer, whether private or public, is offering. That way you’ll have something to go on when trying to strike a deal.

The next thing that you should consider is how much work the car will need before you buy it. If the dealer is offering a car to you for ten thousand dollars but it will take two thousand dollars’ worth of work to make it street legal, the buying price is twelve thousand dollars. Many people make the mistake of buying a car without asking what’s wrong with it or why the owner is selling it, and drive off with a money-pit that would have been better off left in the sand lot they found it in. So do your homework. Is the selling price fair for the amount of time and money that you’ll need to spend to get it on the road?

Finally, just as you would any other car, scrutinize the safety features of a sports car before purchasing it. There is no need to ask about horsepower or how quickly it can go from zero to sixty if it doesn’t have side airbags that can save your life if you flip it by cutting the wheel too sharp. Many sports cars are extremely lightweight, and most aren’t reliable. Remember also that brakes go a lot quicker on sports cars than they do on regular cars, so make sure to ask if the brakes need replacing. When these important items have met your needs, make the deal.

From Sportscar to “Super” Sportscar: Why Wrapping your Car Will Turn Heads this Winter

bugatti veyron chrome wrap

So you have tricked out all those parts of your car that no one can see.  Now it’s time to super-charge your car’s appearance by transforming it from sportscar to “super” sportscar status.  Wrapping your car will turn heads this winter, and add significantly to maintaining the value of your car throughout the rest of the year.

Personalize it!

Marketing gurus have already caught on to the trend of car wrapping, and motorized advertising is all the rage in promoting signature brands.  Now you can promote your own signature brand when you personalize your ride with a Luxury Vehicle Wrap.  Showcase your personality with an entirely unique motorized experience, while propelling your car from sportscar to “super” sportscar.

From Carbon Fiber Wrap to unique finishes to dazzling color change wraps, the decision to car wrap will dramatically transform the look of your car beyond your wildest expectations.  And you know what? You didn’t keep any other part of the car stock, why would you consider keeping the paint job stock?  If you did decide to keep the paint job in pristine, factory condition, why wouldn’t you protect that investment with a protective layer of total coolness?  Prepare to stand out from the others.

Protect it!

Beyond the aesthetics, car wrapping your vehicle protects it from the day to day damage caused by driving on public roads.  From parking lots to rocks to children with sticks, Luxury Vehicle wrapping affords your original paint job that extra layer of protection it may need!  Should the worst occur, and you get into an accident, the cost of matching pre-existing paint to post- accident damage can become prohibitive and costly.  With vehicle wraps, your replacement film is custom made to the damaged section, and repairs result in a seamless mix between old and new.  As it stands, you’ve already been in an accident, you certainly don’t want to advertise it.

Protecting the exterior of the car means protecting the interior of your wallet.  Assure your resale value, in style; with either an application of 3M paint protection film, or Ultimate Paint Protection film.  Make the statement you want to make when you make the decision to Luxury Vehicle Wrap your pride and joy. Pull up to that next light and be prepared to be awarded the pole-position because everyone will want an opportunity to see your car’s amazing look.

Your sportscar has just moved out of the garage of your imagination, and on to the road of reality. So wrap your car and start turning heads this winter.

Thinking about a Matte Car Wrap? Find Out Why This is a Great Choice for your Sportscar

matte car wrap

If you have a new car, then you need to consider the matte car wrap. This wrap will make your sportscar look both attractive and sleek. Wrapping as opposed to painting advances many benefits to you and your car. The wrap is attractive and will always make your sportscar noticed because of the cool effect that the matte wrap has. Even though many of those who opt for the matte wrap want to keep a low profile and avoid having their cars all shiny, they are still bound to be noticed because of their quality silhouette nature and appearance. It will most importantly keep your car’s original manufacturer paint in good condition and protected.

You are probably wondering why a car wrap is a great choice for your sportscar. One of the reasons is that it protects the original paint work. Instead of painting your car occasionally, you should try a matte car wrap. Wrapping will preserve and protect the original paint work of the car as you bought it from the manufacturer. If you feel the need to return to the original paint work, all you need to do is have the wrap removed. While it protects the original paint work, it also contributes greatly in keeping the car highly valuable as it prevents damage and wearing off of the paint underneath the wrap, which might be caused by exposure to harsh weather conditions and sunlight. A car that has a wrap will fetch a higher price than one that does not.

A matte wrap for your sportscar presents you with the chance of giving your car a new look. After all, you might be in need of a change and are trying to add some spark to your car. The car wrap will provide you with this opportunity. These matte wraps come in different colors ranging from black to white and green among many others. You do not have to change the original paint work on your car just to have wrapping done. You get to choose the color as well as the different schemes. You therefore do not have to make permanent alterations to your car.

A matte car wrap is also cost effective as compared to painting your sportscar. You will not incur as much as you would have had you decided to paint the car. It is therefore very profitable to wrap your sportscar not only for beauty and an elegant sophisticated appearance but also for the preservation of value.

What’s the Latest in Sportscar Collecting?

petersen automotive museum

Do you really want to be taken for a ride? Well then, read on and you will find out what the latest is in sports car collecting. Start your engines, gentleman.

On January 18th-20th, hand-crafted pedal cars went for bid at the Peterson Automotive Museum, to benefit the youth of LA. Nine of the country’s best builders were invited to create their own vision, using the ’32 Ford as a model. Out of the nine cars, three have already sold, raising over $15,000. The remaining pedal cars will be sold at the RM Auction on Amelia Island, Florida. Get your bid on!

The 7th annual Boca Raton Concours d’ Elegance is being held at the Boca Raton Resort and Club; hosted by Mercedes-Benz USA, auctioning off four all- new enticing vehicles. Worth over one million each, they will be auctioned during a Gala Dinner & Show on February 22-24. Four lucky guests will have the honor of owning a 2014 Aid R8 V10 Spyder, or a 2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, and a 2014 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster. Courtesy of Palm Beach Lamborghini. The event is benefiting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County.

Do you love gadgets? When the time comes to make your sports car one of a kind, gadgetry plays a big part.  Are you a 007 Bond type? Would you like to start and control or locate your sports car from anywhere? Check out the new Viper Smart Start, a company leading in the technology of vehicle security. Perhaps you are looking to go incognito or a color change with some tinted windows, try
a color change wrap or window tinting. What a way to show off!

What’s the latest in sports car collecting around the world? Let’s go back in time, to the extraordinary  German 1928 Mercedes-Benz 36/220 S-Type Open Tourer. It has been owned by only one man for the past 84 years, a former military captain; serving & surviving WW1. This captain decided that his car needed to be showcased and admired, within a special building, at his residence. So that’s exactly what happened. He had a building custom built for his 1928 Mercedes-Benz. From 1931 until 2012, that car has been admired  by thousands.

Another history maker is the 1992 Ferrari F 40, weighing less than 2500 pounds and loaded with 471 hp. This was the first street legal car to break 200 mph, as a result of it’s aerodynamic Kevlar and the carbon-fiber body works. Making the F 40 on the top 10 most desired sports cars. The 1990-1991 model has a value of about $665, 500.

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