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How is 3M Paint Protection Film Applied?

How 3M Paint Protection is appliedThe installation is very tedious and time consuming, even for a highly trained installer. The painted surface of the car must be washed clean and must be stripped of any wax in areas to be protected by Auto SuperShield 3M Paint Protection film. The surface must be thoroughly cleaned to ensure a good adhesive bond to the film, and the vehicle should be under cover or at least out of direct sunlight during the installation. The 3M Paint Protection film has a paper backing that is removed to expose the adhesive under the backing. It is then sprayed with a solvent composed of 25% alcohol, and 75% water. The 3M Paint Protection film is then moistened, positioned in place, and squeegeed to the surface of the vehicle. Excess moisture will take a few days in the sun to dry and cure properly. All edges are completely covered to protect against road damage from all angles.

We suggest that a highly trained Auto SuperShield installer handle all installations.
A great installation is essential to making a 3M Automotive clear bra truly invisible.

Why Use 3M Paint Protection?

Red Ferrari Why Use 3M Paint Protection Film Car Care
Why Use 3M Protection

Don’t Take Another Chip in Your Paint!

Is your dream car getting damaged from everyday road debris impacting the beautiful painted finish of your vehicle?

Don’t let this happen to your car!
Car without 3M paint protection has undesirable paint damage. The same car with 3M paint protection has no visible paint damage.

Having a 3M Paint Protection Kit installed will preserve the factory finish for the life of your vehicle. Auto SuperShield 3M film is 99% invisible once applied and super tough. The clear conformable polyurethane is precision cut by computer to fit the front end of your vehicle, and all its vulnerable impact areas. Being 8 mils in thickness makes the material almost impossible to penetrate with most road debris, such as rocks, sand, bugs, rubber, tar, etc.

Old Black Bra, Car, Paint, ProtectionThe “Old Black Bra”
Typical auto bras are very noticable and ugly. Come to think of it, When was the last time you actually saw one of these old black bras on a luxury automobile? It seems so “yesterday” because today’s new 3M film technologies enable us to preserve the surface of your car with a finish that enhances as well as protects. AutoSupershield technicians are specialists for applying these protective films and help you preserve the beauty and value of your car.

The New Clear 3M Paint Protection System:
New, 3M Clear Auto Protection Film
SuperShield 3M Clear Bra will not alter factory appearance:
3M paint protection film is a clear bra and protects your car.

Additional Product Benefits:

Preserves factory paint for the life of your car.
Designed to provide years of protection against road debris, environmental elements, bugs, and abrasions.
Can be removed without harming painted surface.
Auto SuperShield 3M paint protection film is more economical than repainting your vehicle due to damage from road debris, environmental elements, and abrasions.
Auto SuperShield 3M paint protection film is virtually invisible and almost impenetrable.
If damage occurs to body of vehicle, replacement pieces are available.
Auto SuperShield 3M paint protection film is O.E.M. approved, and is an officially licensed product of NASCAR.
The film has UV inhibitors to maintain the clarity for the life of the installation. It will not change colors, or turn yellow.
The film does not alter factory appearance.
It is precisely cut to fit your vehicle perfectly.
Auto SuperShield 3M paint protection film will protect your headlights from breaking and cracking.

What is 3M Paint Protection

What is 3M Paint Protection Auto SuperShield
SuperShield is a 3M transparent paint protection film, specially designed to adhere to your vehicle’s painted finish. AutoSuperShield services all of South Florida including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, even Orlando, and surrounding areas. SuperShield is more than just a transparent auto bra, because it can be used in so many different areas of your car (i.e. mirrors, door cups, door edges, rocker panels, rear bumper). The clear, tough, conformable thermo-plastic urethane has ultra violet inhibitors to keep SuperShield from ever yellowing on your vehicles painted surface. SuperShield comes with a high performance adhesive system, pressure sensitive, ensures long-term adhesion to your vehicles vulnerable surface. With SuperShield you can get rid of your old traditional black car bra, and step into the future of transparent paint protection.

SuperShield 3M Paint Protection Film is ideal for high impact areas on your vehicle’s painted surface. SuperShield protects your vehicle from stone chips, environmental elements, bugs, and abrasions. SuperShield is custom cut by computer to fit your vehicle precisely. SuperShield does not alter the appearance of your car in anyway. SuperShield allows the luster of your paint to shine through, while protecting it in the process.

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