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Porsche GT3RS Ultimate Make-Over — Beauty Revealed! [VIDEO]

Porsche GT3RS Track Car Goes to Auto SuperShield for an Ultimate Make Over!
Day 3

In yesterday’s post, we brought you the process of the removal of the original Matte wrap and the restoration of the car finish. Today, the Make over is complete! The GT3RS has been completely restored to its factory shine and original glory! After being stripped of its old white, matte vinyl discolored “skin” and professionally detailed. The GT3RS was pristine and ready for its new glossy protective skin. The Xpel Ultimate paint protection film installed without incident. The only hick ups were some untimely tears in the film during installation. Other than that, the film laid out smooth and clean over the entire painted surface of our project GT3RS.

We take pride in our installs each and every day, but went the extra mile for Peter. Wheel openings, rear quarter panels were double wrapped for added protection. The windshield was protected as well. Racing Optics windshield protection was installed to prevent pitting and cracking while driving the “white beast”. All leading edges were wrapped and tucked to provide maximum protection at all times on every panel. We wanted Peter to be happy when it was completed.

“Road Ready Protection” is our specialty at Auto SuperShield. We can do anything with film. Authorized and certified to protect, wrap, personalize or tint your ride. Our goal is to provide clients with the best materials available using experience and knowledge to insure the finest installation possible.
You will drive away with confidence that your car is protected from the hazards of the road.

Porsche GT3RS Track Car Goes to Auto SuperShield for an Ultimate Make Over!

Auto SuperShield Porsche GT3RS Make-over Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film
Photo Credit: GTSpirit.com Photo of the Day
Porsche GT3RS Track Car Goes to Auto SuperShield for an Ultimate Make Over!

Day 1
Porsche GT3 RS is wrapped in an Avery matte white vinyl film. The matte white wrap discolored badly due to all of the time Peter spends on the track. The vinyl film is very porous and holds a lot of dirt. Auto SuperShield’s project challenge was to remove the matte vinyl wrap and re-wrap the GT3RS with a clear, glossy paint protection film. Peter chose to have us protect the Porsche completely with Xpel’s new Ultimate Paint Protection film. The film has a seven year warranty, so Peter plans to put it to the test on the track!

Day 2
Mike Bassett with Auto SuperShield is set with the challenge of removing all the old “skin” on the GT3RS. This is not a job for the faint of heart or someone without a LOT of PATIENCE! Luckily Mike has both as this took about six hours to remove all the matte white vinyl, primer and adhesive left behind. The headlights, taillights and rear wing were removed to aide in the clean up. Once the clean up was completed the car was given an expert exterior detail. This prepares the surface for its new, glossy and clear skin!

Mike Bassett continues the GT3RS makeover. Removing the matte white vinyl, primer and adhesive that is left behind takes some special products. We like to use is Goof Off which is an adhesive remover that is very effective. This exterior clean up also requires a lot of elbow grease!

Tune in Tomorrow when we reveal the final results of the Ultimate Make-over…
Happy Motoring!

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You think a Clear Bra would be great for your spouse or girlfriend….?

Murcielago Yellow Female Model Now that we’ve got your attention… A Clear Bra would be great for your spouse or girlfriend, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Automotive clear bras, by design are what we’re talking about. I know, I know, it’s not quite as exciting as a clear bra by Victoria’s Secret, but here we go….

Having installed over 10,000 clear bras over the years, I have been asked to protect all kinds of surfaces along the way. The 3M Paint Protection Film can and has been used to protect so many different kinds of vehicles and surfaces for customers seeking to maintain the beauty and integrity of their prized possessions. Here are some of the more unique installs: jet skis, fighting chairs, iPhones, steps, center consoles, lap tops, bicycles, goalie helmets, racing helmets, boat dash boards, wood finished tables, door handles, door sills, marble counter tops, airplane wings, tail sections, iPad screens, door edges, rear bumpers, door tops, luggage areas, watch faces, skate boards, surf boards, and marble floors are a few things that come to mind.

Ferrari Clear Bra BlueThe product does a great job protecting vulnerable surfaces from abrasions and impact damage. It does such a good job; customers think it will stop everything. I have to remind them that everything has its limits. 3M Paint Protection Film will take an impact with a one ounce stone traveling at 120 MPH before breaking or tearing. That doesn’t mean it can handle a flattened beer can with sharp edges at 50 MPH. I had a lady drive her Maserati Coupe into a parking curb. She couldn’t understand how her paint got damaged with a clear bra protecting her front end. I let her know that a clear bra is no match for a cement curb being struck by a four thousand pound car. One gentleman has run into his own garage walls on four separate occasions. Each time the paint protection film saved the paint underneath, but I can only imagine what his garage looks like!

Happy Motoring!
Pepi Feliu

A Sexy Bugatti with a Sordid Past

Rothstein Bugatti Auto SuperShield Pepi FeliuIf you are into raw power and a whipping top speed of 258 mPH, then the Bugatti Veyron is the car for you.

Designed and made by the biggest car manufacturer on the planet, Volkswagon really made something unique with this car. With 1001 horsepower and 4 turbos, it’s no wonder this car needs 11 radiators just to cool it down. However, all the speed and power comes with a price. Along with its 1.5 million dollar price tag, other expenses include tire changes. You might say “pssht, big deal, every car needs tire changes,” but because of the Bugatti’s incredible top speed the car needs special Michelin PAX run flat tires costing up to $1,600 per set.

Also the Bugatti can either be driven manually or automatically, so if you decide to try something new and try to self teach your self manual shifting and happen to mess up on the less than 150 millisecond shift time you could be looking at a replacement transmission cost of about $170,772. This car is simply… not for amateurs!

This particular lean blue and black speeding machine was formerly owned by Scott Rothstein, a notorious Broward County lawyer. Scott was later busted for masterminding a 2 Billion dollar Ponzi scheme, sentenced to 50 years in prison and the beautiful car was repossessed by the federal court. It was then resold at an auction to a happy bidder for $900,000.

Check out this YouTube video that was shot prior to the Auction!

Car Chat: Audi R8 puts the “High” in high-performance

Audi R8 The 2011 Audi R8 is a picture perfect sports car. With its sleek design and roaring V-10 engine the R8 is a must have for any car enthusiast with a spare $160,000 in change.

The owner of this beautiful car is William Brand. I had the pleasure of meeting William and actually sitting in his car, and I must say its nothing short of spectacular. William and Auto Supershield worked together to make William’s car unique. They started by putting 3M paint protection on all painted surfaces and windshield protection, strictly for protection against cracks, paint chips and dings. They then put a carbon fiber film on the side air intakes, the mirrors, roof, center hood and grill. Finally they tinted his windows and blacked out his tail lights to make his car one of a kind.

The interesting thing about William however is that he actually races his Audi. In the conversation I had with him he had just come back from the track and was saying how he was hitting speeds of over 160 mPH. Unlike most, William can actually appreciate the “high” in high-performance vehicle.

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