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The New 2013 Audi RS5

The Audi RS5 coupe is finally coming to U.S. shores for 2013, and at Auto SuperShield, we’re anxiously awaiting the chance to start wrapping these beautiful automobiles in our revolutionary films.

2013 audi RS5 new model

2013 Audi RS5 at Auto SuperShield

Expected to land here by the end of 2012, the RS5 will bring with it the monster power of a naturally aspirated engine along with the signature smoothness of Audi Quattro all-wheel drive with four-wheel torque vectoring. With 450 horsepower and 317-lb-ft packed into a 4.2-liter V-8 engine, any 2013 Audi RS5 review would have to start with a look at its crown-gear center differential, a jewel of an innovation to divert 60-percent of the power to the rear axles during normal driving conditions but allowing for excellent traction control through power diversion to the front or rear axles should the car start to slip. This innovation establishes the RS5 as an easy-to-drive supercar that is manageable even at high speeds.

That being said, the 2013 Audi RS5 compared to, for instance, its main competition, the BMW M3, is not necessarily the car for the driver who wants to feel every twist, turn, and nuance of the road. The RS5 is equipped only with seven-speed automated manual transmission for fast gear changes, while the BMW M3 still comes with an option for six-speed manual transmission, perfect for those who love to feel each purr of the engine when shifting gears.

2013 Audi RS5

2013 Audi RS5

On the flipside, the naturally aspirated engine of the RS5 positively roars with supercar strength, while the entire BMW M-series, M3 coupe included, has shifted to a more environmentally friendly, forced induction turbocharged engine model. That naturally aspirated RS5 engine won’t get you the best fuel economy, but its high-revving, octane-fueled thrills are exactly what a supercar should be: loud, bossy, and positively vibrating with potential power.

The styling of the Audi RS5′s front fascia has been criticized, particularly the massive grilles that are essential to the naturally aspirated engine. However, when looked at in light of that naturally aspirated beauty of an engine, the grilles that the dominate the front are positively beautiful. And, with luxurious styling inside that includes Audi’s signature creature comforts, the RS5 is certainly the car for anyone looking to enjoy driving a powerful vehicle in luxurious surroundings.

At Auto SuperShield, we’ll help you protect your Audi RS5′s paint from scratches and other damage, or we can give it a complete paint makeover. We offer Ultimate Self-Healing Paint Protection Film from XPEL that’s designed to protect the underlying paint while allowing the beauty of your car’s paintjob to shine through. We also provide paint wraps from 3M Scothprint Wrap Film that allow you to change your car’s color without damaging the underlying surface. We wrap the car completely to insure that your luxury vehicle’s paint is protected.

Call Auto SuperShield at 561-367-0101 or visit contact us to learn how we can transform the look of your vehicle.


2013 Audi RS5

Pepi at Auto SuperShield working on a new model 2013 Audi RS5

What Are Chrome Wraps?

There are many new and exciting ways that someone can make an impact with their car. Twenty years ago, people could afford to fork over the cash to make a statement with their wheels, but with the economy in the toilet, everyone must keep a closer eye on their dollar. I have been searching a long time to find a cost effective way to make a real “statement” when I hit the road with my sports car and now, I’ve found the answer in the form of Chrome Wraps.

What are Chrome Wraps? It is the newest way to get an authentic look of chrome on your ride without breaking the bank. Covering your car with chrome gives a really unique look. To be done right with paint, it can be quite expensive. These paint wraps, on the other hand, can be installed and when you are done with them, they can be peeled off and another look can be applied. Personally, I wouldn’t go for anything other than chrome.

Justin Bieber Chrome Fisker Karma

Justin Bieber Chrome Fisker Karma

I was shocked the first time I heard about them, as they are much easier to bear than a paint job. If done incorrectly, painting can ruin the value of the car and will need to be redone, costing even more. There are many variables that can contribute to a horrid painting job, such as the quality of the paint used and the expertise of the person doing the job. Painting also requires the car to be in the shop, so the owner will have to deal with a rental car or a taxi.

Vehicle wraps were first developed as a means of advertising and are primarily constructed of large sheets of vinyl. Virtually any design can be applied to them, such as logos, pictures and even interesting visual effects. These vinyl sheets are applied to the car and virtually any vehicle can have a paint wrap applied to them, even boats! So, no matter what you are looking for, a paint wrap will be able to deliver that and more.

Recently, I’ve seen some celebrities wrapping their personal cars with chrome vinyl wraps.  Justin Bieber wrapped his Fisker Karma in chrome and Flo Rida also wrapped his Bugatti Veryon in chrome.  However, since the chrome comes in multiple colors, you’re not just stuck with silver chrome.

Gold Chrome Lamborghini Aventador "Project Au79"

Gold Chrome Lamborghini Aventador "Project Au79"

Wrapping a car in chrome is such an eye catcher that some use the chrome vinyl wrap to promote their business or race car.  Lamborghini Miami dealership in south Florida asked Auto SuperShield to wrap a Lamborghini Aventador in gold chrome as a special promotional project car for the dealership called “Project Au79”.
All in all, chrome vinyl wraps are the next biggest thing. I believe that they are a cost effective way to achieving a unique look. They are cost effective and easily removed. Without a doubt, paint wraps are among the best way to achieving a great look for your car.

Auto Racing Update: Who is in Contention for the World Championship Title?

Formula 1 race car drivers know that Fernando Alonso is the man to beat in 2012. The drivers are halfway through their challenging season and Alonso has won three big races. This has given him a 40-point lead that may be impossible to beat. The Spanish driver is winning big for Ferrari. If he goes the distance, he will answer the question — who will win the Auto racing World championship?

Fernando Alonso

Alonso is in position to claim his third auto racing world championship title. He finished first in Malaysia, the 2nd series 2012 race, on March 25. This put him in contention with Jensen Button, driving for McLaren, who won the first race of the year. Alonso had only placed fifth in Australia against Button. The Spanish driver had been firm that he needed an upgrade to his vehicle if he was going to be competitive.

After winning in Malaysia, he didn’t win again until June, but he kept busy with top ten results. He took his home course in Valencia, boosting his point spread and taking his second victory. A third win in Germany sealed his lead at 34 points, but he didn’t take it lightly. He had worked hard to grab the pole-sitting position during qualifying. Then he had to stay ahead of fierce competitors that could have surpassed him at many turns. McLaren’s Button and Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel both had a chance to stop Alonso but could not overtake him.

Alonso had hoped to win the Spanish Grand Prix as he did in 2006, but he had to be content with a second place finish. Alonso had to settle for second in the British Grand Prix as well. In Monaco, he claimed third. In other races, he has two fifth place finishes, one seventh and one ninth. Alonso himself says that he is more concerned with wins than with points, but if he keeps at this pace, he’s sure to remain the man to beat.

Alonso is not the only contender, of course. Lewis Hamilton won the Hungarian, giving him two victories in the 2012 season. The McLaren team driver credited his crew with the win but went on to say that the car would need an upgrade to stay competitive. Hamilton is the third driver to claim two wins. Mark Webber has him beat by only nine points.

Auto SuperShield offers many ways that you can keep your car looking like a racecar. With Auto SuperShield products, your sports car will look like a champion.

Top Race Tracks Around the World

Racetracks are not merely ovals or circles. They aren’t just corners and straight sections combined into a loop. Racetracks are highly engineered ribbons of pavement stringed together to provide a challenging circuit. The best racetracks in the world incorporate the natural contours of the land in their design. They are steeped in history, in triumph and failure, excitement and tragedy. As motorsport enthusiasts, we’re naturally drawn to the appeal of circuit racing courses. Here are my top three favorite racetracks:

Audi R8 at Homestead Race Track

Audi R8 at Homestead Miami Race Track

Silverstone Circuit, located near the village of Silverstone in England, hosts such events as the British Grand Prix and the Moto GP. The track was built using an existing airfield and has undergone many changes during its more than 60 years of history. Available in several configurations, the longest is the New Grand Prix Circuit, known also as the Arena Layout: a 3,660 mile long course featuring a challenging layout with almost 20 turns.

Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, near Monterey, Calif., U.S., is one of America’s most famous circuits. From its beginning in 1957, Laguna Seca, as it is traditionally called, has hosted both regional and prestigious international events. Site of the U.S. Sports Car Invitational, Moto GP and the U.S. AMA Superbike Series, Laguna Seca is a name known among all racers. The 11 turn, 2.238 mile course is infamous for its signature “corkscrew” turn, which combines a challenging set of tight corners through an intense drop in elevation.

Nürburgring, built around the village of Nürburg, Germany, is hailed as one of the top racetracks around the world. The Ring, as it is known colloquially, is a treacherous and highly technical racetrack that challenges the endurance, skill and determination of all who attempt it. It began as a purpose-built track to accommodate races being held on public roads in the Eifel Mountains. At its longest, the whole course spanned over 17 miles. It has undergone several changes, most notably the completion of the Grand Prix track in 1984. The Ring has been called “The Green Hell,” indicating its difficulty and dangerous nature. It has hosted countless international racing events and also maintains ample public access as a toll road. Anyone that wishes to may pay a fee a take a lap on Germany’s notorious Nürburgring.

These circuits are just a few among the many famous circuits around the world. Racetracks are a sanctuary for those with a desire for speed, competition, challenge and exhilaration. Motorsport enthusiasts, like us at Auto Super Shield, appreciate and respect the great racetracks of the world. Read more about our passion and dedication to making cars beautiful, protecting them and supporting the world of motorsports at www.autosupershield.com.



Getting Maximum Performance From an Engine

While many people know that testing your engine and tuning your engine can have a positive impact on vehicle performance, few understand the basic maintenance steps one should take to ensure good performance. If a vehicle isn’t properly maintained, it will usually experience lower gas mileage and reduced performance. The following guide provides simple tips and tricks on how to get maximum performance out of an engine.

Ferrari FF V12 Engine

Ferrari FF V12 Engine

Modern engines require little maintenance for proper performance. However, there are some types of operating conditions that can put excessive wear on the parts of an engine. For example, very rapid acceleration and deceleration can have a negative impact on expected engine life. In addition, operating an engine in a very humid environment can also have a negative impact on performance over time. While engines are built to resist rust, very high levels of humidity can cause water to build up inside an engine. Once this happens, an engine is ruined.

It’s also important to understand how fuel quality can impact the expected life of an engine. For example, engines that are used in marine environments often have shorter expected life spans than engines used inland. In many cases, small quantities of sea salt can enter the fuel line of aquatic vehicles. This can cause the fuel to become corrosive over time.

In addition, it’s essential to make sure that a vehicle has the correct amount of oil. If a vehicle is operated with less than the needed amount of oil, an engine can experience very high levels of damage. In some cases, it’s possible for an entire engine block to be destroyed by a lack of oil.

Elevation also plays an important role in engines. While fuel injected engines usually don’t have a problem with different elevations, thin air can cause problems for engines with carburetors. In some cases, engines won’t start if they are stored at a very high altitude. Fortunately, it’s usually possible to adjust the fuel mixture in an engine to avoid problems.

It’s also important to understand how usage can impact the expected life of a vehicle engine. In many cases, constant use or underuse can prematurely age an engine. For example, engines that are operated continuously are exposed to high levels of heat. Over time, this heat can cause metal in an engine to expand and contract. Since different parts of an engine are manufactured with different types of materials, expansion coefficients can vary with different parts of an engine.

While a vehicle’s engine is very complex, there are several simple ways one can ensure the proper operation of a vehicle. By following proper maintenance schedules, it’s possible to ensure that one’s vehicle will last for a very long time.



Protecting Your Cars Paint Job

Recently a lot of our customers and fans have asked us how to keep their pant jobs from getting scratched and chipped. There are few ways to keep your car paint looking good and protect against scrapes & chips.

Porsche GT2 RS Limited Edition

Porsche GT2 RS Limited Edition

Car wax is a great way of protecting your paint from discoloration and from rust. Waxing your vehicle is one of the easiest, and least expensive, means of providing protection to your paint from the elements. However, wax does have its short comings; wax will not protect your paint job from chips and scrapes caused by rocks, branches, minor rubs from other cars, and of course, collisions. Some waxes only add a shine and do not protect against the outside elements. Stick with silicone waxes as they add a protective layer to your paint.

Buffing your car is another simple and inexpensive way to add protection to your vehicle and keep your car paint looking good. Buffing your car restores your paint while also adding a protective coating. While buffing your car is a positive step in the right direction in preserving your paint from scratches, it should not be your only choice; waxing and wrapping should be also be utilized.

Car wraps, also known as car bras to some people, are probably the best way to protect against scrapes and chips while also preserving your paint from scratches. There are two types of car wraps: paint protection films  and vehicle wraps.

First, we take a look at paint protection films, also known as clear wraps. We can say from experience that this is the best way to protect your car against chips, scrapes, scratches, fading, and discoloration. We have had a clear paint wrap on most of our own vehicles for the past 20 plus years and it almost never lets us down. Clear wraps will protect your paint job from scratches from rocks and even rust. Clear wraps do not come without a drawback: they are significantly more difficult and time consuming to apply to your car than wax. However, once you see the additional protection you get from wrapping your car, you will thank yourself (and Auto Super Shield) for taking the extra time to do the job right.

The other type of wrap is a solid car bra. A car bra is a piece of fabric that fits over the front of your car. The protection your car gets from a solid vehicle wraps is unparalleled compared to other methods: solid vehicle wraps are the real deal and will even protect against some major bumps and bruises. However, solid vehicle wraps have some drawbacks, namely that it covers the front of your car completely and some people think they aren’t that attractive.

Thanks so much for reading the Auto SuperShield blog, your number one source for information on protecting your car.


First Timers Guide To Indianapolis 500

The Indianapolis 500 is one of professional racing’s single greatest events, and it draws the attention of fans all over the globe. The luckiest of those are somehow able to procure tickets for the event, which puts them on the literal edge of the lightning-fast action. If you are planning on attending the Indianapolis 500 for the first time, here is a brief first timer’s guide to the Indianapolis 500 with steps to ensure your trip is highly enjoyable.

Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway


Figure out which Ticket is Best

The Indianapolis 500 offers nearly 360 degrees of seating, and buying tickets that will get you into the infield of the track is also an option. The truth is that each section of seating has its own personality, charm and customs. The infield is generally regarded as party central, and it is typically filled with thousands of youthful souls that partake in food and drink liberally.

Many people enjoy purchasing a seat on one of the turns, as this affords them a view of some action moves and is often the place where precious seconds are gained or lost. The straightaway is perfect for folks trying to take in as much of the scene and ambiance as possible. You basically cannot go wrong, but understand that each section certainly comes with its own adventure.

Make Reservations if Possible

Naturally, the city of Indianapolis is packed to the gills the week leading up to and the weekend of the Indianapolis 500. Getting a quality meal can be a difficult task if you don’t do some legwork in advance. Indianapolis is home to a bevy of cultural cuisines and fine dining experiences, but the tables are sure to be filled long before the checkered flag is waved. Thus, spending a few hours calling restaurants, acquiring information and making reservations in the weeks leading up to your trip can pay huge dividends once you arrive in the city.

Stay a Day After it’s Done

What you should know about the Indianapolis 500 also covers the best way to leave the event, which is all about patience and timing. In the hours following the finish and the morning after the race, tens of thousands of folks will be making an anxious exodus from the city, which clogs the highways and brings the pace of traffic to a halt. In order to avoid sitting in bumper-to-bumper madness and draining your energy and patience behind the wheel of a stationary vehicle, plan on staying in town an extra day. Doing so will keep you from entering the fray and allow you a day to enjoy the city of Indianapolis on your own accord. Dinner reservations will not be difficult to find on the evening following race day.

“Cars and Coffee” Exotic Car Meet in Ft. Lauderdale

Auto SuperShield at “Cars and Coffee” Exotic Car Rally at Ft. Lauderdale Ferrari on Saturday, August 11, 2012.  If you missed the event yesterday, here is a look at all the exotic cars that drove in the rally from Ft. Lauderdale to the Miami Dolphin stadium.

YouTube Preview Image

Another beautiful day in paradise!

"Cars and Coffee" Exotic Car Road Rally in Ft. Lauderdale Florida

"Cars and Coffee" Exotic Car Road Rally in Ft. Lauderdale Florida

Aerokits, Ground Effects and other Cool Car Add Ons

Many drivers tend to avoid all aftermarket body modifications for their vehicles because they have seen too many cars covered in unattractive additions. But ground effects, aerodynamic panels and other add-ons can help your car stand out in the crowd without ruining its beauty. The key is moderation. Adding just a few extra modifications and blending them with the existing lines of the body will make minor adjustments have a big impact. Here are my favorite additions that work for both ultra-performance cars and vehicles for daily driving.

Ferrari F430 Novitec

Ferrari F430 Novitec

What Is An Aerokit?

Aerokits are a range of aftermarket panels that are installed to increase the aerodynamics of a vehicle. They have not been accepted by all racing organizations yet, but many driving teams are big fans of their effects. Each kit includes a variety of parts, including canards, spoilers, hood and roof scoops and panels with molded vents. I have seen these parts used for aesthetics in addition to their boost to performance. Installing just a few pieces from Aerokits can make your car look more angular and muscular without the high cost of custom formed panels.

What Are Ground Effects?

Aerodynamics effect more than just the air pressure against the top of the vehicle. Ground effects are body modification panels that cause the air passing below the car to move faster. Air dams and specially shaped vents are used at the front of the car to control the flow. The downward force generated by this effect also helps cars maintain control through tight curves. Aprons and side skirts made from fiberglass run down to just an inch or so above the pavement, changing the handling and speed.

What Are The Best Performance Additions?

There is plenty of disagreement among drivers on the best performance parts for racing, but drivers who just want a slightly faster and more responsive car have plenty of great options. Start with a more efficient air filter. You can add a few horsepower without sacrificing much fuel efficiency. Don’t forget to add extra intakes and vents to keep the engine cool. Most cars designed for fuel efficiency have very little airflow. I also recommend a basic exhaust system upgrade for everyone as well. A free-flowing system can improve performance dramatically without costing you too much. You don’t have to choose a loud muffler if you don’t want your vehicle to roar as it travels through the streets.

Nissan GTR with ground effects

Nissan GTR with ground effects

I recommend you add a few modifications at first and test drive your car after each change to find the perfect balance. Body kits and ground effects work best when covered by the protective shields offered by Auto SuperShield. We can make coatings that fit over and around any custom parts for a perfect fit every time.



How to Clean Paint Protection Film

Just because the paint protection film on your vehicle is really special doesn’t mean maintaining it is a complicated process. Cleaning paint protection film is easy. The high-quality 3M paint protection film that we use here at Auto Super Shield comes with an especially tough high-gloss clear-coat layer on the surface that makes it resistant to almost all surface mars and scratches. Keeping it clean and in good condition is just a matter of soap, water and a little common sense.

YouTube Preview Image

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