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Wild Cats Vehicle Wraps

Wild Cats Vehicle Wraps

While texturized car skins have been available in Europe for some time, they have just recently become available in the United States. Previously, virtually all of the animal skin wraps that had been offered in this country were printed patterns without any texture. The new wraps not only have the appearance of animal skins, but they also feel like animal skins. Car fans interested in texturized car skins with animal prints have a number of different options, including wild cat skins. Currently cheetah, panther, and lion skins are available.

A Texturized skin can take your luxury vehicle to an entirely new level. From wrapping a Porsche Cayman in a 3D Alligator skin to covering a Mustang Cobra in a lion hide, the possibilities are endless. Have a high-end sports vehicle? A wild animal aesthetic is an ideal complement!

Our wild cat skins are exceptionally thick. As such, they offer a layer of protection for the painted surface underneath. In other words, the skin is a second layer for the car. Wild cat skins are chip-resistant and scratch-resistant, which gives luxury car owners peace of mind about driving their wrapped car. Even when you travel extensive periods on rougher roads, the skin remains unblemished. As 3D skins are water-resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures, they are easy to clean with water and soap, making regular maintenance a simple, inexpensive process.

We have a wide range of options for styling your car with a 3D wild cat skin wrap. Some luxury car owners decide to cover a whole vehicle while others simply cover a portion of the car.

Most people have never seen anything like a texturized car wrap before. Whether you are pulling into a grocery store parking lot or a mall parking lot, people are sure to notice. The texture and feel of wild cat skin is simply too cool to not touch!

Looking for an opinion on the best luxury wrap for your car? We can design something totally custom and great looking. Our design experts are standing by to talk with you.

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