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Dante’s Golden Ferrari

Dante Rubli Ferrari GTO Gold Sculpture Concours d'EleganceAs Classic Car afficionados start packing for the upcoming Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Swiss Artist Dante Rubli has unveiled his latest creation: a Ferrari 250 GTO sculpted in pure Gold! This sculpture will be showcased for the collectors who will be traveling to Northern California for the exquisite upcoming vintage car show held from August 17th – 22nd, 2011.

Classic Ferrari 250 GTOFor many collectors, the Ferrari 250 GTO is already the “gold standard” of vintage sports cars. With only 39 of that particular model created from 1962-64, the design has become a revered classic. The original body was designed by Sergio Scaglietti and was tested on the track and wind tunnel. The GTO was crafted as a high performance Grand Tour Auto for long distance races.

Enjoy this short video that showcases the beauty of this racing machine:

Heatwave Alert: Bikinis + Iyaz = the Hottest Beach Bash in Indianapolis at the Brickyard this weekend

Brickyard 400 NASCAR race Indianapolis Motor SpeedwaySo there is this great heatwave going on in America… what better excuse to have a Beach Bash in the middle of the US right now?!? Gotta make the best of these dog days of summer, right?

AJ Alexander Brickyard 400 This weekend, July 31st, Indianapolis Motor Speedway will be celebrating the heat of Summer with the hottest Beach Bash and the NASCAR Brickyard 400. The Brickyard 400 is a 400 mile NASCAR race that is being sponsored this year by a Big Machine Records, a record label that specializes in country music. This year, fans will enjoy the music of hottest hip hop artist Iyaz and as if that wasn’t Hot enough, the Beach Bash will be hosted by the May 2008 Playboy Playmate of the Month AJ Alexander.

In addition to the Beach Bash, there will be a display of Vintage Stock and Muscle Cars at the speedway for those of us who are into classic cars. There will also be a great deal of fun and games for the young at heart on Saturday, July 30th. The IMS Kids Club will be open to all kids under 12 and there will be activities as the racers gear up for Sunday’s race during practice runs and qualifications.

During the pre-race ceremonies, the Brickyard 400 will honor the US Military with a salute to the recent veterans of Desert Storm. There will be a US Navy jet flyover and veterans will be given 2 tickets to attend the race.

With all of the fun and entertainment, it’s no wonder the Brickyard 400 has become one of the most highly attended races of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. From the heartland of America, Indiana will be proudly welcoming race fans from all over the world.

For those of us still in South Florida, we at Auto SuperShield will be enjoying the races on ESPN. We raise a toast to you and send you sunny greeting from our Beaches to the Brickyard Beach Bash. Here’s wishing a great weekend to all!

For those of you who can’t wait til Sunday to get in-on the fun, here’s a sneak peek of Iyaz’s Hit single, Replay to get you into the Groove:

Iyaz “Replay” from Bobby Yan on Vimeo.

Sharpie Lamborghini is a Work of Art!

Sharpie Lamborghini Hood Auto SuperShieldA normal Lamborghini equipped with its stock rims and gloss paint job is beautiful as it is, but the “Sharpie Lamborghini” takes the Lamborghini Gallardo takes the design to a whole new level. The owner of this 196 mPH piece of art is Brett David. Brett got the idea and figured it could be used as a promotional vehicle for his Lamborghini Miami dealership. So he contacted Jona Cerwinske, a local Miami graffiti artist. Brett originally thought to have Cerwinske just draw directly on the car, until he found out about Auto SuperShield.

Auto SuperShield started by tinting the windows with 3M color stable black carbon 20% VLT. Auto SuperShield then covered all painted surfaces with 3M Paint Protection Film to protect the painted surfaces from damage and to provide a clear canvas for the artist to draw on. So Jona Cerwinske could draw all over the car’s body without negatively affecting the car’s value. It took 2 weeks of hand drawing on the $240,000 canvas with common Sharpies to create this masterpiece.

Oddly enough, the art turned out to be such an attraction that the Lambo toured throughout the US and was featured on “SuperCars Exposed”, “Rides”, “The Bull Run”, “Not Sweet Sixteen”, on MTV and was viewed on YouTube over 3 Million times over a period of three years.

Even if you do not like the Gallardo, the finished artwork was incredible and our Auto SuperShield’s work was invisible. Patrons viewing the Gallardo didn’t know if the car was wrapped with a graphic film or hand-painted on the car’s actual surface.

It created a conversation wherever it went. After three years of promotion, due to weathering of the artwork, it was time to remove the Paint Protection Film (PPF). Underneath, the paint finish was perfect an the Gallardo went to a happy customer in 2010.

Check out this YouTube Video from “Reel Rides”

Kohler International Challenge 2011

Yellow Vintage Race Car at Kohler International Challenge
In the world of racing right now, all the talk is focused on the Kohler International Challenge (KIC). Located in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, this should be a fantastic summertime race location. If you are in the Midwest or you are a die-hard race fan, be sure to check out Road America from July 15th – 17th. The Kohler International Challenge is renowned for for one of the must exciting and largest vintage road races in America.

The best part of this weekend’s race is you can bring the entire family. Aside from the fast paced excitement of speedway cars zipping right by you, there are lots of fan activities. Tent and motor home camping is available and if you feel inspired by the race, hop in a go-cart for just $20 and hit speeds up to 50 mph. Friday features the Race cars and Saturday’s events showcase the sports cars.

Best Times and awards will be given daily.
For more information on the upcoming race at Kohler International,visit the Road America Event Listing.

Check out this YouTube video of the 2009 Concours d’Elegance:

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