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3D Skin Vehicle Wraps

Rhino Skin Vehicle Wraps

Car enthusiasts will be excited to learn that texturized skins are available for the first time in the United States, including 3D rhino skins. The majority of the animal skin wraps that have been offered in the United States previously are simply printed patterns. In comparison, these skins are designed to not only look but feel like animal skins. As such, they take luxury vehicles to a whole new level. An animal skin wrap makes a Mustang look even fiercer. The wild animal aesthetic complements the sporty feel of the vehicle perfectly.

Our rhino skin wraps are very thick, which offers protection for the car's painted surface underneath. Essentially, the skin serves as a second layer. As it is scratch-resistant and chip-resistant, luxury car owners can enjoy peace of mind when taking their expensive vehicles out on the road. The skin remains flawless even through miles of driving in any environment. The skin wraps are also resistant to water and high temperatures, which makes them easy to clean with water and soap. Routine maintenance is straightforward and stress free.

There are so many different possibilities for covering a car with a 3D rhino skin wrap. Some car owners cover an entire vehicle while other owners opt to cover a portion of the vehicle. Popular styling choices include dashboards, hoods, car roofs, the back trunk area, and down the center of the vehicle.

3D rhino skin wraps are sure to turn heads wherever you go. From a grocery store parking lot to a work parking lot to a luxury car show, car fans not only notice but they come right up to the vehicle. As most people have never seen anything like it, they naturally want to feel the texture of the rhino skin and take pictures.

It is important to remember that a 3D skin wrap does not require the same installation process as a basic car wrap or paint job. It requires a professional. As such, car owners must seek out the right company to complete the job properly.

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