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3D Skins

Devil Ray Vehicle Wraps

Looking for something totally unique for your sports car or truck? Auto Super Shield as the perfect compliment to your already cool vehicle – a devil ray vehicle wrap.
Our new 3D wraps have both the feel and appearance of real animal skins. Luxury car owners interested in purchasing 3D animal print skins can choose from a number of aesthetically pleasing designs, including devil ray or stingray skins.

Luxury vehicles reach a whole new level when they are decked out with texturized skins. The wild animal look completes the high-end sports vehicle aesthetic perfectly. There is simply nothing like seeing a cool sports car cruising down the road with a devil ray skin covering it. There are endless choices for color pairing and skin styling.

Devil ray skins provide a substantially thick protection layer for a car's painted surface. As these 3D skins are both scratch-resistant and chip-resistant, luxury car owners get peace of mind no matter where they drive. The skin stays flawless even for extended periods in rough conditions (i.e., during a thunderstorm, driving on a dirt road). Devil ray skins are water-resistant and hold up under extreme temperatures, so they are simple to clean with water and soap.

Texturized car skins can be styled in a number of different ways. One of the most straightforward choices is to cover the entire vehicle. Other car owners would rather cover a portion of the vehicle. The most popular partial styling jobs include dashboards, car roofs, hoods, down the center of the vehicle, and the back of the trunk.

Looking for an opinion on the best luxury wrap for your car? We can design something totally custom and great looking. Our design experts are standing by to talk with you.

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