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Small cars: Just because you’re small, doesn’t mean you’re not safe

When people think about small cars, words that come to mind may include fuel efficiency and stylish. One connection that I make that most people probably do not see immediately is between small cars and safety. Generally it is assumed that the larger a vehicle, the safer it is. However, this is not necessarily true. While smaller cars are at a disadvantage when it comes to size and weight, many modern safety features make small vehicles excellent picks when factoring in safety.

Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris with full paint protection kit, carbon fiber film down the center, graphic stripe and window tint designed by Auto SuperShield.

One safety feature that is considered standard today is a variety of airbags. Many small cars come equipped with airbags that protect the head, chest, and even legs of the driver and passenger. High-end vehicles may also come with adjustable headrests that are specially designed to minimize the impact of an accident on the head and neck, leading to fewer major injuries.

A crucial component of vehicle safety is collision prevention. Some smaller cars come with stellar collision prevention components, including anti-lock brakes that greatly minimize the risk of sliding on slick roads. Other examples of collision prevention elements are electronic stability control, all-wheel-drive, and warning systems that recognize vehicles that are located in a car’s blind spots. Safety features such as these help make some small vehicles wise car purchases.

The most significant factor in automobile accidents is the driver’s control of the vehicle. Negligence on the part of the driver, external conditions like the weather and time of day, and the type of car are all variables that influence the outcome of a dangerous driving situation. When facing a potential accident scenario, all drivers know that they have a tremendous advantage if operating a vehicle that is nimble and responsive. Small cars are extremely maneuverable; that maneuverability can make the difference in a near-collision situation.

Drivers of small cars are at an advantage because their blind spots are much smaller than the blind spots on larger vehicles. Because of this, and the fact that it is easier to see out of all the windows in a small car, drivers are likely to notice any other vehicles or obstructions in their path in traffic. I have found that this good visibility is also beneficial when I am attempting to park in a tight spot or back up in a high traffic area. The smaller surface area of a smaller vehicle also means that there is less car for the driver to worry about when changing lanes or merging; a smaller car does not stick out as far and requires less space to move through traffic.

There are many reasons to consider a small car a safe car. However, the safety of any vehicle is enhanced when the car is properly maintained. One way to keep a car in top condition is by protecting it from the outside in with Auto Super Shield. The protective film that we apply to vehicles goes a long way in preventing damage from normal wear and tear. We do whatever is necessary to keep a car in the best shape possible.

Should You Wax Your Sports Car? The Pros & Cons

A common question that we are asked is should you wax your sports car. When asked this, we have always said yes, although we have learned that there is a better way to take care of the paint on your car.

There are actually several benefits to applying wax to a car that you should consider. It’s important, however, that you choose a high quality wax for your car. There are some waxes that are cheaply made and aren’t worth the effort that it takes to wax your car. A good wax is expensive; you don’t want to go cheap on this one, especially when you’re talking about a pricey sports car.

2012 Ferrari California Coupe

2012 Ferrari California Coupe

The Benefits of Applying Wax to Your Car

One of the biggest benefits to waxing your car is that it provides a level of protection from UV rays. It’s important to note, however, that not every wax contains UV protective qualities, so you need to look for a wax that offers this protection. An ingredient to look for to ensure a wax offers protection is polyurethane.

UV rays actually work to degrade the paint on your car through oxidation. Oxidation is the process by which an electron is lost when a substance in an object comes in contact with a substance from another object. In this case, the oxygen is affected by the UV rays; the oxygen then interacts with the paint on your car causing the paint to become dull.

Wax also helps to prevent rust on a car. It does this by filling up microscopic pits and scratches that are present on any car that is driven on the road. While the presence of these elements may not be evident to you, they are there, and they will cause slow rusting of the metal on your car.

Lastly, waxing your car makes it easier to clean. The wax prevents dirt from settling into the above-motioned pits and cracks and helps to keep your car clean. What’s more, your car will dry easily and there will be far less streaking if you let your car air dry.

The Downsides to Applying Wax to Your Car

One con to waxing is that wax can be costly. We have found luxury car wax that cost as much as $250 per container. We aren’t suggesting that you have to buy such expensive wax, only letting you know that it’s out there.

On average, you can expect to pay between $30 and $50 for a great high quality wax. For some, this is unaffordable while others find that this cost is fine compared to the cost of their sports car.

The other issue is that many waxes are hygroscopic. What this means is that they attract water molecules. This isn’t a big deal on the body of your car where the wax meets the paint, but anywhere that touches metal can cause extreme rusting. It’s important that all of the wax is properly polished off to prevent this issue.

Lastly, waxing is time consuming. It can take hours to do the job properly and many waxes require a treatment every 45 days. You have to be committed to this process.

If you want to avoid waxing, Auto Super Shield does a great job protecting the look of your car with a paint protective film. This wrap not only protects your paint but can also be used to change the look of your car without the expense of a custom paint job.

Top 5 Hottest Colors for Cars

While looks aren’t everything, those 600 horses under your hood probably wouldn’t matter much if the exterior of your car looks like it just survived a hurricane. Many people simply see their vehicles as a means of transportation, but others view them as beautiful works of art. At Auto SuperShield, we connect with the later. Like with women, cars that have nice bodies are the ones that will turn heads–not those that have great inner qualities. If your ride means the world to you but it’s not getting the attention it deserves, give it a fresh new makeover with a luxury car wrap or a brand new paint job. If “showstopper” describes your style, get your car redone in the 5 hottest car colors below.

1) White

Ferrari California Coupe

Ferrari California Coupe

White tops our list as the hottest color for cars ’cause it’s just so fresh and clean. The reason why white works so well is that it can be used to create the most visually-appealing contrast between the main body of the car and smaller parts like the wheels, grill, or windows. One of the most eye-catching looks around is the all-white-with-black-accents look. Since white and black are on opposite side of the spectrum, the vast difference in color makes both stand out so much more. Black rims, black tinted-windows, a blacked-out grill, and blacked out front and rear air vents tops of one of the sexiest looks for today’s sports cars.

2) Black

If you prefer lurking in the shadows as opposed to walking down the Red Carpet, the stealthy ninja-car look is another super hot style rocked by automotive enthusiasts and celebrities alike. The black-on-black look is achieved by blacking out every inch on the vehicle until it appears as though only a shadow of the car is left standing in its place. Black is such a popular color because it says so many different things about the car and its driver. The blacked-out look is dangerous, secretive, and authoritative. It says that you want the attention but just enough to get noticed before you zip on by.

3) Dark Grey

Grey works really well for many Euro luxury cars. It gives a ride a touch of maturity combined with a hint of elegance and lots of cool. Some people see dark grey as taking it down a notch from black. Drivers who like the dark and mysterious look but don’t want to vanish into the night favor the grey body color. Its neutrality sits well with a lot of people because it isn’t too distracting but not too hidden either. Grey is somewhat of a compromise color–but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If there was, it wouldn’t be rocked by one out of every ten cars on the road.

4) Metallic Silver

Fisker Karma

Fisker Karma at Auto SuperShield

The metallic look has always been popular because it gives a car a futuristic quality. Silver is the most common out of all the metallic hues, and it can often be found on suped-up imports or showroom exotics. Metallic paints are expensive, but they provide a reflective look that just makes a car shine.

5) Blue

Blue is great because it stands out. One of the coolest blue shades is what we like to call “import blue.” This pearlescent bluish-purple color is mostly seen on hot imports like the WRX STI or Honda S2000 and is reserved for people who want maximum loudness. It’s usually chosen by individuals who want to be seen and heard on the road.

Where do I go to get one of the best car colors applied to my ride?

You can turn to Auto SuperShield to give your car the transformation of a lifetime. We specialize in luxury auto wraps, paint protection films, and other bodywork processes that make your vehicle an instant hit everywhere you go.

Would You Drive a Smart Car? Here’s Why You Might Want to Consider It

Would you drive a Smart Car? It seems that car enthusiasts have varying opinions when it comes to Smart Cars, but we have to admit that there are a lot of benefits to purchasing and driving one of these interesting little vehicles. If you have never considered purchasing a Smart Car, you should take a look at some of the advantages to driving one. There are actually a lot of benefits to owning a Smart Car, so you shouldn’t give up on the idea just yet.


American Smart Car

American Smart Car

Fuel Economy

We’ve all been hit by the current economy, and fuel prices can take a large chunk out of a weekly paycheck. With an impressive 33 miles per gallon fuel efficiency in the city and a mind-blowing 41 miles per gallon efficiency on the highway, it’s hard to dispute the idea that the Smart Car is a very economical option. A lot of hybrids don’t even offer the fuel efficiency that Smart Cars do.


Purchasing a new car can be expensive, and even used vehicles or more affordable models can be highly costly. Starting at around $11,500 for a brand new model, Smart Cars are possibly some of the cheapest new cars that are on the market. You often can’t purchase a decent used car for that price, so you can’t deny that it would be nice to have a brand-new car for such an affordable price.


If you’ve ever had trouble maneuvering your existing vehicle into a tight parking space or if you have a difficult time fitting your current car in your garage, you might appreciate the small size of these little cars. They’re small enough that they could likely fit in the tailgate of a larger pick-up truck, so you know that it will be easy to maneuver them into even the tightest of spaces.


If you care about the environment and the impact that we have on it, you will probably be thrilled with the Smart Car. This vehicle uses less resources and has less of an impact on the environment, so they are the perfect choice for anyone who is concerned about how they are affecting our world.

Conversation Starter

Are you looking for a way to start conversations with others or do you want to really command attention from those around you? If so, consider driving a Smart Car. Due to their unique appearance, these exciting little vehicles are sure to catch the eye of anyone who sees it, and they make for a great conversation piece in almost any social situation.

Regardless of your reasons for looking at a Smart Car, you might be surprised by just how beneficial driving one of these vehicles can be.

Local Community Car Shows – What to Know

Year-round, cities and towns nationwide post announcements for local sportscar shows in your community. Going to a local car show can be an entertaining and educational way to spend an afternoon. There are a large variety of shows to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in muscle cars, antique sportscars, or foreign sportscars; it is almost guaranteed that either your local community, or one located nearby, will offer a sportscar show that is exactly what you have been searching for.

Cars and Coffee Event at Ft. Lauderdale Ferrari

Cars and Coffee Event at Ft. Lauderdale Ferrari

Most shows are held solely for the purpose of showcasing a multitude of interesting sportscars. These tend to be the kind of shows held by hobbyists and average car enthusiasts that want to share their love of cars with the public. Anyone who has ever had a “dream car” that they would like to own one day will understand the appeal of spending an afternoon leisurely strolling along aisles and aisles of these beautiful vehicles. The majority of local community car shows are of this type.

There are car shows held on the local level by sponsors of larger corporations. These types of events are not only designed to satisfy the public’s desire to see a lot of different makes and models of different cars all in one place, but also to showcase the corporation’s products and accessories, and introduce them to a larger potential customer base. Typical sponsors can include companies that sell products such as motor oil, auto parts, tires, auto insurance, and even car dealers.

If you are looking to attend a local sportscar show in your community, most towns and cities have a listing of upcoming events on their local community webpage, or in the local section of the daily newspapers. You can also check the library’s bulletin boards or with local car dealerships or auto parts stores.

Three Things to Keep in mind:

1. Depending on the size of the show and who the sponsors are, be prepared to have to pay for parking.

2. Remember to wear comfortable shoes, as you will be walking a lot.

3. Most car shows do not allow outside food and drink to be brought into the venue. Come prepared to purchase refreshments from one of the many vendors in attendance.

Make the most of your car show experience. Feel free to ask questions of the participants, as they are almost always willing to share their experiences and knowledge. The most important thing to remember is to have fun and enjoy yourself.

And remember, Auto Supershield proudly offers Luxury vehicle wraps, paint protection film, and window tinting to keep your car looking its very best. After all, your car deserves the very best.

Famous Cars From Famous Movies

It seems like famous cars from famous movies go hand-in-hand. Everyone has a favorite movie that somehow just happens to have a famous car in it. My personal favorite is the 1970 Dodge Charger from the movie “The Fast and The Furious.” This super-charged matte black classic muscle car is a star unto itself. With a 528 cubic-inch Hemi V8, it is enough to get any diehard motorhead’s heart pumping.



For those of us that grew up in the iconic 1980′s, no two cars are more recognizable than the 1981 Delorean DMC-12 from “Back To The Future” and the 1981 Porsche 928 from “Risky Business.” Who among us hasn’t dreamed of climbing in alongside Doc Brown and traveling through time, or riding along with Tom Cruise for the ultimate party-while-the-parents-are-away?

The 1980′s introduced us to the 1980 Lamborghini Countach LP400S in the “Cannonball Run” movies. This sleek black, exotic sports car made legions of new fans in the United States, thanks to this movie series. The V-shaped spoiler over the rear deck made this a car that made a huge statement wherever it was seen.



The 1963 Aston Martin DB5 driven by James Bond in “Goldfinger” came to be viewed by many as the quintessential “spy car.” This car was every little boy’s dream that envisioned growing up to chase down bad guys and always win the girl. With its myriad of special gadgets hand-selected and modified by the enigmatic “Q”, this was one car that could be relied on to get the job done.

Elvis Presley made a lot of movies in his time, but perhaps the one that best showcased his love of fast cars was “Viva Las Vegas.” The 1962 Elva Mk. VI Maserati driven in the movie was actually 2 different cars. The first had to be garaged to fix a seized cam bearing.

Anyone who has kids, or was ever truly a kid themselves, recognizes the 1963 Volkswagen Model 115 Deluxe Sunroof Sedan affectionately known as “Herbie, The Love Bug.” Herbie starred in many movies over the years, always with the familiar #53 emblazoned on the side.

These are just a few examples of great movies that have showcased some pretty terrific cars over the years. I am sure I may have missed someone’s favorite, but this list is enough to show how great movies and great cars are a natural match.

Whether you drive a Lamborghini or a Ford Mustang Mach I, or anything in between, Auto SuperShield manufacturers the perfect luxury auto wrap paint protection film to help protect your investment.

Let the experts at Auto SuperShield help protect your car to keep it looking its best.

How is a Sports Car Manufactured?

Au79 Project for Lamborghini Miami

Lamborghini Aventador Gold Chrome Paint Wrap by Auto SuperShield

Sports cars are a fun driving experience for people of all ages. While sports cars are a great source of entertainment for many adults, it can be difficult to learn how to build a sportscar. Many people wonder, “How is the average sports car built?” The following guide answers this any many other automotive manufacturing questions drivers may have.

Modern sports cars are usually sketched out on sheets of paper as part of an early design process. These concept cars are then shown to several automotive industry executives. If an executive likes the design of a certain car, it is then shown to several focus groups. At this point, the design will usually be modeled in computer aided design (CAD) software.

After this, a vehicle is then designed by mechanical and electrical engineers. These employees design the interior, engine, electrical systems, transmission and other components of a vehicle using CAD software.

Once a vehicle has been fully modeled in CAD software, it’s time to run some simulations. Simulations are used to determine how a vehicle would perform in real-world situations. These simulations usually include a variety of virtual stress tests. These stress tests are computed to make sure that a vehicle will perform well under real-world conditions.

Once a vehicle has been tested in a variety of simulated conditions, it’s time to build a prototype. Since there isn’t a lot of automated equipment to build prototypes, the price of a prototype sports car can be very high.

After the prototype is built, it’s time to test it. Prototypes will be driven for millions of miles under real-world conditions. This includes city driving, highway driving and off-road driving. If the vehicle passes these tests and its crash safety tests, it’s time to head off to manufacturing.

Vehicles are usually manufactured by the thousands. By manufacturing a vehicle in large numbers, it’s often possible to reduce the cost of each vehicle by economies of scale.

Most modern vehicle manufacturing facilities are highly automated. A high degree of automation can be an effective way to ensure very high quality vehicles. Since a robot can operate with a higher degree of precision than a human being, there’s less of a chance of manufacturing mistakes when using robots.

On average, a vehicle is touched by less than 100 hands during the entire manufacturing process. The rest of the process is handled by automated manufacturing equipment.

Once a vehicle has been manufactured, it’s given a test drive by a certified employee. This test drive is designed to make sure that all elements of a vehicle are functioning correctly. After the test drive, the vehicle is shipped off to dealerships. Once at the dealership, the sports vehicle is ready for purchase.

Crash Test Results of a Smart Car to a Large SUV

Smart Car Crash TestHow much of a gamble is a SmartCar when it comes to an accident? Especially an accident with an SUV? The SmartCar has been tested extensively, and there is some good news. The crash test results of a Smart car to a large SUV reveal that the driver should survive.

In testing, a side crash was conducted repeatedly in which the Smart Car’s driver’s side airbag deployed. If the dummy had been a real person, it can be assumed that he or she would have survived impact. The entire car, however, would be a loss.

On the positive side, Smart Cars simply don’t go as fast as most vehicles. This means that the speed factor is reduced even if the other vehicle is going fast. This works in favor of the Smart Car.

Obviously size is a huge factor in the crash test results of a Smart car to a large SUV. A SmartCar weighs 700 pounds less than a MiniCooper and is three feet shorter. That comparison alone shows how vulnerable a SmartCar is in the event of a collision. A Smart Car weighs less than a third of the size of a full-size SUV.

Still, the makers of the SmartCar did their best to protect occupants. The vehicle has many airbags. It has a cage around its occupants to withstand the initial shock of the crash. It has pre-tensioned seatbelts to make sure that the right pressure is given to the driver or passenger, depending on their size and the force of the collision. Despite these efforts, the driver dummy hit its head on the steering wheel because the vehicle interior is so cramped. Again, the car was rendered a total loss. Smart Car drivers clearly must take great precautions to avoid accidents because they will be the losers in almost any collision.

The Smart Car’s safety features are the same as most cars. This means that the SmartCar, as safe as engineers tried to make it, is no safer than larger vehicles with size on their side. The real choice comes down to fuel economy and environmental impact. On these two points, no SUV, even the few hybrids, can compare. Whether you own a Smart Car or an SUV, Auto SuperShield can help protect its finish and help you maintain its value longer.

If you drive a sports car or a Smart Car, you should consider Auto SuperShield. There’s no reason to let salt air and simple scratches ruin the good looks of your car. Paint protection film keeps out sunlight, stops corrosion and maintains your car’s color. We can stop nature’s efforts to ruin your vehicle’s original factory finish.

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